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  1. You, sir, are being naive at best. You build your list knowing it has strengths and weaknesses, whether you admit to it or not. In the case of 4 squints, your strength is your ability to get out of arc. This gives you an advantage (ie. a good matchup) against lists with regular fighters, as you can deny them shots and hammer away at their tails. But your build is disadvantaged (ie. has a bad matchup) against lists with turrets that don't have to worry as much about your arc-dodging shenanigans and can expose your lack of staying power. You must fight up-hill in those matchups, just as the guy without turrets had to fight uphill against you. And a list being "competitive" does not necessarily mean it has a perfect 50/50 chance to win the game. A list with a 40/60 chance to win the game is still competitive, as there is still a reasonable chance that it will win. Especially since we have the great equalisers, dice and human error, running around. I play squints because I like playing squints. I refuse to play ships i am not a fan of based solely on what the meta is or because some ships are better. With fat/falcon the turret is not the issue it is the evades. rerolls, and what not. Squint maneuver dial does not guarantee getting rear arc on an xxbb or other fighter list. good tactics and skill at the game does. many other fighters can maneuver as good as a squint. Personally I do not really care if each of you plays a fat/falcon every single day.. it will not effect me whatsoever unless it ends up killing the game and even that would not stop me from getting a game in now and again. I do take issue with people trying to argue that fat/falcon is not over represented or trying to blame phantoms.
  2. Snip That is an impressive strawman you got going bro. Balance means that 100 pts of ships should be balanced against 100 points of ships and have a reasonable chance of winning given equal player skill and dice rolls. That is all. When you find that some 100 point lists are getting blown out consistently by other 100 pt lists that is evidence of imbalance and bad design. You claim that balancing would lead to sameness and yet 5 of the top 8 were piloting Fat/Falcons with a different choice of sides. Those claiming that those five lists represent diversity because they are not identical are being intellectually dishonest. Fat/falcon + is dominating the tourney seen by raw numbers. Call it what you like but it is a fact. Second rock paper scissors designs in wargames are bad design but they do force players to buy new pieces as the better rock or bigger paper or sharper scissors are released. Third. Net listing a squad is not skill. Forth. people like to win. Claiming that someone should sit back and enjoy losing every game or near every game they play because ..... is silly.
  3. Except the design team spends exactly 0 time perusing these forums, so nothing said here will have any impact on any decision they might make with the Falcon. So either accept that you start with a disadvantage or fly another list. Good and bad matchups are a part of every competitive game (by competitive, I mean a game where the object is to win, not necessarily WAAC style play) out there. You accept that any given list will give you a better time in some cases, but will struggle in others. My first point stands though. people will always try to justify their behavior. Second point is No, I will play my four squints because that is what is fun. It is not unrealistic for me to expect my four ships to be balanced verses other ships and if I should feel forced to buy new ships in the name of competition than that shows bad game design and possible a bit of manipulation on FFGs part. 100 pts should always be competitive against 100 pts.
  4. Martel, keep it civil. The point was that the the Falcon at the time of interview was for the first time a national contender. Fair enough, I will try. Which supports your claim how exactly? People called fathan and fatchewie as contenders from the start. the addition of c3p0 may have pushed the build a bit more towards OP but the list was strong from the start and most people, especially on these forums knew it. I am distrustful of those that come here and claim fathan is gimped as I suspect those same people are probably playing fat-han builds themselves and doing what they can to keep their build from getting hit with the nerf bat. This is nothing new in games. I play a four squint list in almost every game so take what i say as you will. I can kill a falcon if I roll above average and my opponent rolls below average. odds will always be in his favor though.
  5. The two guys in the vid are the lead designers of X-Wing. They commented on the top 8 you listed and also some other ships that were widely represented at lower levels of the tournament. Of note, neither the Falcon nor any other large ship build has ever before won a national tournament. So why the sudden mass hysteria just because it's popular? Claiming that fat/falcon is not possibly OP because the build has not won a tourney is pretty stupid when five of the top eight winners were falcon lists. Falcons are popular because they are easy mode.
  6. Why are so many players convinced that arc-dodging is the epitome of skill in X-wing? If you move late in the round, and you have PTL and access to boost and barrel roll, an eight-year-old who's new to the game can figure out how to reliably dodge firing arcs. (Not hyperbole: I've taught two kids how to do it.) First off the fact that you are putting words in my mouth pretty much invalidates your point. Did I say epitome of skill? I said the arc dodging requires skill. big difference. That said the fact that you claim to have taught two kids to master arc dodging means very little even if i were predisposed to believe you which i am not. What part of this game requires more skill than arc dodging? If dodging arcs is so easy how does anyone ever lose?
  7. True. I agree with you Duraham. FatHan/Chewie is an issue.
  8. I said MY COMMUNITY, not yours. Here's the data from the Malaysian Regionals. It is the most relevant data because this occured awhile after we have already received wave 4 and have the community stabilize. *point to clarify, I'm from Singapore, and we have players who attend tournaments and game nights on both sides of the border. Sorta like USA /Canada if you will* http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/111344-2014-malaysia-regionals/ Data Top 8 1. Wei Jia - Chewie + MF Title + C3P0 + Predator + Luke + EU, 3x Tala 2. James - Chewie + Predator, 2x Bandits, Dagger + HLC 3. Chris - Rexlar + Outmanoeuvre + EU + HLC, 4x Academy 4. Az - Chewie + MF Title + C3P0 + Luke, 2x Tala, Tala + Assault Missile 5. Vick - Whisper + VI + ACD + Rebel Captive + FCS, Howlrunner, 3x Obsidian 6. Chu Heng - Whisper + VI + ACD + FCS, Echo + Outmanoeuvre, 2x AP 7. Matthew - Whisper + Tactician + FCS + VI + ACD, Krassis + HLC + Rebel Captive, AP 8. Justin - Echo + VI + FCS + ACD + Rebel Captive, 5x AP We also held a shop tournament last month, where the top 2 was a double falcon and a double phantom list. I do not have any further data as I was absent from that tournament Three falcons in the top four... seems legit.
  9. They contradict each other on blocking like woah...
  10. Top 8 from GenCon 2014 Winner - Rick Sidebotham (#1 Swiss, 23 pts, 754 MoV, flight 1): Whisper + Veteran Instincts + Fire-Control Systems + Advanced Cloaking Device + Gunner; Soontir Fel + Push the Limit; Captain Yorr 2nd place - Jeff Berling (#3 Swiss, 20 pts, 802 MoV, flight 1): Chewbacca + Millennium Falcon + C-3P0 + R2-D2 + Draw Their Fire; Lando + Nien Nunb + Han Solo + Draw Their Fire Top 4 - Paul Heaver (#2 Swiss, 21 pts, 763 MoV, flight 1, lost to Jeff): Han Solo + Luke Skywalker + Veteran Instincts + C-3P0 + Millennium Falcon + Engine Upgrade; Biggs; Tala Squadron Pilot Top 4 - Nick Jones (lost to winner, #4 Swiss, 20 pts, 758 MoV, flight 1): Howlrunner + Push the Limit; 6x Obsidian Squadron Pilot Top 8 - David Pontier (lost to Nick, #5 Swiss, 20 pts, 745 MoV, flight 2): Han Solo + Determination + Luke Skywalker + Millenium Falcon; Corran Horn + Push the Limit + R2-D2 + Fire Control System Top 8 - James Elhardt (lost to 2nd place, #6 Swiss, 20 pts, 694 MoV, flight 1): Han Solo + C-3P0 + Mercenary Copilit + Veteran Instincts; 4x Bandit Squadron Pilot Top 8 - Matt Baxter (lost to Paul, #7 Swiss, 20 pts, 691 MoV, flight 1): Han Solo + C-3P0 + Mercenary Copilit + Veteran Instincts; 4x Bandit Squadron Pilot Top 8 - Dominic Cairo (lost to winner, #8 Swiss, 18 pts, 650 MoV, flight 1): Bounty Hunter; 2x Omicron Group Pilot + Fire-Control System; Omicron Group Pilot Top 8 lists... 2 falcons in the top 4 five falcons in the top 8... yeah.... The numbers do not agree with anything the two guys in the vid see.
  11. Er, no. Less QQ, More Pew Pew means cry less, shoot more. "A term directed at whiners to stop crying and start doing something useful instead." Very straightforward - just like dealing with Falcon builds. True in today s market one could always go do something else. The people who say things like more pew pew less QQ always end up QQing the loudest when the game they helped kill finally dies. This is the challenge game designers face.
  12. Which is frustrating when you show to the store with a group of Tie Ints with PTL or any other build that requires actual skill when moving your ships across the board. Turrets make arc dodging an impossibility. Arc dodging is one of the few aspects of the game that actually require tactics and skill.
  13. Martel

    TIE Interceptor

    Wedge.... best pilot in the game point for point IMO.
  14. Martel

    TIE Interceptor

    Alternative art cards may be nice but they would still be useless unless you have the piece that goes on the base. As repeatedly noted the reason you get an Interceptor Expansion is so you can get the pilots that are in it but not in Aces. Those are mostly the top two aces (Turr and Fel) but occasionally for the Alpha or Avenger if you wanted to power up a swarm a little bit. I forgot about the cardboard base token, and I'm torn about the alternate art cards personally I love to have them but do I actually use them and risk something happening to them. (Sleeves are a potential solution but even they cannot account for every possibility) double sleeve with a clear inner sleeve opening facing down and a good players choice or equivalent sleeve facing up. this will protect your cards from most of the hazards you would expect at a gaming table and has even saved some of my MtG rares from having a soda spilled on them.
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