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  1. Just the concise answer I was looking for. Saved me some searching. Thank you kindly.
  2. For any who have not seen/heard of the units in question: http://www.gf9.com/Default.aspx?tabid=348&art_id=3975
  3. Hi, all. I've been playing for a few weeks now with an SSU force, and quite enjoy it. After viewing the details for the upcoming SSU heavy infantry (armor 4), something struck me: Can a hero be paired with a squad with a higher armor rating, and if so, how does one resolve attacks against the squad? For example: Red Yana + (soon to be released) SSU heavies. This may be something that is covered in one of the manuals, and may be a stupid question, but I am currently in the process of printing the manual PDFs, and have not found any clarification elsewhere.
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