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  1. Hi there, I am planning a scene where the PCs have access to the hanging control room of a massive warehouse and controlling the overhead cranes while an injured ally tries to flee from pirate troops through the maze of crates/containers. This will be some kind of vehicle vs. persons encounter. How would you handle this scene? How to keep track the movement of the ally? Which skill checks for the cranes? How much damage does a falling crate/container? What could be counter-measures of the pirates? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, for an unique lightsaber crystal I am looking for some advice how to get a legal homebrown build (not too weak or too strong). The crystal will belong to the Shard species. Thanks in advance!
  3. Maybe a shortcut through a mall? How would you handle roadblocks or traffic jams?
  4. Just steal the mission ideas form Jedi Acedemy and turn them into adventures!
  5. Hi there, I am planning to adapt the racing rules from "Taming the Dragon" for a race through a city/urban area. The adventure module itself is written for the crystal swamps of Corellia. What kind of racing legs would fit in a city?
  6. Hi there, my campaign will be soon have a climax of the current chapter. The game is set only a few months after Episode 1. One of the PCs is a Jedi youngling who was sent to the Agricultural Corps because she didn't found a master to take her as Padawan. On the way to the Corps she crash landed on Ord Mantell (this is where the campaign began). At the climax she will finally able to leave the planet and the Order already knows about her whereabouts. On Ord Mantell she shortly met Count Dooku who recently defected from the Order to start his own merry band of Jedis to form the Dark Acolytes. He only mentioned that he will sent someone to collect her (because he thinks that the talents of countless younglings are getting wasted by the Jedi Order) and left. So the Jedi Order and the Dark Acolytes will both sent a Jedi Knight to the spaceport. My idea is that both knights meet each other in the spaceport and an epic Jedi duel starts. The PCs can't directly interfere in the duel but they could aid one the Jedis by creating advantages or disadvantages for the other one. 1. How would you handle the indirect combat? 2. From the perspective of the youngling, what are good reasons to stay with the Jedi Order or join the Dark Acolytes? 3. Any other insight? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi there, my group will arrive Worlport on Ord Mantell (after they crash landed in the wildness of Ord Mantell and found a way back with a litte help of a Hutt and his sail barge). The game is set during time shortly after Ep. 1 and they met Count Dooku on the sail barge but only for a brief conversation before he left (because he was too busy to plan an evil conspiracy ;D ) The city seems be a rip off from Las Vegas (a lot of casinos and brothels). The group contains: human smuggler (scondrel/charmer), droid BH (survialist), besalisk BH (martial artist) and togruta sentinal* (shadow). What are some good plot hooks for this place? *a youngling with a training lightsaber, who wants find a real cystal for the lightsaber hilt.
  8. Thats exactly how the Grav-Ball rules are made from the fan-made pdf above.
  9. Free talents, skills and characteristics would break the system but the restiction of talent trees/skills/characteristics makes sense.
  10. For example, one PC is a Jedi youngling who is looking for a master who could train her. At the end of the first story arc, she will find one and starts her Padawan training. The other PCs should also benefit from this time by follow thier own path in life until the group meets again in the future.
  11. Hi there, I am toying with the idea of creating a session in which the PCs have to play Limmie/Bolo-ball (like Soccer). How would you handle this ruleswise?
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