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  1. Yes! Yes you are. You might want to go back and re-read page 315 to 316 in the Edge Core book. The flow between the dark and light sides of the destiny pool must flow. Edit: Btw, it wouldnt matter if there where force users or not. Even Dark siders Player Characthers still use the White sides on the destiny pool, the dark side is for the GM only
  2. Yes, on both questions. And on the follow-up, yes I'm a Swede. I'm sure about at least one Norwegian on these forums whom is actually quite active if i recall correctly. And I'm more of a reader here.
  3. Well its not that Im not happy. I've bought six books for this RPG line the last week (have had a bit catching up to do yes) So this is my wallet right now
  4. Just don't activate Blast at engaged range
  5. EEEHRMAGERD!!!! Why haven't I seen this before?! Gimme gimme gimme thank you really much, so many wow! Such many wow. Many such mhmm yes wow! Really nice one. Thank you for that.
  6. Docking clamps and such things is really nice for the RHB. (I've stolen this from the internetz) In my game campaign, this is a Mandalorian Dominance class Heavy Cruiser / Fleet Carrier Silhouette 7 with 72 fighters, 2 Authority-class corvettes A squadron in each of the six hangar bays and corvettes docked in the front. (However, that's the standard and not with the RHB-attachment, I just wanted to show a nice ship with some docked sil 5 corvettes)
  7. Well, by RAW, only if they miss their original attack and trigger the Guided quality. Then you could attack their missiles before they gain a new chance to attack. This is however a scene I tend to use a lot. The PCs get attacked by their enemies and get fired by some big bad missile which I treat like a chase instead of a regular attack. I usually have the missile start of at short range with a speed one more then their max speed and an initiative slot just after the PCs so they get some chance to both fly away from the missile and get off a few shots at it. (Though I use this for some epic scenes, in the middle of space combat i usually just use regular attacks.) Edit: Perhaps i misinterpreted your question?
  8. If the droids are in the cargo compartment all the time = Cargo. If the droids are in the living quarters around the ship = passengers.
  9. Well really, if it was 1 time use or you needed to to use it, it should be an active talent, out of turn incidental. It's a passive talent, which means always on. Any ; definition by Google 2. whichever of a specified class might be chosen. "these constellations are visible at any hour of the night" synonyms: whichever, whichever comes to hand, no matter which, never mind which; informalany old
  10. I may be wrong, but wouldn't Adversary 4 turn two purple into three red? Since its not adding a skill rank or a characteristic, and it's upgrading, the first two points of it changes the two purple dice into reds, the third point adds another purple, and the fourth point changes that last purple to a third red. Or have i just read the "upgrade vs increase" section incorrectly? I don't mean to nit pick, it just stood out to me. You're correct here. Three red.
  11. Seems interesting, but I'm not sure what you mean with the contractions. Could you please spell it out i would be happy I think he meant to say Wookieepedia Hahahaha now i feel stupid... Of course
  12. Yeah i could keep it abstact if i wanted to, but as I've said. I want the PCs to have strategic command as Jedi generals. They kinda needs to know how many ships they have at their disposal. Especially when the Separatists attacks multiple systems and they need to split their forces and such. Reinforcements will be scarce and it will take time, so the PCs must decide on whenever it's safe or not to sacrifice a part of the navy or army for a specific task.
  13. Agatheron I'll try get a hand on that. I thing a friend of mine has it. Well most of the good stuff in Star Wars are now Legens I've been thinking about using the Duty mechanic from AoR towards my players, but I think it would be more appropriate to just use what makes sense in the narrative.
  14. Inquisitor Tremayne, that's really nice also, I've totally forgotten about that in AoR. That's a good source, thank you
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