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  1. Please. Please. For the love of all that is good and holy, please. Make this happen.
  2. Per the EA Battlefront panel - spoilers follow! The desert planet is called Jakku, and some DLC for the new Star Wars Battlefront game will center around the battle that resulted in those crashed ships on the surface.
  3. And yet, no one on the thread has brought up the most important question about these books...the titles. Submitted, for your approval: Bounty Hunters - "Fearless and Inventive" Technicians - "It's Not My Fault"
  4. Probably as soon as the announcement is made on the home page.
  5. What's sad is that I actually recognize all of those saber techniques from the time when I stated all seven forms to the "7 Seas" fencing system. /sigh /humblebrag I love you.
  6. The WEG SWRPG adventure Starfall centered around the PCs attempting to escape a Victory-class Star Destroyer after it came under attack by an Alliance strike fleet. The PCs start in the brig, but then bam, the power goes out and it's time to get out and away before the VSD decides to blow up. I don't think there's an adventure where the PCs "took over" a VSD, or an ISD, for that matter. There was a short story about how Han and the commando team captured one in the mop-up after Endor, though.
  7. Grist for the mill... ...what if we got existing classes with new specializations? Like...Marauder with a "Guardian" spec (plus one or two other new specs)? Or Diplomat with a "Consular" spec (plus one or two other new specs)? Or Bounty Hunter with a new "Force Hunter" spec? Or a "Natural" spec for the Pilot class. Guardian was a duelist-focused specialization, catering to light melee weapons. Consular has a lot of "reading body language," speaking in calming ways, soothing emotions stuff. And then, "Jedi" was a universal specialization that could be purchased that added the lightsaber skill and an additional tree. If your GM allowed it, you could buy it at character creation, but most likely you would have to purchase into it. But then, there's that "Jensarri" universal spec., and that "Dathomir Witch" universal spec. All of which are cool. As to species, my guesses are Human, Twi'lek, Zabrak, Kel Dor, Cerean, Miraluka and Droid.
  8. And this topic, ladies and gentlemen, is probably why F&D was the last core rulebook scheduled for release.
  9. Hey now. Some of us can play Mando bounty hunters without being over-the-top missionary zealots.
  10. My favorite adversarial writing moment came with a Gungan Dark Jedi. Saber snap, hiss, "Mesa thinkin' yousa gonna DIE." Good times. One of my early WEG groups had an Ewok that was barred from going near the ship's cannons ever again after he shot down the PCs' Y-wing. During a furball. Ah, memories...
  11. I won't give you books, I'll give you authors. - Anything by Timothy Zahn. The guy is the best, because he gets Luke. To me, that is the absolute key for anyone playing with the Big Three (Luke / Han / Leia), and his prequel novel is great, too. Scoundrels is a fun read, but honestly, start with the Thrawn trilogy. - I really like Matthew Stover, and he's done a number of different books that all feel different, but have been very good. Don't let the title of Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor throw you, it's a good read. - James Luceno came to my attention (unknowingly) as half of Jack McKinney, who wrote the novelizations for the Robotech series with Brian Daley. Both Luceno and Daley are solid with what they've put out for the GFFA. - I liked all the X-Wing books. I was a fan of Michael Stackpole from his work in the BattleTech universe, and it really carried over for the "Star Wars meets Top Gun" feel of those books. Alliston doesn't do quite as well with describing the dogfights, but he absolutely nails banter. All of the times. My single favorite sequence of any Star Wars novel ever is in Starfighters of Adumar. For those of you that have read it - Janson's "duel." That is all. - I enjoyed Karen Traviss' work with the clone troopers in her prequel novels (the Republic Commandos series), but she does take a fairly solid "anti-Jedi" (specifically the Jedi Order) view of the galaxy. Interesting perspective, though. Kevin J. Anderson's stuff isn't terrible (c'mon, Crystal Star and Children of the Jedi should have been nixed before ink hit paper), but it's not really good, either. I think his problem was he was trying to do to much too fast, and it all ended up coming out very "serial-pulpy," and not in a good way. Some additional grist for the mill.
  12. Thought I'd leave that honour to you. Go ahead and introduce, detail and theorise. :-P Heh heh. Um...she's madly in love with one of the PCs and will DEFINATELY NOT be KILLING any of them when she catches up to the group...right? ...meesa thinkin' weesa all gonna die.
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