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    So two resources and two cards instead of three resources to get an AT-ST in play? Perhaps theynwere thinking “Why isn’t anyone using AT-ST?”. It’s only about $8 on the singles market, get yours now before the run on them starts!
  2. Murne Rin Rules Clarification

    Thanks again, for the answers. This shall definitely improve my character’s effectiveness.
  3. Murne Rin Rules Clarification

    Thanks for the answer. While we were playing False Orders correctly, it appears we’ve been doing movement points gained outside of an activation wrong. We were marking them with tokens then adding them to a move action if the character activated later that round. And any accumulated move points that were unused were lost at the end of the round. I take it this means Solidarity allows me to move two points right after a character within three spaces triggers it and completes their move? While we’re on the subject of Solidarity, that ability only triggers if the character that moves starts within three spaces, not if during their move they close to or pass within three, right?
  4. I’m playing Murne Rin in a Jabba’s Realm campaign. I am within 3 spaces of an Elite Jet Trooper, the Threat Level is 5, I have an action available and I have no strain, so I may perform False Orders. So far so good. But, now, since the Elite Stormtrooper that is within two spaces of the Elite Jet Trooper is the target of the attack, may I invoke the Jet Trooper’s Fly-By ability for the attack (adding a blue attack die to the attack roll and giving him two additional movement points which he may or may not be able to use depending on whether he has already be activated or not)? I believed that I could and we did play it this way, however I want to make certain what the proper play is for future games.
  5. The Big Destiny trade Thread

    I find myself needing a Shoto Lightsaber to complete my collection of Empire at War. I have extras of most of the rare cards from this set. I’ll try and make a trade worthwhile to anyone who has an extra Shoto.
  6. Empire at War Pre-Orders

    As a follow-up, my Saga sets arrived last Friday. While EAW had been out for a few weeks by that point, it is very nice to have a complete set now. Team Covennat did a great job of organizing and shipping, I would reccomend them to anyone considering going this route. Just get your oredr in early, as they process them in the order they are received and there was evidently about one order placed every six seconds after the EAW Saga sets were initially made available for the first hour. Every second counts!
  7. What to buy when new

    Online vendors that sell opened single cards and dice. Coolstuffinc, MiniatureMarket, and eBay are some of the big ones, but there are numerous other sources around.
  8. Destiny Dice Binders

    I'd buy a decent star wars dice cup.
  9. Destiny Dice Binders

    I found boxes made it difficult to keep the dice in order when I had to dig through them, and to find particular ones when they could be buried under several rows. It's nice to have the dice in fixed positions so you can locate them quickly. Yes, foam or trays tend to take up more space, but the speed and ease with which I can build a deck is worth the increased storage footprint.
  10. What to buy when new

    You'll be 12 cards short of two thirty card decks for standard play with a single starter. You can get a second starter, which will allow you to play elite versions of the characters as well as build 30 card decks, or you can elect to get the extra cards through booster packs, original starters or on a card by card basis through the secondary market. Realize that just getting enough cards to build a deck is not the same as designing and acquiring a tournament competitive deck, but the game can be fun in a casual way with the starter cards. Also, if you just want to try the game it can be played with 24 card decks and less than 30 points of characters, so one starter set can give you a taste.
  11. New Product! Official FFG Dice Binders.

    At first I was disappointed because I thought this might have been the storage solution I was originally looking for before I bit the bullet and invested in foam. But if these dice trays are anything like the starter set ones, I'm steering clear. I'm wary that the plastic trays might eventually scratch off the painted images on the dice. It's too bad, because the binders do look nice.
  12. Empire at War Pre-Orders

    Team Covenant just sent out an email about their Saga Sets for Empire at War. It appears that everything is going smoothly and the first third of the wave 1 orders have already been shipped. They expect to be ahead of schedule on completing these orders and things are looking promising for wave 2 orders as well. This certainly is a better situation than with Spirit of Rebellion sets.
  13. Open any good EaW packs?

    Seeker Droids should be easy enough to trade for. I think I ended up with a few extras.
  14. Booster Box with 5 Legendaries

    I jus t opened my Emipre at War boxes, and each had exactly 6 Legendaries in it. I did notice that in a few of the packs I got two of the same common card twice. But, I had no mismatched dice and the expected number of legendary, rare and uncommon cards.
  15. Booster Box with 5 Legendaries

    Hello, I'm RookiePilot, and I'm an addict.