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  1. We use jetpacks, at least when the transporters are offline. I guess I am more patient about the release schedule. If nothing comes out for two years then new movies come out with relevant content that can be incorporated, I’ll be in line to buy it. I’m not in it for the thrill rush of new content, I’m still casually explorer things that are already out. I’m certainly not going to sell off my collection because I didn’t get a nice new shiny bobble this month. The game is fantastic. The models have other uses, too. While I’d like to see new content, I’d also prefer we don’t get fringe stuff for the sake of maintaining a release schedule. I want iconic ships that fit into the game. If I wanted the ship of the month club, I would have gotten into Star Trek Attack Wing.
  2. I never have felt that FFG has owed me anything with this game. I am pleased with what has been put out so far, and really don’t have a list of stuff that still needs to be put out. I would like to see squadrons of all the x-wing ships, but that is only because I use these miniatures for the FFG roleplaying games as well. And more campaigns would be nice. I’m not really down with a pint sized SSD. Regardless of the sliding scale, I still think it has to be too big to be playable. So, I can be patient. And with all that is going on with X-Wing and Legion, it’s a good thing, because I suspect we’re in for even more of a wait before something new comes out for Armada. Still, I’m not giving up on it, and if FFG does find time for a new product, I’ll eager gobble it up. They haven’t lost me and don’t need to jump through hoops to get me back.
  3. RookiePilot

    Alternatives to standard play

    I’m looking for new formats beyond just altering the number of points and asteroids. Objectives other than annihilation and even pre-determined squad scenarios might add some interesting game options. Also, I think there is much untapped possibility in the Epic realm. I’m still hoping for trench runs or star destroyer battle mats with accessories... And, new Huge ships, as well.
  4. RookiePilot

    The biggest problem with 2.0.... is 1.0.

    Epic 2.0 is coming, and hopefully some new ships with it! Let’s hope it is sooner rather than later.
  5. RookiePilot

    X Wing preview

    They’re trying very hard to get me to buy an x-wing I don’t really need. And by providing an articulated red five, they just might have succeeded. Well played, FFG.
  6. RookiePilot

    Squad Selection Article

    Velcro! Or magnets!
  7. I have a feeling the answer is you must have a red single action in order to fulfill the reuirements of the upgrade. I say this because there are many ships out there that have a white single action with a red chained version of it. I don’t think we’ve seen any cases of the second action in a chained action being white. FFG is probably trying to limit / control action economy to keep power creep from happening like it eventually did in verison one. But, the question certainly warrants being asked. While we’re at it, how about finding out if an upgrade of this kind may be taken by a ship that only has the action as a second action in a chain? I believe there is a ship already spoiled that can only evade after it barrel rolls.
  8. RookiePilot

    Are you going to buy Saw’s Renegades?

    I’m getting it primarily for the alternate paint schemes. I can’t paint even as well as what we get right out of the box. And as I use these minies for a variety of things, having as second and third paint scheme can come in handy.
  9. RookiePilot

    Lessons Learned From 2e

    Dengar5 is just putting in text what most of us must have went through with the announcement of second edition. The realization that change was imminent, and aprehension about what the trie cost might be to continue forward. When the new edition was initially announced, I was thinking it might be time to get out. But I got reeled back in when I saw the planned changes to the game. For the most part, everything seemed to make sense and seemed to balance things out. I really like that ships released in the first few waves got retro-fitted with manuevers and abilities that emerged later in version one devleopment. I like the concept of the force, the chance to correct nameless unique pilots and other quirks that happened from having to release things before enough was really known to do so properly. And while the app is not a total answer, I do see it giving a lot of leverage for balancing costs. It also will allow older ships to benefit from new things introduced in subsequent waves, without having to resort to titles and modifcations. That, and with the benifit of the maturation of version one, I don’t think we’ll see nearlynas many new mechanics emerging. Is everything going to be unicorns and rainbows with the new version? I certainly don’t know at this point. Without the complete rules and even a minimal idea of building possibilites and costs, it’s certainly to early to say. But from what I’ve seen so far, I have high hopes that things will be better. And, to me, a big part of that is faction identity and iconic characters and ships being viable in the game. It seems a lot of effort has been put into the re-boot to accomplish these very things. Enough so, that I was willing to pay the price of entry into the next generation. Somewhat like Dengar5, I have way more ships than I can possibly use in 200pt matches. But, I occasionally play Epic, and use the minis for the FFG flavor of Star Wars RPGs, so while it was excessive, these ships actually do get used. I’m not sure I see the need to convert everything I own (after the first wave of second edition, I will have 21 tie fighters). I’m certainly going to hold out for Epic conversions to show up, I suspect they will provide additional copies of generic ships in addition to the Huge ship content. This would be a much better approach than trying to fill out massive numbers of ships with the wave one conversion kits. So, I decided to embrace the change and give FFG the benefit of the doubt that they were creating a superior product. But, while I got to this conclusion, I did go through many of the reservations and concerns Dengar5 did. And, while I came to be a supporter of second edition, I can also see how others in different situations than me might not come to the same conclusion. I do think that enough of us are taking the plunge that many holdouts will have time to see the new edition in action and possibly allay their reservations about moving forward with us.
  10. RookiePilot

    Epic 2.0

    I am confident that we’ll see Epic incorporated into 2.0, FFG people have underlined the commitment to do so. As with X-Wing 1.0, I’m sure the lag time will be lnger than with normal waves. I think they’ll need shipless conversion kits, possibly by faction to get existing player up to speed. I’d like to see a second Scum ship, but I don’t see being able to force different faction players buying it just to convert their ships. After what they did to X-Wing with the 2.0 rules, I can’t wait to see what is in store for the epic ships. Especially since all the building details will be tweakable via the app.
  11. RookiePilot

    Solo movie talk (No spoilers)

    Just saw Solo. I thought it was entertaining. And filled out Han’s background nicely. I especially like his and Lando’s interactions.
  12. RookiePilot

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    I bet that updates to the building rules will come out at a pace similars to we have seen FAQs in the past. Changes have to be tested and do impact organized play, so a controlled approach to when they come out is important.
  13. RookiePilot

    2.0 Design Spaces

    I interpereted design spaces differently than, you. Not as new mechanics of the game, but of openeing up the way the game is played in general. It was the announcement thta there will be alternatives to strict 200 pt play for more casual players. I still don’t know exactly what this means, but I am hoping that scenarios with alternate victory goals become a thing. And I hope the the app allows for customizations, such as restricting certain ships or upgrades and even adjusting point costs for some things as part of the build rules for that scenario. I’m also waiting for epic rules to come out. It is my hope thta Epic gets expanded beyond a format for the huge ships. I’d like it to encompass terrain, and weapons emplacements which will allow for simulating battles against installations or capital ships. Or to perform escort missions, destroying a target, controlling an area or getting ships across the board. To me, this is an exciting new design space that would really add to the X-Wing game.
  14. RookiePilot

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    Quickbuild lists will be nice for casual games, but might also neccesitate getting one of each expansion to collect. I have a feeling that once this forum gets the app and figures out costing, we’ll see a lot of fan made quick cards. I am actually looking forward to this, as long as the threat level is accurate relative to the official cards.
  15. I’m more excited, I really liked all the ship changes. I still didn’t get a feel for quantiities of bases and cards, but from what they did show I feel we are in capable hands. I was already all in (2 of each), I placed my order long ago in case reveals like this caused preorder or day one shortages!