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  1. Actually, in addition to grabbing marketplace cards they may want, you may also opt to bury one card per turn which is useful for those items / jobs that don’t help you or that you can’t afford.
  2. So, one drawback to using ships as player markers in the game is that it is possible all four players will start out with the same ship. I suspect this is why FFG chose to use the character on the marker instead of the ship.
  3. June 13th seemed pretty specific in the High-Stakes Job article.
  4. Today’s article reiterates release is 2nd quarter. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/7/the-path-to-fame-and-fortune/
  5. I have thoroghly enjoyed Rebellion, and was quick to pick up Rise of The Empire when it came out. But, the group I played with hasn’t felt the need yet to open it up and incorporate it into the original game. We’ll eventually get around to it, but the original game is loads of fun even without it. It does offer those who would like the Rogue One flavor in the game toput it there, and I’m fine with that. After watching several demos of Outer Rim, I am coming away with a few things. The map layout, while able to be randomized is suggested to be used as indicated in the setup, since the jobs have been game balanced against that configuration. To add new planet pieces in would upset that balance unless the jobs were perhaps totally replaced by ones in the new expansion. Adding other characters and ships shouldn’t be near as difficult, so perhaps those kind of expansions are more likely. I have to say, after watching a few games, there is enough randomness and dice rolling to keep the game from being repetitive, so I think we’ll be fine without any expansions for a while.
  6. I hope the Upcoming section status for Outer Rim is incorrect. Currently it is still “In Development” which would indicate it is much further away than the end of this month... Seeing actual product being demoed seems to fly in the face of this status, though.
  7. Wow, I’m sorry to see this place go. They had great products and service, even for special orders.
  8. RookiePilot

    New Epic

    I’d be up for an alternate paint job on the CR-90. Either of the others as well.
  9. There is only one base piece. The extensions can’t easily be used without it as they have the connector slot which locks the pieces together.
  10. Well, eirher they’re paving the road to Epic one step at a time, or perhaps they’re going to introduce further ranges into Standard X-Wing. More to your point, the could have thrown in two range extenders with the Epic Ship Deluxe Template Kit when it came out. Still, it is a better sign for Epic that we are getting range five rulers in the 2.0 products than if we didn’t.
  11. I’m actually most encouraged by the Deluxe Template Kit. The Range Ruler comes with a base piece and four (!) extentions... Epic!
  12. I like all the various TIES. They define the Empire’s identity.
  13. I think it is more along the lines of “you’ll still need a core set in order to play seperatists”, and that after the core a good entry point is the “Servants of Strife Squadron Pack” it says the same thing in the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack as well. FFG has always maintained that you need a core set in order to play, and that the expansions are by definition, not a complete game.
  14. I liked the first, and I like this even more as it may mean we’ll eventually get four boxes. I’ve now decide against getting an art case to hold everything. The two core sets seem spacious enough to handle all the investigator cards and now I have a plan for the rest.
  15. RookiePilot

    Pack it up!

    If you really want to keep your lettered target locks, perhaps creating lettered ship ids would solve the problem.
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