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  1. Team Covenant just sent out an email about their Saga Sets for Empire at War. It appears that everything is going smoothly and the first third of the wave 1 orders have already been shipped. They expect to be ahead of schedule on completing these orders and things are looking promising for wave 2 orders as well. This certainly is a better situation than with Spirit of Rebellion sets.
  2. Seeker Droids should be easy enough to trade for. I think I ended up with a few extras.
  3. I jus t opened my Emipre at War boxes, and each had exactly 6 Legendaries in it. I did notice that in a few of the packs I got two of the same common card twice. But, I had no mismatched dice and the expected number of legendary, rare and uncommon cards.
  4. Hello, I'm RookiePilot, and I'm an addict.
  5. In another thread, @Thanoseidwas asking for a Z6 Riot Control Baton.
  6. I've opened 12 booster boxes so far, and every one has had 6 legendaries. All six legendaries have been different in each box, as well. I think this is the way it is intended to be, but I imagine things can happen to keep that from being perfect. As we've seen with the occasional mismatched die / card in a pack...
  7. I guess we could look at Aramada as a Living Miniature Game.
  8. This may be old news, but I just noticed there is a release date for EAW in the upcoming section of 9/14/2017.
  9. And we're a whopping 5 hours into this week due to holidays... Usually we don't get articles until late on normal Mondays, I bet the same thing applies to today.
  10. Yes, I agree that FFG is not squandering many opportunities with their Star Wars license. Who knew there would be so many different Star Wars games?
  11. I bought my two copies. The set has decent content. Also, my FLGS was limiting us to one per person, so I ended up going to two Targets before I found one for sale. It was the last copy for that store too. It may depend on where you live, but Destiny is hardly limping along. I understand the disappointment in not getting any new Armada toys on Force Friday, but I do think that Destiny is thriving and that this move to put the starters in Target will help it really take off. In my opinion, it is a fun game that I enjoy playing with my girlfriend. There's no way she'd ever attempt a game like Armada. So, it has its place. And that place is evidently NOT in an Armada thread based on the contempt for it found here.
  12. I'm patiently waiting for my FLGS to get theirs. It should be here today and I will help untie some of their investment.
  13. Just because the product "In-Hand" on Friday is Destiny, that does not preclude new The Last Jedi ships from being announced. We may still get something cool for Armada and X-Wing spoled tomorrow.
  14. Less than a day to find out! I hope whatever it is that is available will interest me. But the trip to my FLGS to find out won't be wasted since "Rise of the Empire" for Rebellion has hit the streets regardless.
  15. You could buy an Alternate Art ISD II card instead of a whole additional expansion, if all you are really interested in is the "stupid" cardboard.