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  1. So the droid is evidence, locked up in the impound cage? I like it. Maybe some sort of lonely sentient appliance is locked in there with him that can help disable the restraining bolt? An automated hairdresser given a personality to gossip with it’s clients (and with appendages capable of picking the restraining bolt).
  2. If you haven’t seen it, “Enemy at the Gates” was a German vs Russian sniper movie that might give you some good ideas for this.
  3. It does seem like a better international option. It’s no longer more to ship than it costs. Still expensive, but I am sure this might change a few international code holders minds.
  4. RookiePilot

    N-1 Exclusive

    Check your spam folders, you should have got a reply one way or the other. It would be a shame if it was a win email that you never read!
  5. Some of the cards you need to keep with your ship during play, that would make it difficult to use a purely electronic deck
  6. If you search youtube, there are several videos on this very topic including one from FFG:
  7. True, and I won’t. But a new edition does mean an end to any new content for the edition I did buy into. While I can make do with what has already been published, I will readily acquire any new content for the current system. And with all the other era models coming out for X-Wing and Armada, it sure would be nice to get stats for them and source books to aid play in those settings.
  8. I wasn’t suggesting we need them. I was referring to one of the more tedious and little known crunchy rules in AD&D 1st edition. I bet a majority of the people who played that system were unaware of or intentionally ignored those rules.
  9. We actually have more games of SWRPG at my FLGS now than when the books first started rolling out. There was always a strong X-Wing presence, but crossover into the RPG has become a thing. And, my home group has just started an Age of Rebellion campaign as well. I doesn’t feel like this game is dying at all. Even when it looked like it was going out of print, I really wasn’t too disappointed. The game has enough stuff to keep me busy for many years. Which is why I don’t feel compelled to hop over to the next great thing. Now, more source books and modules, I’d readily gobble them up.
  10. If a 2nd edition comes out, I’ll be sticking with what I already have. I would like to see Imperial Source Books.
  11. Breaking this game into Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny initially was great to focus the game on one aspect at a time. But once they all start getting mixed together into a single campaign, it is less useful. And segregating the Star Wars RPG forums into three different areas (seven if you count the beginner games when they were separated out) was just chaos. I did like how Starships and Speeders consolidated info sprayed across a lot of books.
  12. Picked up my copy today, this will be a great resource for the game, and will help me tie in all my X-Wing and Armada minis. Putting the ships out on the gaming table really adds to the encounters, even if they aren’t used for tactical movement.
  13. And, a few ships that aren’t in either of these games but could be...
  14. Looking at the table of contents, this covers just about all the age of rebellion era ships in Armada and X-Wing. What a lovely parting gift. I’ll be getting this for sure.
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