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  1. As dmeboy mentioned, if at the end of the engagement you have at least 1 attacker still in the engagement and your opponent doesn't, you get to place 1 extra damage bonus unopposed. And sometimes you want to attack with a weenie to force your opponent to block it. Maybe your opponent only has one big unit left to block, and you can send a weenie without blast or tactics icons to do that 1 last damage to an object that has already 4 damage on it, forcing your opponent to block the weenie and leaving himself open against a second attack with your other unit (one that does have tactics). Or maybe you get a bonus from winning the edge battle, so when your opponent lets you get through, you get that bonus (extra card draw, remove focus tokens, play Core Admiral Ackbar, etc) or your opponent has a comitted Darth Vader as the only possible defender, and you still have a Luke for a second attack ... and a Seeds of Decay to put into the edge battle of that "bait" attack. The possibilities where you would want to attack with a unit that can't do much damage directly are ... well not endless ... but large.
  2. Not to be a smartypants, but there can't be any card effects that could change "printed cost", you'd need a feltpen for that. And two weeks later Brainiac enters the Card Pool
  3. Since the theme of the new cycle is "adversaries", I'd love to see a Rebel Captain Rex and an Imperial Commander Cody.
  4. They still work for their Force pips. And you can still get rid of neutral edge-stuffers (discarding a Wicket or Chirpa will bring the DS player at least 1 force-icon closer to winning the edge battle) And it wouldn't be the first Fate card you can't always trigger ... "Battle of Hoth" is also conditional on either you or your opponent having Hoth objectives in play.
  5. Seconding those posters who say it's not too late to get into the game. The advantage of this being an LCG is that cards don't go out of print (at least not indefinitely), and so you can buy the first Hoth force packs for the same price as the latest Endor force packs. The second advantage is that you can know beforehand exactly which cards you will get from which set. Buy a Core set (or two if you're lucky and find them for cheap) and you have a strong basis to start with. I'd advise to also get an "Edge of darkness" set. That way, you can have a basic deck of all factions and get a feel of the different strategies of all factions. Then you expand on the strategies you like and look for decks that really fit those strategies and first buy the force packs that contain the objective sets you need for those decks. You can also be look for a play group in your neighbourhood. Most regular players are welcome to new players, and you could always ask them whether you can borrow a deck using more varied cards to get a feel of how specific strategies play.
  6. Edge(X) and the above examples of extra Combat Icons are constant effects (even though they are only relevant when combat icons are resolved) and thus are not initiated by the card's controller. On the other hand, an effect like Rebel Red Five's "[...] may assign its [blast Damage] damage to a target participating enemy unit instead of the engaged objective" is an Interrupt that needs to be activated. Dash's power is not triggered by the controller. A unit's Combat icons are only checked when you resolve the strike. At that moment, Dash's constant effect will either give the bonus [blast] or not depending on your opponent's hand. And yes, when all units around him have left play before you resolve Dash's combat icons, he's considered to be attacking alone.
  7. As far as I know, Key Words, Actions, Reactions, Interrupts and Constant Effects (Always "on" powers) are all considered to be effects. An important qualifier though is that LS cannot initiate Effects. this means that Constant Effects are not impacted (This includes constant (conditional) bonuses/penalties). You would also still need to resolve Forced Reactions and Forced Interrupts, because you don't initiate those. (So Core Leia will still be Captured if she leaves play during an engagement where Pilot Vader participates) I also don't think this impacts the effects of Fate cards since you don't initiate them, they are part of the framework, but I could be wrong there. You will however be unable to use Keywords that are actively "triggered" like Protect, Shielding and Targeted Strike ... which makes Darth Vader very useful as an aggressor against Asteroid Base decks (unfortunately not as a defender, because the LS will already have used their Shielding when declaring attackers, before DS can declare defenders).
  8. Core rules, page 16: "After a player has generated sufficient resources from one or more resource-providing cards, he plays the card he revealed or executes the ability he designated." So the order is: reveal the card, generate resources (in this case by exhausting all objectives), play card. Then the Rash Action is triggered as a reaction to the card having been played. You can't have the reaction if the triggering condition (DS playing the unit) hasn't been fully finalised. So at that moment your opponent has no choice but to generate 2 resources from (an)other ready card(s), or put the focus token.
  9. I don't think the "survive the engagement unopposed" damage gets doubled. The text reads: "after this unit survives an unopposed engagement deal 1 damage to the engaged objective" not "[...] it [the unit] deals 1 damage to the engaged objective." If it was the Tie Advanced itself that dealt the extra damage (which would be phrased as "it deals damage", just like the effect of Chewbacca) then Maarek Stele would double it. But the way the effect of Tie Advanced is phrased, it reads the same as a Target of Opportunity: the damage is just dealt.
  10. So I assume that was Navy Vader from Lord Vader's Command? A unit's combat icons are only resolved when they are focused to strike (and in the order of their controller's choosing) It's at this moment that potential bonuses or penalties are calculated and the triggering condition must still be valid. When either the Droid or AT-ST would have been focused to strike, Darth Vader was no longer in play and thus his effect was no longer active. You have to pay a lot of attention to such shenanigans because this can be very tricky. I've had the following happening to me: a LS player attacks with Dash Rendar (While this unit is attacking alone, it gains [blast Damage] for each card in the defending player's hand.), accompanied by a one or two drop (of any affilation) while Accross the Anoat Sector (Each [smugglers and Spies] unit you control gains [blast Damage] while it is attacking alone.) is in play. Wins the Edge Battle, uses their weak unit first to deal unit damage to me. I strike but not enough to destroy Dash. LS player Bamboozles their small unit. Dash is now attacking alone and get +B for Accross the Anoat Sector and +2B for the two cards I had more than they did. Goodbye already damaged objective.
  11. Looks like the owner left one Light Side Deck out (2 x set 2: In You Must Go; 2 x set 4: A Journey to Dagobah; 2 x set 5 The Secret of Yavin Four are all Jedi objectives. then 1 x set 39: Echo Base Defense and 2 x set 45 Preparation for Battle are both neutral sets) I wouldn't be surprised if you're also missing 3 LS Force cards and 1 Jedi Affilation card. Looks like somebody built a "protection/shield" deck and didn't put it back in the box. You could raise this with the store's owner ... if they still know the seller, there's always a possibility it was an honest mistake. It's still worth the effort looking for them ... they're certainly not the worst sets out there.
  12. Of course, now that your pilots are enhancements, that makes them vulnerable for DS anti-enhancement effects. Uttinni is a classic and there's also the special power of the AT-AT ... which is always available for pilots since they aren't limited. It also kinda fits in Star Wars lore for an AT-AT to knock out a Pilot ... guess that's one of the reasons we don't have a Dak Ralter card yet
  13. I don't think the game is dying. Sure, maybe it's not growing as explosively as some other games, but I get the feeling that those who start playing it, stick with it. It's certainly a breath of fresh air compared to the many "only for deep pockets" card games out there. Last Sunday, I played in the Dutch regionals in Tilburg (mostly players from the south of the Netherlands, some Belgians) and we had 15 players. And seeing that this is neer the exam period for several players, I hope to get some extra players warmed up during the summer (planning a summer league with two season boxes) so next regionals will be even more players.
  14. So I was thinking of constructing a Jedi/Spies deck with Wookiee Life Debt and Qu Rahn. Therefore, I'd like to confirm whether the following combo's are valid: 1. Play Let the Wookie Win (on a character), use Qu Rahn to absorb the one damage and damage an enemy objective. Then deal the additional damage from Let the Wookiee Win to one of my characters and again protect with Qu Rahn to damage a different objective. Let the Wookiee Win doesn't direct me to deal the damage to an enemy unit ("Deal 1 damage to a target friendly unit. Then, deal 1 damage to a target non-Vehicle unit") and since this is a two-step process, Qu Rahn uses Protect twice which allows me to activate Qu Rahn's reaction twice and split the damage. 2. A character with Protect uses this trait to protect Qu Rahn from normal damage (Targeted strike, Force Choke, etc), then Qu Rahn uses his Protect to take that damage back and use his ability to damage an enemy objective.
  15. No. Lightsaber Deflection doesn't work on Force Lightning. Force Lightning doesn't damage a unit, it outright destroys it. Since there is no damage to deflect, the event is an invalid target of Lightsaber Deflection's interrupt (When damage is dealt to a friendly non-Vehicle unit) [...], and thus you can't play the Deflection. Just think of it as Lightning skipping the "deal damage" part and jumping straight ahead to the "destroy" part of getting rid of a unit.
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