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  1. Travelling to Worlds 2016

    Last year I researched Uber and Taxi from the airport and found prices in the $60-70 range (before tip). Instead, I took the light rail into downtown (I think I got off at Government Station) and then took Uber from there. Total with tip was under $20. Takes a little longer but saving $40-50 each way seemed legit If you are on foot, there is a shopping mall and a Wal-Mart within very reasonable walking distance. Dress warmly, there is a chance there will be snow by that time in the year. Lots of restaurants, bars, etc. within walking distance as well, and if you're a football enthusiast there are plenty of good places to watch the games on Sunday after your FFG gaming is over.
  2. Abracadabra

    I am the originator of the Chihuahua Storm. The name was a group effort by the group of players who first saw me run it at a Store Championship the weekend after Wave 8 hit in mid-March. People have free will and can technically point to a pair of socks and call them Oreo cookies, but that doesn't make the socks chocolatey wafers filled with delicious creamy white lard. 5x Green Squadron Pilot + Adaptability + Crack Shot + Autothrusters + Chardaan Refit + A-Wing Test Pilot = Chihuahua Storm (or, more briefly, Chihuahuas).
  3. 2016 Store Championship Results

    Man. San Diego likes them some Imperials. I'm curious, where these Whispers running Agent Kalus? He seems like a good fit on a phantom. Well, one of them won the 45 player one in Mesa AZ on January 2nd and another came in second in Atlanta this weekend.
  4. Calling Worlds results right now

    The MoV calculation still matters in untimed games for two significant reasons: It affects who makes the cut. Several 6-1 players will not make the cut at Worlds this year because of low MoV. It directly affects the optimal tactics in a game that might go to time. Reading the tournament rules, though... is it explicitly noted that the new MOV calculation for large base ships applies to ALL games, or just those that go to time? I see where people are inferring it, but I am reading that section over and over and feeling like it isn't clear this is the case. In the MOV portion underneath the End of Match section, is it somehow implied?
  5. Official Conner Net Ruling

    How far should the ruling delve into "... and then proceed as normal" before it should no longer be in the FAQ? Why would the ship in the first of the three examples NOT take the two ion tokens "as normal"?
  6. What do you do for a "day job?"

    Community Affairs for a major financial institution, supporting volunteerism primarily.
  7. What is the Best 4 ship Imperial Build?

    3x Sigma + Stygium + Intel Agent Backstabber Throws one heck of an alpha strike, then pretty survivable if you plan your cloaking/decloaking properly with Intel Agents, alternating so your safer Sigma(s) are decloaked and shooting.
  8. 6 Tie Swarm Viable At All???

    I flew to ninth place at the San Diego Regional with: Howl + Determination Backstabber 2x Alpha + AT 2x Academy Strong list with lots of dice being thrown in greater concentration. If you worry about Predator, a nice alternate: Howl + Swarm Tactics Backstabber Avenger Obsidian Alpha Academy
  9. FFG Acrylics

  10. Wave 7 Coming Aug 25 in US?

    Two stores in my area are saying they are hearing August 24th/25th for Wave 7 to be in-stores, from their distributors. Anyone else hearing similar things?
  11. How can FFG fix the HWK????

    Yessss... "fix" the HWK. Make it even MORE powerful! It is all happening as I have forseen it - no one realizes how OP the HWKs are already until it is too late. *cackles*
  12. 2015 Nationals Results

    John Grasser is top four. Jonathan Grasser: Chewbacca + Predator + Luke + C-3PO + MF; Vrill + HLC (no title) + Recon Specialist + Anti-pursuit Lasers I think he is up against Jeff Berling
  13. How Rebel Operatives (HWKs) went 9-3 over regionals.

    We clearly got signals crossed on triangulating who his fifth round opponent was, but let it be stated for the record that you are also a nice guy Geordan and I enjoyed getting to know you a bit in my time in San Diego. - Iain
  14. 2015 Regionals Results

    Good luck to everyone playing at Regionals this weekend! Get something original in the top eight so we can all have something to oooh and aaah over for a week!
  15. 2015 Regionals Results

    I was debating about doing this in the long car ride up to regionals. I ended up sticking with Predator due to the fact that it seemed cooler for Howl to be doing damage with the rest of her squad. I have done well with a similar list (Howl + Predator, Backstabber, 2x Obsidian, 3x Academy), and Predator is great on her if you have the points. NO one expects Howlrunner to be an offensive threat, so it's fun to sneak in and do high PS damage with her as opportunities present themselves. It also allows her to take an evade and still be potent offensively from longer range (at least as much so as other TIEs).