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  1. I made some changes, corrected some errors and made it a template. Have fun.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/8z13ls2c5r0qnjq/Genesys Character Sheet TEMPLATE v2.xltx?dl=0
  2. If they are altering rules and mechanics to adjust for settings, that will require a lot of play testing. I much prefer that they offer new and innovative content that can be borrowed for my own games rather than putting out multiple settings with the same mechanics found in the core book.
  3. Use at your own risk..... Just a simple speadsheet, nothing fancy. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ar4S02ivDcJOlDri13mO10rlG5_N
  4. Thanks! It wasn't too bad. I actually used it for the first time on Saturday. I will likely make some changes (like trying to get more talents on the second page) to it in the next couple weeks and add cell comments to explain how to use it.
  5. There are many wonderful character maker things out there. Beautiful PDFs, slick XLS, etc. The problem is that as fancy schmancy as they are they didn't meet my needs. I need something simple, east to customize, etc. You will not find any brilliant macros. You might actually find it doesn't even work that well...... BTW.....i took a lot of stuff from people on this board without credit.......Extended Talents, weapon tables, etc. You all beautiful. Feel free to give it spin. Feel free to criticize. Feel free make it better. OH.....Green cells are the ones you enter stuff in. Some stuff is automated. Some stuff isn't. There are no instructions. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ar4S02ivDcJOlDici8CfBQU8Bxqu
  6. Ooooh...this is rough work I have done, @Terefang . I think it needs to be refined but here it is. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ar4S02ivDcJOlDatX5TYD8djcfr8
  7. Ok... after diving in it is time for me to come to the surface. Here are some thoughts: 1. I think the "problem" I had with the Genesys Talents Expansion was the way the talents were presented. I ended up copy and pasting talents into various categories and found that the existing talents met most of my needs. 2. There are gaps; areas that I think could be filled in. Since I am not intending my game to be used by "everybody" , I determined that there is no need to flesh every conceivable talent. If a player wants to have something cool talent we can make it up at that time. 3. While I do love the character creation done in Conan 2d20 and, with work, that Genesys character generation could be squished into that structure , it really isn't worth it. Going back to my Hero System roots, I am throwing out archetypes. If players can pick their own talents, why not let them freely pick their own professional skills as well? What they pick will, in a sense, determine their Archetype. 4. After sorting talents into categories, everything is pretty straightforward...easy peasy. Some things I want to addres: * How to handle privation. * How to handle fear (I know it is in the book, I just need to read through it). * Look at the Conan magic system and find the way to create that kinds of feel in Genesys. Then I need to actually run a game.
  8. No, for a couple of reasons but mainly I want to get experience making them. I was orignally concerned about the seemingly "splat" glut but reading your comment makes think I should at least look them over rather than just assume. Thanks for the reality check 2P51!
  9. I am attempting to put together a Conan game using Genesys. My REAL goal is to use Genesys for the upcoming UltraViolet Grasslands and figured that this was a good first step. I have Conan 2d20 but, for various reason, and not a fan of the game as a whole. One think I think they did right, in theory at least, was to provide a number of talents for each skill. This keeps the game from being just about combat. So I went through and typed in all the “talents” from Conan, as well as their description. Then I went the the talents compilation PDF and took every Talent from the core book as well as the Terrinoth setting and put them under the various category and see what I got. Talents that Genesys has an abundance of: General Combat Melee Combat Ranged Combat Persuasion Resistance (strain and wound stuff) Areas that Geneys has SOME talents: Ranger-y nature-y stuff Healing Commander Athletics Areas I think needs to have more Talents: Athletics Discipline and Cool (not a lot but a few, especially in dealing with supernatural) Healing (a couple more) Lore (maybe use for appraisals or for gaining advantages for dealing with certain creature/goups/environments) Persuation - haggling and seduction Rolls. Skullduggery Survival I am planning on SLOWLY posting some talents from the NEEDED category and would like feedback as I am probably going to be making some serious mistakes. If anybody wants to ADD to the talents that would be great. If it makes more sense I can break this into different threads.
  10. Holy cow...I came back to the thread only to find it jam packed with ideas. I didn't get a chance to read them all and I am heading back out.... I have the players as sent to Varonat in the Anoat sector. (there is a bit of change about population and a few other things) I am not a stickler for canon (although I do like following it). The idea is that a archaeologist has been researching Mandalorian era history and believes she has come across some data maps containing locations of weapon caches and bunkers from hundreds of years ago. She has gotten the Rebels to "fund" her trip. They don't believe that there is going to be much value in the expedition, but the archaelogist called in favors and the recruits get stuck. But things turn out better than hoped and they do find sever caches worth of supplies/items/weapons, but their ride will fail to show and they will need to figure a way of gettign the goods off-world. The same time they character arrive in Varonat, the Imperials do as well, almost ominously...almost like they were being followed (but a coincidence) I plan to have an exchange between an officer and the party before the expedition takes place, because she doesn't trust them. She will send a Trandoshan to follow them. When the players, after a month in the feild, will find a larger force (rather than just a shuttle, and a couple tie fighters). While they may just want to get off world I would like for them to indulge their duties if they want. (counter intelligence, combat victory, resource Acq)...
  11. Wolfsforza - I am looking for why the Empire is there and why they continue to add physical resources. ckobbe - Wow, that is pretty dark. I will think about. HappyDaze - Maybe a hidden Temple with refugee Jedi. It would need to be something the Rebels don't know about as they intended this to be a training/"get out or hair, we are busy", mission on their part (of course nothing goes as planned) copperbell - This is just the first wave of a much more frightening build up. What do you think would be a logical progression for the build up?
  12. I am sending the PCs onto a jungle planet with low population and, appears to have no intrinsic vale to the Empire. Their mission, is pretty low key but as they exit hyperspace they have an Imperial shuttle and fighters come out of hyperspace at the same time. I plan to for interaction between the characters and the Imperial agent (who is on the shuttle) before the players go on their mission. When they finish their mission and head back to the city (for pickup) there are more shuttles and more Imperial soldiers who have taken over the town and have made it a makeshift base. I had an idea in mind and have since scrapped it. I am looking for some ideas. Nothing may directly come of it, other than an obstacle for the players to get off-planet with their goods, but I would like to have something in my back pocket in case they want to pursue that later. One thing I would like to have is the hiring of Trandoshan scouts to tie into this. Thoughts?
  13. My plan was for this to take a fairly short amount of time ... maybe 10-15 minutes total, with their choices having potential impact on what follows..both good and bad (planned encounters). Also, this seems like it could provide a way of showing choices to be made with advantage and threat. I do think you make a good point....namely making the failure interesting and making rolls, merely to be making rolls, isn't normally fun. Hmmmm.... I think the choice would be to spend more time dealing with the effects of each roll (or perhaps each sequence) OR (pardon the pun) just keep things rolling. My game got move back a week so it gives me a bit more time to think about it.
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