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  1. Dice lord

    House Themes?

    Yes, each house favours certain tactics linked to the fiction. There are two news articles re. The intro decks (4 houses described in each) plus the very first news articles for each faction that give a good overview.
  2. Dice lord

    Intro Decks Play Guidance

    Hoping to build the intro decks using the collection; is the general guidance and advice for how to play each deck available online anywhere? Thanks.
  3. Dice lord

    Alternative Formats

    Interesting to read about the Alternative formats and certainly keen to try these out! My friends have bought into the game following the launch of the intro decks and we're planning a 'Tourney games day' over xmas with a few house rule ideas.... A Kingsmoot game where the player with the Reek Title cannot speak (Words are Wind); if they do, they lose 1 power per sentence. Might hinder them in making deals or provide opportunity for comical hand gestures. A draft Melee game but where every player starts with a copy of the Seal of the Hand attachment in shadows with 6 tokens placed on top. After titles are revealed each turn, each player removes 1 token from their copy, the player with the Hand of the King title can remove 2 tokens instead. A player may bring their copy into play as an action by paying gold equal to the number of tokens on top. Any player with their copy in shadows at the end of the game earns an extra tourney point. Regular Joust games but before each game round, a coin is tossed; on a heads (the Mad King), players must swap their plot and draw deck with their opponent. If they swapped, they can look through the decks before playing. Hoping this should keep those with more card options honest against newer players with fewer deckbuilding options I also played around with a campaign style idea (link below) so any formats that allow for legacy play would be cool. Variants for draft play would be great too!
  4. Dice lord

    Kingsmoot title cards

    I don't think it's been announced yet.
  5. Dice lord

    3 player melee - recommended changes?

    Many thanks all - I found this link following your advice http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/index.html/_/game-of-thrones/melee-rules-update-r2216
  6. Are there any recommended changes to the melee rules for 3 players; have heard that taking out certain roles or removing the support rule make for a better game? Cheers
  7. Dice lord

    New Intro Decks Article

    Rules from core set are under support section on the product page as is a v good 'how to play' tutorial video.
  8. Loads of playability out of the core alone - go for it!
  9. Dice lord

    R&R Second print run announced

    Well played - keep running y'all!
  10. Sounds interesting - I'll probably limit core set cards to the number of copies in a single core (which is what I own); shouldn't be too much of a problem like this.
  11. Dice lord

    Need Help - New player

    Plenty o fun to be had in 2 cores only in my casual experience; don't feel pressured to buy new stuff before playing and enjoying what you have. Enjoy.
  12. Such different games tho - not sure this would give me the netrunner buzz!
  13. Is this a new idea? Just limit the number of copies of any core set card to the quantity found in a single core. The original core listed how many were present so not confusing. This limits powerful cards by being limited and everyone gets on by with only a single core purchase. This is probably not a new idea.
  14. Dice lord

    what LCG will be the next to die?

    Yea and that is not cool in my view either.