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  1. Nope, I'm in De Kalb.
  2. Not in the Peoria area sadly.
  3. I'm going to have to say that the T-65 X-wing really had me double taking. I mean, I figured it would be good since it was so bad for so long. It's really good now and Luke is a tanking monster with the force.
  4. At two feet long though.. does it need to move faster than speed one?
  5. More like so many people's wallets just got the same treatment that Jedah got in Rogue One from the Death Star.
  6. Veers will get something very similar with Maximum Firepower..
  7. We have a few guys that play Legion at Afinity for Gaming in De Kalb.
  8. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/68th_Legion
  9. As for Vader being Meh, or OMG! Vader is really powerful, the only problem is his speed. If he can get in contact with anything he will end it quick with the Red saber of death. Getting there is the problem, I feel that if Vader had a compulsory move 1 or at the very least a command card boost with movement in someway, he would be better off. Against Luke though, Vader gets owned. Yeah Luke is not rolling red dice, but black can be nasty as well especially if the command card "Son of Skywalker" is used. Which will allow Luke to get that Double attack in and nine times out of ten probably kill Vader. Not to mention that Vader clocks in at 200pts base to Luke's 160 which will make a single core box game feel really bad for Imperials, since Vader is half the list even before any upgrades. But I still love Vader, and it makes for some really thematic feeling battles when he and Luke lock sabers.
  10. Fighter pack 1 for both sides is a good option, but so is one large ship ISD/Chimaera pack for Imps. Or Any of the 3 Mon Cal Cruiser pack MC80 (home one) MC80 (Winged Liberty), or the new release MC-75 (Profundity)
  11. If your looking to run Medium/Large Imperial ships, you might want to look at the Victory SD Expansion, since Admiral Motti is in it.
  12. Assault Frigates, with Electronic countermeasures.
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