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  1. True. I was just thinking along the lines of a scorched earth policy.
  2. I like the World Devastators idea. They fit with the Separatist MO. People also mentioned radiation, self-replicating machines, and bio-weapons. While these would render planets uninhabitable, I could definitely see the Separatists using such methods as a form of asset denial.
  3. Looking to the French Resistance is a good source of inspiration, same with the Polish resistance. Both give some pretty good examples of how a rebel group might operate in urban environments. From sabotage and assassinations to theft and clandestine press, there's something for everyone there.
  4. There was a campaign we played with a GHTROC that we painted a deep purple. We played Space Truckin' every time we flew it. That was fun.
  5. I like this. In addition to gathering raw materials and resources, the PCs could also do information gathering: visiting a variety of Rebels on different worlds to figure out what they feel would be ideal in a tank (or in your case, a capital ship). Then perhaps liberating a factory or two that can produce the parts for these things. Maybe brokering a trade deal with an independent faction for resources. Perhaps stealing the necessary armaments from an Imperial production facility. All of that can provide non-crafter PCs opportunity for enjoyment. This campaign is basically writing itself now!
  6. I was thinking of maybe having players create a new ground fighting vehicle on behalf of the Rebel Alliance. It would make sense for the players to have that sort of downtime if the Alliance wanted them to have build something. It might also give them a sense of pride to see their own design adopted en masse by Rebel forces. I also like reading about WWII tank designs and the different design philosophies adopted by the participants, so that could be fun to see implemented.
  7. Does anyone else think that ion torpedoes being restricted to silhouette 4+ is a little weird? The only ships that we know have launched them were the Y-Wings.
  8. I've always liked the custom grip from Special Modifications. The laser sight from Dangerous Covenants fits the sniper theme, so that might be a better choice.
  9. Protocol droid with a gambling problem? Gambler spec from Fly Casual + the addiction obligation. Could lead to fun/funny hijinks.
  10. I just watched a very emotional concert. To honour the members of that band, the next ship our party gets will be called "The Tragically Ship".
  11. The Empire has always struck me as having a sort of 'disproportional response' mindset. This is a challenge to their authority. I think the Empire would feel obliged to take the overwhelming retaliation approach. After all, what if word got out that the Empire was vulnerable to attacks by mercenaries? With that in mind, let me fall back on the conventional wisdom for this game: do whatever makes for a good story.
  12. I picked up the book yesterday, and I am quite happy with it. However, I am not at all happy with the over the phone service of my FLGS. I have received at least 4 incorrect answers from them in terms of book availability and delivery dates. They said they would have Special Modifications in by next Wednesday. I wisely disregarded what they said over the phone, having learned my lesson from previous experiences, and checked anyway. My point is that I would gladly go to any other store if they were within an acceptable distance from my home. I really like the N-57 armour. Good amount of hard points means for a good benefit to my character. I am also very interested in that modular starfighter. Cheap basic fighter with gallons of hard points.
  13. For some reason the main site stopped showing me what stage of shipping all the books are in. So... thanks everyone for keeping me updated! I am stoked for what cyber tech will mean for my gank.
  14. Funny thing is, I did roll despair on one of those checks. The GM just smiled and said "well that'll come up later." How he will do that is cause for some concern. In the words of Wheatley: "you might have a very minor case of serious brain damage."
  15. So, we've learned to gas each other with these grenades when an encounter threatens party unity. Here's how our party learned this. One player killed someone from my character's backstory. He had motivation to do this, so it wasn't unfair. Playing true to my character's bad temper (which the GM reminded me of), I flew into a blind rage. We made the other party members promise to love whoever won. Turns out it was unnecessary. The party member managed to strain my character out, then he proceeded to apply several of the Mercy Grenades from Desperate Allies to me after learning about their memory impairing functions. I failed the check and woke up believing that we didn't learn the identity of the NPC until after the encounter. I also don't remember the fight. And thus party unity was preserved! Even if that unity is now founded on a lie. Probably one of the funniest sessions any of us have ever been to.
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