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  1. They do....But I think mine are better! I bought some of your Tokens, loved them , best Tokens out there
  2. Those containers look like the ones basing materials come in for painting miniatures. They sell these empty too, if i recall
  3. Loved watching you play and congratz on Winning
  4. i have an X Wing pilot named "Carlos Danger"
  5. As much as i agree with you, I think we will see something like a 22" Star Destroyer, due to cost and being able to fit the model on a table, i'd love to be proven wrong and end up with a massive ship
  6. LochnessHamster

    Wave 4!

    This is the best pic from announcement https://twitter.com/thedicetower/status/368429303089733632/photo/1
  7. LochnessHamster

    Wave 4!

    also, it looks like we will be getting a couple of Imperial Large ships eventually, and i can't wait!!
  8. LochnessHamster

    Wave 4!

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BRzsuBNCQAAYBPY.jpg:large 89.95 for the Tantive IV 59.95 for the Rebel Transport
  9. LochnessHamster

    Wave 4!

    can't wait to get these
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