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  1. Not knowing if this aspect has been raised through this topic (having not read all messages as some here are just re-writing what they already wrote thinking it might be more convincing if they write it numerous times), I wanted to add one point : One thing that I would not mind having errata for, is having the power of the cards related to the importance of the characters in the books. I do not mind having Gandalf, Elrond or Galadriel powerful in the game. Some cards that are secondary characters for me like Erestor, Hama or Hirgon should not be a complete design archetype material. I like the game but I'd rather have most powerful line-up of heroes with either main characters of the books (Frodo, Aragorn, Boromir, ...) either most iconic/powerful being of the Tolkien's world (Galadriel, Elrond, Beorn, Treebeard, Gandalf, ...). I have fun playing Caldara archetype, however I would have more fun if Caldara card was named Pippin for instance. May be it is just personal, but I guessed that this might be taken into account when decisions about nerfing is made. In addition, I think that the main issue is to not errating the cards that are never used as mentionned by some other fellow players.
  2. I am quite surprised not to see the real power cards of the game in your comments. For me, the cards that could need some nerfs are the cards that allows abuse on card drawing. Because card draw effects enable all other abuses. On the top of my list to be nerfed there is : Erestor (heros of course)
  3. Hey there, long time since i have posted. i just want to check as i had a ruling on which Beorn hero getting his text blanked by a card effect (encounter) would be eligible for attachment. However, i can see in the faq : (1.14) The word “cannot” If a card effect uses the word "cannot”, then it is an absolute: that effect cannot be overridden by other effects. I would understand that this would prevent (even from an encounter card) to remove the "cannot" part of his text. Thus Beorn would never be able to get attachment. Is this an evolution from ruling ? What would be possible then ?
  4. Hey there, Just a short question regarding the new attachment vigilant guard. If I got this attachment on one of my hero and also Honour guard into play can i just take an undefended attack from, let's say, the balrog, activate vigilant guard to take one damage on my hero instead of the full damage and then cancel it with honour guard ? I am kind of puzzled by such combo, i might have missed something
  5. Sorry Guys, I am brand new on octgn. I cannot figure out how to load encounter deck ? Is there something that needed specificaly ? Like creating it like the player deck ? Must be a really silly question but I am sure you can save me a lot of time. EDIT : OK found it ... silly indeed Thank you Michael
  6. I would recommand bifur instead of grima and of course dunedain hunter ... Removing most of the leadership cards except for one copy of the leadership quest and one copy of steward. Also recommandind to drop ent draught and adding healers and other generic control stuff ... Secret vigil is also necessary in this deck
  7. Gandalf, I've been away for long time, but if you lack inspiration for deck building, I would suggest you an ent deck based on these three heros : Faramir (leadership) Bifur Mablung I let you imagine the deck, as I just want to create the sparkle. Testing it, you will see how faramir is such an ent friend !!!
  8. New question with appearing of dori hero. Would Dori hero would work with Beorn hero as dori's ability is targeting the defense value and not the hero. I guess it is not working but I rather ask and have a clear answer.
  9. Solo : easy and boring especially if deck built against a specific quest - coop solo is missing one huge aspect of the game as is soluo (solo playing two decks) Duo (two) : nice and normally a bit more easy than 3 players - best mode for deck building synergies Trio (three) : nice and pretty difficult - best way to play the game imho Quatro (four) : very difficult and long and boring waiting for your turn sometimes - multiple tricks difficult to follow, misplay can occur frequently on new quests My 0.02€
  10. Just try out heirs of numenor scenarios. I would recommand as many have done : Light of valinor, bilbo, mirror of lady Gaga and switching core gandalf to hobbit gandalf with stuff (staff, horse and pipe)
  11. The real question, here, is : When you have no damaged character, do you have to decide which character with no damage is the most damaged you control ? That would enable you can to pick up an already exhausted hero as defender against the ravenous warg.
  12. Hello all Again a grey area in my understanding of the rules : Are we able to redirect to another hero (via song of mocking) the damage that treebeard (hero) has taken to boost itself ? Same question with Dori ? My confusion comes from something that I read (and I cannot find) which basically stated that when the text of a card was "do x to do y", you cannot really do y unless x was fulfilled. So that if something would cancel the x, you would not be able to do y. Again, thanks in advance.
  13. Hall of beorn I agree teamjimby, however you need to have active cards, i guess such deck can maintain a good support to a three or four players table. May be good meal can be a good addition. There is other potential card, like Hennamarth, good meal, hobbit pipe. Basically, the deck should be able to provide a ranger spike or a gildor counsel per turn, justifying a cancelation of one encounter card per turn.
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