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  1. Endor would be awesome if it came with just a giant at-at foot/leg that would randomly go across the zones and smash everything/everyone.
  2. To add to this, the idea that anything from 7 would be in this book is minimal, at best. Especially where species are concerned. I suspect that beginners box for the force awakens will pan out to something more with species and what not detailing that era.
  3. Games Plus- out in Mount Prospect should know something too, or at least point you in the right direction.
  4. Have any of yous had a player with a silhouette 0 (Toy of ChFan), inquire about going heavy from the Dangerous Covenants book? I've been asked about it and I'm not sure the physics of this working out. I mean I get that heavys can drop the encumbrance of the weapons, but the races at this size seem to be at an astronomical disadvantage. I won't say "no", but I don't want the dog barking up the wrong tree either. Thanks for any input,
  5. Given that they are saying there is going to be another preview, I'm guessing this book isn't going to make the 4th quarter deployment they intended it to.
  6. of the 27 current specs in EtoE, 13 of them know "some" form of combat. As you pointed out the Bounty Hunters and the Hired Guns compose 9 of those. The other 14 classes know nothing, not even how to throw a proper punch. Most groups are at least half composed of the later. Makes sense as combat isn't the primary objective of the game. If a group/character from EtoE, opted to join the rebellion, it would be foolish to take them into war without at least knowing how to point and shoot a pistol. Conversely, in AoR 13 of the 18 specs have some combat skill.
  7. I was hoping Gotal would show up in F&D, as the rangers... but all good either way. been wanting them. The others you mentioned: are any of them "official"? I don't think we have gotten any races that weren't official yet. No I take that back, we got Chiss in one, and those fur babies from the corellia book. I'm thinking Devorian (if the gotal isn't in), can't see two horned species, but who am I? Talz would be awesome as well. It's probably going to be a sullustian reprint though.
  8. Physical security on the terminal, when its accessed (attempted hacked) droids come out of the walls (think 343 Guilty Spark). Ion the character/room. The Ion will knock out her Int bonus for the remainder of the scene, putting her at 5/4, throw some reds in there (distraught over the knock out). Greens are actually more potent then reds but no chance of despair, just a higher chance of failures. The Ion will also do a number to whatever she is trying to access (computer, door, etc...), and maybe she has to locate a second device because that one is knocked out. ICE- old shadowrun mechanic for computer hacking. I've successfully transported it into Star Wars for the same reason (my Mon Cal tech is a nightmare to challenge). You can find out more about it on the web (wikkis). Damage taken in system holds over to damage in real life. Use stun damage for the character, but zap the poop outta her.
  9. There are two ways to go about it. The nice way... then he would bump his skill perception to a 2, while the cybernetic would automatically upgrade it to a 3. (this is important, see further down). The second way, would be a bit more stingy, but probably more realistic. That would be to say that once cybernetics are in place, you've hard-capped the stat they refer to. Thinking about it technically, cybernetic arms wouldn't be able to get any stronger, so strength would be capped where they are. One could upgrade them with a proper exoskeleton or some back work, as the back is going to give out before the arms do, but still. I'd go with the first. Now that said, if you're playing "rules as written", then a bad guy only has to HIT (one point above soak) a cybernetic (droid upgrades included) with an EMP/Ion etc.. and it shorts out the cybernetics for the rest of the scene. Meaning if your dude has his eyes upgraded, one shot on EMP and he is blind. If he has legs done, one shot and he can't walk. What I do in this case, is the perception falls back to the standard (in your case 2), with 2 blacks for being blind. That extra perception comes in very handy.
  10. I'd have a hard time swallowing that... Perhaps the honor code from old alignments screws me up but something about back stabbing unsuspecting, unarmed, victims doesn't suggest "hero" to me. I'm not saying you have to be evil or any of that business, just that it isn't very heroic. Anyone could shoot Chuck Norris from 100 yards, I wouldn't say you "beat" him.
  11. Tech book I see Ugnauhts before Jawa.... I could have seen Jawa in the scoundrel book... I mean smuggler book as con men. We don't actually ever see jawa teching out on anything in "official" sources. Just sayin.... Verpine would be sweet and a shoe-in. Perhaps a Dug from the pod races, mechanic of some sort, though I'm not sold on them putting two "small" species in the same book. Still pullin for Lepi somewhere... something about 8ft meat eating bunnys gets my socks in a twist. Bounty hunter races are a bit harder for me to think of. All the main ones are done. Sing was near human. Maybe Kyzo (embo from the clone wars). Probably Clawdite (shape shifter rules should be awesome, probably whatever the social BH is) Third I'm stumped. Didn't Ventress go BH for a bit?.. but I think Dathomirian is just near humans, so no-go there.
  12. Pretty sure the chick on the front is a female Faleen (eyebrows would suggest such). Given that the existing info isn't canon (other then what appeared in the Clone Wars), that's where I would put my money (That is if it isn't human, would be my first guess). The Gotel is a high hope of mine, but it also could just be one of those random species in a picture highlighting the Faleen. I also think sullestan, given that Nien was a smuggler in the movie. Course I could always hope for Lepi too... Just my .02
  13. I'm pretty sure the whole point of the recruit tree, was for EtoE characters to get into AoR. Not saying that it was called out like that, but the majority of EtoE characters don't have many (or any) combat skills... AoR focuses more heavily on combat so it placed them at a pretty heavy disadvantage. Anyway, as to the order, I agree with others were it doesn't come first. It's like a boot camp tree for players to gain access to skills... most players (story wise), are already good at a career and use the recruit to offshoot skills that would otherwise cost a great deal to attain (out of career skills costs and all).
  14. ^ Don't have TV, is it any good? A combat medic, out of the gate, would be pretty difficult to make in EtoE. Not saying it can't be done, but why re-invent the wheel? There is a perfectly good combat medic sitting in AoR. OP: I almost forgot, the book has ithorians. Well worth the investment IMO.
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