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  1. KRKappel

    Release date?

    Sidenote, Emerald Lands just moved from "In Development" to "At the Printer"!
  2. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    This book is already on the boat! That was fast!
  3. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    I think the movie line in Guardians 2 is something to the effect of, if you lost a fight as one of thanos' children, you got a cybernetic replacement to be stronger. Nebula lost a LOT. Gamora less so. All the cybernetics between both of them are subtle. Nebula is capable of looking like she has zero enhancement. I had the impression those silver bumps aren't just species related or decorative, it's indicative of cybernetic enhancement. Note that child gamora doesn't seem to have them. And, of course, there's this from Guardians 1.
  4. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    I mean, technically she's very cyborged, whatever she is. Isn't there a species that gets a bonus or less a penalty to taking on cybernetic enhancements? Mechanically speaking, she should probably be that.
  5. KRKappel

    Clone Wars Questions

    Dooku jumped onboard the Sith plan BEFORE he left the Jedi. He erased Kamino and a handful of other systems from the Jedi archives. At least, that's the implication as far as I know.
  6. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    Starlord: Corellian Scoundrel-Charmer Gamora: Twi'lek Bounty Hunter-Assassin/Martial Artist Rocket: Drall (I need the INT for his mechanics) Technician-Outlaw Tech/Rigger Drax: Dowutin Hired Gun-Marauder Groot(GOTG1 Adult): Neti, obviously, but if you're looking for species done for FFG, then probably a very different looking Phylodon Colonist-Doctor
  7. KRKappel

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Could these not be explained just as easily as Maul's defense, soak, or missed attacks, from a narrative perspective? Does he NEED the talent?
  8. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    While I do see where you're coming from here, but NPCs do not follow the same rules as building PCs. Comparing your character to an iconic NPC is folly. When it comes to comparing your PC to an NPC, remember, you've slowly acquired dozens of talents and force powers that the NPC's generally aren't going to have in their blocks. They instead get higher attributes and skill ranks, a limited selection of key thematic talents, and probably one overpowered special quality.
  9. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    As far as writers go, I'm not sure I typically see any of my freelancing co-authors on here. I'm sure some lurk, but many avoid the forums for mental health and productivity reasons. As far as in-house devs, I think some of them lurk, but they don't tend to post. Honestly, there's generally a bigger chance of saying something wrong and getting in trouble/putting our gig at risk by posting on here than there is a benefit. I'm not on here all that often, but it wasn't that long ago I was on the WOTC forums desperate for any shred of information, so I know how it feels to be on that side of the fence. So I try to at least show up a little bit. But yes, there are a ton of playtesters that are on here all the time (and they fulfill a really important part of the production cycle). If you really want to interact with the freelancers, your best move is to follow or friend request on social media. Most of us aren't hard to find. But even then, don't expect to hear about products in advance. Every time someone asks us for more information about an upcoming release, you're basically asking us to risk our livelihood (such as it is) to satisfy your curiosity. But, if you have questions about released products we worked on, most of us are generally only too happy to discuss them!
  10. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    Well thanks! I worked on this, and my contributions were featured in the stuff beneath the "Heroes on Both Sides" header (which is probably not the section you're talking about, but I'm gonna take the compliment anyway!) This book was so great to work on. Before I got hired as a freelancer for FFG, I was doing fan RPG content for D20, most notably the 500+ page Clone Wars fan sourcebook. So being able to revisit an era I love so much was really special for me. So glad this finally got announced!
  11. Sweeeeet! I actually worked on Emerald Empire (my first foray into the L5R setting), so I'm very curious to hear everyone's thoughts when it comes out! I had a great time doing the research and trying to get myself up to speed for this one. Looks like the art is going to be typical FFG Gorgeous!
  12. I might be misunderstanding you, but I'm pretty sure this is exactly what the line does? When I build an NPC, I don't worry about pre-requisite talents in a tree. NPCs don't have careers or specs or class skills. Their wounds and strain aren't determined by species stat blocks. Their attributes don't require spending XP or finding ranks of dedication.... If you read any core book, first two pages of the Adversaries chapter, it specifically describes how NPCs don't at all follow the same rules for building PCs.
  13. Pretty sure if you give the Dawn of Rebellion episode of Order 66 podcast a listen, I talk about this ability specifically (I wrote the misc planets section where the Quarrie stat block appears, as well as the block itself). But the TL:DL version is: If you want to make NPC special qualities into talents for your PCs, go for it. However, be very careful about what you allow, and how much XP/pre-requisites you stick in front of it. Some are really easy, and you might find something comparable in a tree to base those decisions on. Some can be game-breakingly powerful in the hands of a PC. When we design special abilities like that, we aren't doing so with the idea that PCs will be able to have those abilities. We usually do it with the intent of having one NPC challenge an entire party in some way (when it comes to combat and social encounter SQs). We're also trying to make sure that an NPC stat block doesn't get long and complicated, so often we make these abilities rather potent so that NPCs can be streamlined, but still challenge PCs (or parties of them) that have a half a dozen or more talents in a similar area. We're also trying to be thematic. So yeah, so long as you understand that these abilities haven't been designed, balanced, or playtested that way, and it's incumbent upon a GM house ruling them as PC talents to find that balance that works for their table? I say have at it, and do whatever makes your game more fun. In this case specifically, consider that Quarrie is basically the Darth Vader of ship designing. But all that said, in this case, it's just a maximum of 1 hard point per rank in the talent, with a risk of adding permanent setback to mechanics checks in the future. I'd probably feel comfortable at my table having it replace any tier 3 or 4 talent in a tree a PC didn't want, or treating it like a tier 4 or 4+ talent if its just available to purchase with no prerequisites. If I used the latter, I'd want to put some kind of cap on how many ranks a PC can buy, probably somewhere between 2-4, just to limit the potential abuse. But again, as in all things RPG, rule 1 is fun. Do whatever works at your table with your players! Glad the ability has sparked interest!
  14. KRKappel

    Base of Operations

    And don't forget that Far Horizons (colonist) has rules for creating a homestead/business, and Desperate Allies (Diplomat) has rules for creating rebel bases. Strongholds of Resistance also has some sample larger bases. Any of these can help inspire or provide ideas for things to do with the base of operations!
  15. This is another fine way to address it if necessary at your table. I think the important thing to remember, though, is that it's just not the goal of a species stat block to point out every single advantage or disadvantage a species has when compared with humans. There is a design intent with this game to keep things focused on the narrative and less on the mechanical (which is why species have a lot more word count dedicated to their background as opposed to their stat block). The game should remain friendly to those who have never played an RPG before, and part of that means not overwhelming new players with a ton of abilities at character creation. The few times I've been asked to develop species, I try to really look at which 2-3 potential species abilities best meet the following criteria: 1.) Is the ability in keeping with the species write up? 2.) Is the ability useful enough to make the species an appealing selection? 3.) Is the ability balanced with other species starting abilities? It's that second one that I think best applies here (and to other situations where species might not have an ability for an alternate vision wavelength or keen hearing, or some kind of environmental specialization).