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  1. KRKappel

    Android - possibility of Hero oriented?

    I mean, they'd just have to have some off-gridder type skills, masking their biometrics and purchases and such. It can be done, it just takes effort. But that's if you're operating in the upper level spaces. The lower level street gang areas are just lawless anyway. A vigilante could operate with impunity there, most likely. Your only resistance is going to be from the actual gangs. NAPD isn't going down there to get shot at from both sides.
  2. KRKappel

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    If you want it to be naturally sustaining. I mean, if you're getting into hypotheticals, you could stabilize an elevator at other locations with tons of thrusters or something. It wouldn't be convenient, but if you're in a setting that has solved cheap, clean, unlimited energy, and suitably advanced computer and propulsion systems, I'm sure there's a math that can put one of these things anywhere on the planet. But yeah, since the android setting only has the one space elevator, it makes sense that it's at the equator.
  3. KRKappel

    [SotB] Any new cyberware rules?

    I think the idea is that cyberware is more prone to malfunction, maybe makes you a little more vulnerable to stun damage weapons (which deal strain damage), etc. I can see it being weird when you're getting strained out via a social encounter, or through voluntary suffering of strain, but yeah.
  4. KRKappel

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    So, the thing about space (yay, naval space command crash course in rocket science) is that its all cheaper the closer you are to the equator. You can imagine the etymology of ecuador's name (it's literally spanish for equator). If you can imagine a spinning tennis ball, with a small string on it that has a small knot at the end, if you picture the string at the center line of the ball, that string is going to stick straight out because of centrifugal force, right? But if you put that string, say, at hte very top of the ball, it wont' stand straight up in the air. Basically, the closer to put stuff to the equator, the cheaper, easier, and more stable it all is. This isn't to say it'd never, ever be possible to build a space elevator in, say, New York, but it would be a much bigger challenge than building it along the equator. So considering the beanstalk is earth's first space elevator, it makes sense it's basically right on the equator.
  5. KRKappel

    Ideas for coup plot hooks

    Ah, the modular encounter I wrote for that basically had the team setting up a sensor perimeter and fighting a cave full of spider thingies from there. Right on, though!
  6. KRKappel

    Ideas for coup plot hooks

    Oooo did you use the modular encounter for Atollon in Dawn of Rebellion?
  7. KRKappel

    Minimum crew required

    Yeah, I mean, I think smaller ships that actually list out all the crew positions, that makes it pretty clear what your ship misses out on by flying with fewer crew (the turns those other crew might take at those stations).
  8. KRKappel

    Minimum crew required

    Pretty sure I also wrote something in Strongholds of Resistance, I think in the Independence entry? There's a sidebar for skeleton crews somewhere.
  9. Hey, it could have gotten stuck in that giant trash island in the middle of the Pacific!
  10. KRKappel

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    So some people apparently have the book in hand! (not me)
  11. While I do see your point here, I would argue that this only has an effect in longer campaigns. If you're playing a shorter campaign, it's way better to dump your XP into skill ranks both at creation and over time, to add dice to the dice pool (extra greens are of a larger benefit than upgrading a green to a yellow). It's only in longer campaigns, when you are likely to max out all your skill ranks with earned XP in whatever your character's core function is, that missing a few characteristics really starts to get felt (something you're unlikely to do in a shorter campaign). Of course, by then you can shore them up with a few dedications. All that said, if this helps your table and makes some folks happier, hey, give it a whirl and see how it goes!
  12. KRKappel

    Bounties to Die For

    Love seeing these converted! Wanted by Cracken from WEG D6 is another spot to find great art/story and stat blocks worthy of conversion for bounties!
  13. As far as I can see, that is not a typo. A few things to consider (none of this is canon, since it's not specified on the page in the book, but it's just how I sort of saw things as I was writing). 1.) You are correct, there are only 50 dragon guarding the shrines, and I don't specify how many Dragonfly might be garrisoned at the trade port. You can imagine whatever number best suits your adventure's needs. It might be comparable to the Lion, or significantly smaller (but still at least like 500, I'd imagine). 2.) Really, any fighting between the factions AT city of the rich frog is shut down. There are tensions, and there were conflicts in the past, but that's why there's an Imperial presence running the show. 3.) The Lion garrison isn't SO much about defending their port and trade goods (though there is an element of that, as the Lion are maybe a bit less trustworthy of the other factions present), so much as it's a great strategic spot to garrison troops. The river makes for a potentially very fast deployment to all points south of the city out to the sea. I imagine there are other garrisons along the northern River further east, to rapidly deploy troops along the northern border to any trouble spots that might arise. 4.) The dragon members aren't there to defend against Lion, the idea of the write up was that they're really concerned about something else. The adventure seed for that section mentions the realm of hungry dead, and the suggestions is that Dragon are perhaps more concerned with this threat than anything Lion or Unicorn might do. 5.) By keeping such a small garrison, Dragon almost instantly gets to play the victim and earn the defense of the Imperial and Ronin forces in town. This can create a real advantage in court. 6.) Most military actions by Lion, Unicorn, Dragon, or Dragonfly in the city are going to violate the rules set by the Emperor, so most military actions are going to be smaller scale incursions or infiltration. 50 specially trained units might be worth a lot more than 3,000 rank and file soldiers. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the location! I had a great time creating it and populating it with characters!
  14. Yeah, when I was writing that section, I did a lot of research on past editions, and even looked at the 4th Ed Atlas for Gotei, and it really felt lacking. The map just sort of had a palace and a dojo, but I was under the impression this was supposed to be a larger group of pirates that included some of varying cultures, including gaijin, and supported a lot of ships, not the relative handful the map might support. So in my mind, the atlas map still works, but that's sort of just the area for Yoritomo's family and the descendants of that original group, sealed off from the rest of Gotei City by that wall, and on the other side is this sort of hodge-podge pop-up city built by a dozen cultures supporting the pirating and trade going on around Gotei City. I see it as sort of an "outlaw Hong Kong" for Rokugan (I know, that's China's bootleg capital, not Japan's, but still). Anyway, definitely love all things Mantis after working on that section. I used to serve in the US Navy once upon a time, so it was fun to explore the harbors and ports of Rokugan (and the Islands of Spice and Silk), and how they would have been set up, and what might be going on there. I had a lot of fun with the City of the Rich Frog, too (which is also quite different from earlier editions).
  15. KRKappel

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    Officially updated to "Shipping Now!" that might be the fastest "on the boat" time I've ever seen, at 3 days.