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  1. Glad you all enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun writing Yoritomo, Linmei, and Kudaka, and that you've all picked up on some of the stuff I worked hard to make work on the page is really gratifying! Thanks so much for reading
  2. I moved all the Ready...Fight Micro Supplements to Pay What You Want. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?author=Keith+Ryan+Kappel&fbclid=IwAR19ISxe1aiiHwds7c7J8Ca4BnBkIySD3m07Wpga_lsGYXAWOBLxxBqc9P4
  3. They were 2000 XP Jedi Masters! And yeah, the trick is ranks of adversary, blocking lightsabers with parry and high strain, and creating a situation where they can't dogpile on Vader or a Dooku type villain. When those tough characters are only taking on one or two PCs in an encounter? They are very difficult.
  4. Sadly, the work I did on that is owned by FFG, and I'm really not at liberty to share any of it. However, if you bother Sam enough, who knows, you can maybe get it released in some kind of PDF format or Genesys digital supplement or something?
  5. High praise! While I took some karate and BJJ as a kid, and I've broken up hundreds of fights as a bartender over the years, I don't really have anything in the way of first-hand fighting experience. Most of the book is inspired by my time as a very dedicated mixed-martial arts fan, and learning about the sport over the years. I'm glad it translates well for you! I did have an MMA trainer/practitioner as a playtester, which helped make sure I wasn't way off on anything.
  6. Just added a new adversary, with a new talent and new unarmed weapon! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/301376/ReadyFight-MicroSupplement-02-Darius-Whittaker
  7. Thanks so much! I appreciate the feedback and the purchase!
  8. Yeah pretty much this. Another aspect that falls under editorial decision is space on the page/book. Some things missing might simply be a layout situation, and not in any way a comment on mechanics. As it stands, the rules fit perfect on a double page spread with a small piece of art. Tim Cox might have simply decided the art was worth more than the two other formations. Of course, he'd be the guy to ask on that, not me. However, I'm sure a lot of the changes were made in reaction to having a lot more feedback and time with the rules. But at the end of the day, use whichever version of the rules provides more fun for your table. Or mix and match to house rule. But generally speaking, I assume the latest version of a reprinted set of rules (be it mass combat, squad and squadrons, or a reprinted talent) is the most correct.
  9. So if it's me? And I have a grappling heavy PC build, and I'm in an encounter with minions? I'm just going to spam takedown attacks for damage, and probably spending advantage to keep my own feet (think steven segal when he's in a fight with 6 guys throwing them all over the place). I won't bother spending an action to improve my position for a takedown, because if the minion group is large, it's probably hard to make that check. But what you are noticing is correct. A grappling focused build is going to be better than the striking focused build vs rivals and nemeses (the ability to bank crit scores is a huge advantage against such targets versus what strikers do), and somewhat less effective against hordes of minions. If I was building a grappler for the kind of campaign you're describing, I'd absolutely take a punch or elbow attack or something, and a rank in striking, so if I do a takedown and don't finish an enemy, I can finish them with a punch or elbow (though the plain old unarmed attack can work in that instance as well). There is also the ground and pound talent, which is for grapplers that use their grappling to get in a better position for punching. If you're going to have this sort of PC, I'd just re-read the rules on prone targets, too. Just like in the real world, there is a lot of danger for grapplers outside one on one fights.
  10. So, as it stands, the brawl grappling checks (to gain position or to escape) are opposed checks. As for spending excess successes to deal damage? They don't do that on the opposed checks to gain position or escape RAW. If you really wanted to house rule this, I would suggest having them deal strain damage with net successes instead of wounds (still dealing with soak), to represent potentially wearing an opponent out. But I really don't think this is necessary, because again, these are just checks to attain position, really, not attacks. Attacks with grappling weapons DO follow all normal rules for weapons (which is to say starting difficulty is average) and WOULD deal damage as normal. So for instance, if you made an attack with a grappling weapon (the takedown, joint submission, or choke submission, among other weapons that use Brawl [Grappling] as a base skill), then it's treated like any brawl attack, and yes, deals extra damage for net successes as normal. Charts in this game represent ways to spend dice results in addition to the check's success or failure. RAW, so long as you're using the Improve Position action (which is an opposed grappling check, detailed on page 26, or similarly, with the escape action on the same page), then just having a successful check changes the position one step. You could hypothetically spend advantage to improve it further with the same check. Why are these two things separated, you ask? Well, you might be using a grappling check to do things OTHER than improve position or escape. You might be making a takedown, in which case you can change levels and force the fight to take place on the ground, but it'd typically be in a neutral position. You might spend advantage on such a check to give yourself a better position when grappling starts on the ground. Similarly, you might spend those results during an attack with a grappling weapon, such as a choke submission. This might represent controlling the body better with your legs on an RNC choke, for instance. Hope that answers your questions! Thanks for picking up Ready....Fight! And I'd love to hear how the game goes!
  11. Wow, so my book won the first Genesys Foundry Spotlight! So much gratitude, which I'll expound on in a ridiculously long post below (but stay until the end for a special prize!) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/11/4/genesys-foundry-spotlight-readyfight/ So Ready....Fight! (my first book on Genesys Foundry) has had a **** of a week! Between earning the Electrum sales metal last Monday to earning the first Spotlight article from FFG yesterday, there's just been a huge outpouring of support and love for the book that I can't appreciate enough. So a big huge thank-you to everyone who picked up Ready....Fight!, and an even bigger one to those who rated, reviewed, and passed along good word of mouth about the book. And, of course, the book wasn't a solo venture, so huge thanks again to my team who helped make the book better at every stage of development. Sean Vrabel's art, Ryan Brooks' layout, and Peter Thompson's Rumble City map have the book looking even better than I could have ever imagined it in my head. And of course Alyx Ross and her army of playtesters for all the valuable feedback and hard work! Not to mention all of Alyx's hard work on Twitter promoting the book! Of course the book wouldn't exist without the initial work of Jay Little, the Fallout hack of FFG Star Wars by Phil Maiewski, the Genesys Core Rulebook from Sam Gregor-Stewart and the entire team that worked on that, and Tim Huckelbery, for shepherding the Foundry program through launch. All four of you are awesome! I've also gotten loads of help from two Genesys podcasts, like The Forge (shout out to Ian Houlihan and Chris Witt) and Finding The Narrative (Tony Azzmodeus Fanning, Stephen Dragonspawn, and Chris Holmes) for having me on, promoting the book, and just generally saying all sorts of nice things about it, and referencing it in several episodes since its release. It's really humbling to have the top selling product through the first three months of the program launch, and hit a lot of these milestones, especially considering how many other great products came out at launch and have released since. There are a lot of great books on the Foundry right now, and even better, they're made by good people, people I have bothered incessantly for the past few months. They all have incredible products on the Foundry (which you should all buy immediately). Of particular help were Scott Zumwalt, Chris Hunt, John Dunn, Sterling Hershey, Darren West, GM Phil, GM Hooly, and Brett Bowen (and I'm certain I forgot several more). Your support, and just being able to bounce ideas off you all and draw on your experiences in similar programs from the past was invaluable. It's made the whole experience feel far more collaborative than competitive, and I look forward to next month when it's one of you getting the Spotlight. Regarding the future of Ready....Fight! I plan to keep supporting the book from now until at least August with a metric ton of stand-alone adversaries for the various settings in the book (Lucas Hankiao is already up!). And if we hit Gold before August, I'll explore one of the settings in a spin-off product! So keep telling your friends, and sharing your stories of getting Ready....Fight! on the table! And also, in celebration of all this, I'm giving away 50 copies of the Lucas Hankiao adversary for Ready....Fight! The first 50 people to visit can download a copy for free! Use the link below (it should work) to get the special discounted price!) Or use the discount code: 9da146a6aa Consider leaving a rating or review of one or both products! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?discount=9da146a6aa
  12. Heads up for those unaware! I have updated the Ready...Fight! PDF on DriveThruRPG! Three new pieces of art (including a gorgeous new map for Rumble City), and several minor text tweaks. Give it a look! And if you haven't yet, feel free to leave a rating and review on the page!
  13. So I've got a new product up on the Genesys Foundry! Lucas Hankiao is a Muay-Thai kickboxing instructor suitable for use in your Ready....Fight! adventures and campaigns, as well as a slew of other settings! The product contains a new talent, Body Shot, which is a great way to wear down nemesis opponents in the longer, drawn out fights in the tournament setting, as well as the Muay Boran hand wrappings made infamous my movies like the Kickboxer. It also has an extensive profile for Lucas, giving GMs all the information they need to bring the character to life effortlessly at the table! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/292507/ReadyFight-MicroSupplement-01-Lucas-Hankiao
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