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  1. KRKappel

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    The bombers also have hyperdrives, they don't need to literally fly back to the capital ships and land. They can hit the first rendezvous and land then.
  2. I mean, there are a ton you COULD do. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Force-based_organizations
  3. KRKappel

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    She was also part of the Rebellion with Leia (in the Leia, Princess of Alderaan book). Agitator might work for her some.
  4. KRKappel

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    No, his primary objective was to delay the dreadnought and collect intelligence while the evacuation finished. There was a plan in place to destroy the dreadnought had it arrived earlier (in the event they needed to buy much more time). Because they didn't need the time, leia called for Poe to move back (as she should have), and proceed with the full evacuation. Then Poe went off script. As for Admiral Holdo's non-military appearance. A few things. 1.) This is the Resistance or para-military. It is NOT a formal military officially representing any government. That's why you have discipline issues with people like Poe, and why plenty of people aren't in proper uniform. I would imagine most of the people "in uniform" are just wearing their New Republic military uniforms, as many of them have that background. 2.) If you look at the books, Holdo is a civilian with a senator background. 3.) For all we know, purple is her natural hair color. It's Star Wars. There are lizard people and head tail people. A person with purple hair seems a very minor situation, relatively speaking.
  5. KRKappel

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    Let me put it this way. Imagine you're leading a SEAL team. Your mission is to free and evacuate a POW camp. Toward the end of the evacuation, as refugees load into the backs of trucks, enemy reinforcements are spotted along a nearby service road. They happen to have a tank and jeeps with mounted guns. If you don't do anything, they'll wipe through the refugees. So, you and your team deploy to distract the convoy of armored vehicles from making it to the refugees, likely by firing at their flanks, and forcing them to stop rolling and try and smoke you out. During this skirmish, you manage to actually damage the tank. Decision time, you can engage in a direct frontal assault on the damaged tank, knowing there's no way some or most of you don't get cut down by the soldiers in jeeps with mounted guns, or you can stay on mission, fall back, and ensure the convoy gets where it's going. It's really not a difficult decision at all. The tank doesn't matter. It's not part of the mission. It's what's known as a target of opportunity at that stage. You never (unless countermanded by a superior officer) let a target of opportunity take precedence or endanger success of your primary objective. In this case, it isn't even a judgment call, as Leia specifically tells him to fall back. It was a bad choice. And that's the downside to being in a rebel or paramilitary unit, is guys like Poe are going to go off script and blow operations without seeing the bigger picture. The big ship doesn't matter. The First Order probably has dozens. Even if they just have five, the evacuation mission only has one bombing unit. The big ship isn't impeding their mission objectives, and the primary mission is to evacuate. Live to fight another day. When you're fighting on the smaller side of asymmetrical warfare, you do not make trades and fight a war of attrition, because you'll lose. You do not let engagements drag on, you launch a surprise attack, and it either works or it doesn't, and you bug out. If you stay, you suffer losses, and over time, you lose. You don't make a big stand like that until the benefit outweighs the loss. Let's look at the same sort of engagement from the perspective of the Battle of Hoth. Rebel Ion Cannon disables two Imperial Star Destroyers. There are two X-Wings escorting a shuttle. The shields are down on those ISDs. The X-Wings COULD run up on them and proton torpedo the bridges. It's a valid target of opportunity. But their mission is to escort the transports. Now, imagine Wedge decided hey, screw that, let's take out these ISDs, even if we lose a few fighters from the other ISD rebooting before we can kill it, taking out even one is a huge win for us. Do the rebels then have Red group or Gold group to make a run on the second Death Star a few months later? Are there enough fighters to send down that shaft to get a kill shot? Does Lando even take the gig flying solo (puns!) instead of as a leader of Gold group? So yeah, I absolutely stand by the idea that this was a poor choice by Poe (to say nothing of the fact that it really wasn't Poe's call. Leia was on site and gave the order). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_of_opportunity
  6. KRKappel

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    There are some measures of intelligence (typically as viewed by those programming game AI designed to beat masters at Go and Chess and the like), that rate intelligence as preserving the maximum number of options for the maximum amount of time. By wiping out the bomber fleet, Poe took a whole lot of choices out of Organa's hands. And while, yes, the trade in credits and personnel is vastly in favor of the Resistance, the value of those bombers was possibly greater than the value of that ship to the First Order as a representation of their total assets. That said, when you are the guerrilla force in asymmetrical warfare, you value trained people over material by a large factor. Most guerrilla doctrine emphasizes resupplying from the enemy. So it's not even the bombers so much as it is the pilots and crew. The resistance likely doesn't have years to retrain new personnel from scratch. The conflict is going to be over before fresh recruits can make an impact. So, in my view (as a former Naval Intelligence Specialist), no, sacrificing the bombers when you could have escaped without doing so wasn't worth the cost to the Resistance. They might have hit a First Order shipyard at a later date and caused 100 fold the damage. They might have been able to deploy and hide behind asteroids, and launch surprise attacks on the fleet, which has its shields down to divert power to engines. Most of the Resistance might have escaped TLJ relatively unscathed if Holdo had those bombers. Instead, there is a small group of what? a few dozen from the evacuation by the movie's end? Granted, if the Empire had that ship while chasing the Resistance, they likely could have wiped it out easily (range didn't seem to be an issue for the big gun). So ultimately, she would have had to send Poe to do the same thing at some point. But again, preserving that choice until later would have been better.
  7. You might also specifically call out the use of a staff for casting (if I'm remembering ewoks correctly). The shaman example we have seems very attached to a ceremonial staff, or perhaps just mention the staff for sanctifying purposes? IDK. I still love these, though!
  8. KRKappel

    Is it time to start a new game?

    In addition to the great suggestions here, you could also do a time-skip in game of a few months, and let the players all reclaim all their XP, reduce their characters back to starting level, and re-spend all their XP from scratch. That way you sort of get the best of both worlds.
  9. KRKappel

    How Corrupt Was Your Republic?

    I love this thread! I'd encourage you all to pick up the Clone Wars sourcebook when it comes out (which I worked on), especially considering this paragraph in the latest article: Rise of the Separatists looks in-depth at the origins and organization of the biggest players in the Clone Wars, from the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems to the Jedi Order and the secretive Sith. Game Masters will benefit from a deep dive into the political structures of the Republic, from the past and present factions of the Senate, to the committees and bureaucracies that oversee Republic policy. A cast of political aides and NPC profiles for prominent figures like Padmé Amidala allows GMs to craft their own intrigues and double-crosses involving threats of corruption, sedition, militarism, or secession.
  10. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    TL;DR: Almost zero. So in that Jedi Council epic play adventure I did, the Jedi Council were player characters, and really the whole thing was an experiment to see what happens to PCs when they hit 2,000 XP or so, and does the game break and just stop working. (I had seen a lot of complaints/assumptions that this would be the case on the forums, and wanted to find out for myself). So I went all out just as an experiment to see if combats could still be challenging, etc. (Turns out this game scales up incredibly well at the 2000 XP range for F&D, though the high end number is certainly less for AOR and EOTE). So, with that in mind, each one of those PCs was like, a 15 page document to list all the various Force powers and talents in most of the character sheet generation things that would make them actually usable at the table to a PC. Now, if I turned in a 2,000 word NPC stat block (which would be like 3 pages long in a print book), they'd laugh me out of the industry. Design philosophy for NPC building vs PC building is really very, very different. So when I worked on the iconic NPCs (they mentioned Padme in this article, and showed Kenobi and Dooku in a previous one), I'm building them in as streamlined a fashion as possible, so a GM doesn't bog down play trying to figure out which attack to use, or which talents can help them in a given situation. If we tried to give an Iconic NPC every talent we see them possibly use in the Clone Wars cartoon, or even the film, the stat blocks would be unusably long, and there would be long pauses in gameplay as they consulted sheets, potentially leading to some analysis paralysis. PCs have the advantage of only needing to be familiar with one profile, so by design most RPGs allow them to become more complex over the life of a campaign. Players only have to learn one new ability every or every other session or so. Players who want to keep track of less can buy passive talents and skill ranks instead, allowing a level of customization to how complex their stat block gets, and how much they need to track at the table. GM's have to juggle a lot more than one stat block, so I try to keep them as simplified as possible. I also have the advantage in NPC creation of being able to add special qualities, which can often take the place of multiple talents, or otherwise power an NPC up within their core strategy for accomplishing things significantly (though sometimes these just add a cool flavor that marks the character as unmistakably them). Beyond the needs of the table, also remember it's a print book. So there's this tug of war sort of element between spending word counts on NPC profiles, and spending word counts on other content. So for that purpose alone, I tend to aim for streamlining a profile as much as possible, while still staying as true to the character as possible. There's a balance there that you need to achieve in working for print. So yeah, for me, the entire process started from scratch again, because really, the design goals were so far apart.
  11. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    Indeed! I'm fairly certain most of the conversation on the forums regarding my work in the book will focus on attributes and skill ranks chosen for iconic NPCs (because basically everyone on the internet is going to have a different idea of what those should look like, depending on their interpretation of the character and how much XP their home game is at). But I'm really proud of my work in this book. The Clone Wars is one of my favorite eras for Star Wars stories, and I did my best to give GMs and players a lot of hooks and frameworks for dealing with the bureaucracy of the Old Republic and making it interesting (or at least hopefully understandable). This is probably my favorite book I've worked on to date for FFG. So I really really really can't wait for it to come out.
  12. KRKappel

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    New article up! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/27/worlds-at-war/
  13. KRKappel

    Kessel Run time!

    So, in Sun of Fortune, I did a modular encounter in the back for the Corellian Shuffle, which sort of outlines ONE way of handling smuggling runs like that. Other products might have a different approach or a better one (maybe in Fly Casual?) But that should give you a few places to look for inspiration.
  14. KRKappel

    Android: Official Genesys System

    So, as a guy who runs a lot of Star Wars/Genesys at cons and such, I can say that I rarely lug a Core book with me. A few character sheets, a deck or two or adversary cards, and a GM screen with the crit tables on them (and dice), and I'm good to go. Adversary cards are so, so amazing as a product. Strongly prefer them to flipping through a book.
  15. KRKappel

    How long does Star Wars RPG campaign last for?

    There are four ways to ensure your PCs remain challenged in combat play regardless of their XP level. 1.) Increase minion group sizes. In large enough numbers, stormtroopers are still a threat to high-level PCs, and the dice pool won't shrink too much if a few die. If combat is too easy, just add two more minions to each group, and repeat as necessary until you find the balance you want. 2.) Adversary rating on important NPCs. Don't be afraid of adding whatever level adversary you need. Don't forget to add reflect or parry and use as needed. 3.) Squad Rules. From the AOR GM Kit, the squad and squadron rules allow an NPC to die to negate all damage dealt to the squad leader. This can keep them alive those first few rounds while PCs use their once per encounter or session abilities. 4.) Good GMing. Find ways to separate the party, so BBEG can face the PCs one on one instead of 4 or 6 on one. Finally, if you know you're going to run a longer campaign, definitely reduce the XP per session from the start to mitigate the issue. D20 aside, I think most games assume youll play once or twice a month for a year and then start a new campaign. IF you know you're going to do a long-running campaign with the same PCs, it's best to adjust XP rewards accordingly.