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  1. While I love the idea of actually keeping track of what it costs to keep a ship running, for that Firefly feel, I’m pretty sure it would bore me in practice. Your suggestion is a nice compromise — hand wave it, but offer an explanation of the handwave.
  2. I’ve purchased Legion scaled minis from Mel’s and they are awesome. My only problem is that thin parts such as lightsaber blades or pole arms can break a bit too easily.
  3. All this talk of canon character stats is fascinating, but I wonder if Rise of the Separatists is ever coming out.
  4. Then your little birds are telling you more than FFG has told us in a long while.
  5. Thank you. I wasn't clear. The image file containing the statblock is what I was interested in.
  6. @mouthymerc, while I hate to dig up an old thread, I wondered if you could provide direct links to the images. My PCs are hunting Stormtooper X, and I’d like to use your stats, but as posted, the images have a big watermark obscuring the text. I suppose if I’m digging up an old thread, your efforts here are worthy of digging up.
  7. But if you throw a “g” on the end it becomes a Star Trek name.
  8. No doubt. But Star Wars, as a franchise, gives a perfect excuse for a PC to suddenly start exploring a completely unrelated skill set. Optimally, then, Edge may be a good system and “setting” in which to encourage players to broaden their horizons. A player can start a PC as the same old character concept he always plays, then keep playing the comfortable concept while slapping on another that barely makes any sense.
  9. In Edge of the Empire stealing is earning. Like Eddie Hawkins, Edge PCs live “in a world where crime is a legitimate business tactic.” And I swear this response want just an excuse to quote Hudson Hawk. As far as aquistion goes, do whatever makes for the coolest adventure, preferably with recurring characters coming out of the deal. in terms of the Droid personalities, giving more than one or two regular supporting cast Droids strong personalities seems likely to diminish their individual impact. So maybe pick whichever Droid the PCs will likely interact and start our focusing there.
  10. Arguably that mindset is counter to the spirit of the movies. Between Star Wars and Return of the Jedi, we see Han go from being a smuggler to also being a special forces leader, Leia go from politician to special forces soldier, and Luke go from basically a pilot to a Jedi. Between Empire Strikes Back and Jedi Lando goes from businessman/politician to leader of a fighter squadron, and its told (though never shown) that he was a professional gambler before ALL THAT. Between the prequels and the Clone Wars Series, I’m not sure HOW MANY jobs we see Anakin and Obi-Wan performing. Star Wars characters, or at least main charcaters, just don’t seem to hang out in vocational pigeon holes.
  11. Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.
  12. It definitely looks to me more like an armed land speeder than a tank. I’m okay with that, but the idea that it’s a tank is silly.
  13. It’s not common, exactly, but since I’ve gotten onto my current Star Wars minis kick in connection to starting to run an Edge of the Empire campaign, I’ve been hitting the eBay listings for painted Legion and Imperial Assault minis pretty hard, and I’ve seen several listings that belong in that category.
  14. I’m with you there. In terms of small differences, sure, but I think there is a general consensus when it comes to broader categories ranging from “it looked better unpainted” to “looks pretty good” to “wow.”
  15. It’s way beyond anything I could create, both in terms of my skill and my patience, so if I were looking for a crashed YT-1300, I’d probably pay a fair bit for it. But I have a hard time imagining I’d pay $875 for ANY single piece of terrain, categorically. I’m not even saying I don’t think it’s “worth $875,” just that even though I am part of the market for Star Wars terrain, I’m not part of the segment of the market that will drop close to a grand on a single piece of terrain. That has to be a pretty narrow category.
  16. Yeah, that has nothing to do with how much I’m willing to pay for a painted mini. That is probably, in part, because if I’m buying an already-painted mini I decide what I’ll pay based on the quality of the paint job, not on how long it took the painter. All that said, if I’m looking at a mini painted at a level I could match, then I’ll consider how long THAT would take me, but I don’t value that time at my hourly rate for my job.
  17. Where are folks who are using proxy figures getting appropriately sized bases? I got the objectives set and didn’t place those pieces on the included bases, which gave me 12 to work with, but that’s not nearly enough, and I haven’t seen the deluxe bases for sale anywhere.
  18. I’m a bit curious what you mean by “not ‘professionally’ done” in this context. If you mean literally, “This was painted as a hobby, not a job,” then, yeah, I don’t see why that would have anything to do with whether the price is reasonable. But if you mean “not ‘professionally’ done” as a measure of quality, it seems pretty relevant to the question of whether the price is reasonable.
  19. Is he selling it for that much or is he asking that much? That is, has anyone apparently placed a bid in that range? I’ve bought some painted Legion and Imperial Assailt figures and units on eBay, and while of course I’ve paid more than the MSRP for the figure or unit, I’ve not even landed in the same ballpark as some of the listings I see sometimes, and as you say, the paint jobs, while usually better than my level, often aren’t all that impressive. On the other hand, I have seen painted minis with high prices and said to myself “that’s an absolutely reasonable price for that paint job,” even if it was outside the realm of what I’d be willing to spend.
  20. I am late to the party, having only started messing with Legiob figures in the past month or so, but I was happy to see the bases were a thing and disappointed to see they are nowhere to be found in my area. At least the pics in this thread confirm they exist.
  21. That’s an awesome tip, @EliasWindrider! I had no idea that anyone was offering that service for such a great price. Would you mind posting a few pics of minis he’s done for you? Seeing stuff like that can be inspirational. @Tramp Graphics, are you accepting commissions ar the moment?
  22. I’ve always thought Kroot minis would be perfect for Star Wars, but have never gotten as far as statting them.
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