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  1. I'd suggest you to align all the cards into a 3x9 table instead of 2x4. I have downloaded and i'll try it later.
  2. I think this isn't the right topic but would be pretty nice to have one with a list of favorite solo adventures to play
  3. Dude u can't believe. I did read the card again and I yes I won hahaha. I just read it wrong at the first time. I understood that was needed to get rid of the sacks but in fact the mission card do that when revelead. I'll look my decks again and i'll probably make some adjustments based on your suggetions. I have only one core set yet but i'm providing one more soon. Now that I just discovered that actually I won this adventure, I'm felling more excited to play the next one hahah. I'm laughing here bymyself because of that misunderstanding
  4. Ok, I read this post twice and took some notes on how to defeat this saga. Actually, I own only the first box (Ohauh) and i'm facing the first adventure yet. I'm two handed solo player and atm i'm using this fellowship I build based on my cardpool http://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/2736/fellowship-songs I'm on my third try on this adventure playing on normal mode. I'm following the plan of setup on the 1b quest and then deal with Trolls on 2b. My problem is the 3b quest. I got 4 heroes sacked and couldn't get rid of those sacks before my treat reaches 50. I'm starting to think about play it on easy mode but I'd like to hear some tips before and maybe try it again on normal mode to see what I could do.
  5. I think your problem isn't with LotR cadgame but it's about let your brother decided how to play it. If you didn't fix that you will probably feel the game boring again
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