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  1. I just called the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center and the employee I got told me, after consulting with the store manager, that Arkham Nights is running officially from 6pm to Midnight on both Friday and Saturday. The Saturday time seemed wrong to me, but they said that people will be there all day and there will be several copies of each game set out, they just won't have any special events planned. So it's unofficially, all day on Saturday. The employee also said that you can pick up your swag any time on Friday or Saturday at the front desk.
  2. The rules for being Lost in Time and Space says that you are delayed and you lose your next turn: Does the fat that the investigator "loses his next turn" and "may only stand his investigator marker back up during the Movement Phase" mean that they skip their Upkeep Phase?
  3. Is the dice chart difficult to use? Just by looking at it, it seems like it would really slow things down when you've got a whole pool of dice. Besides, the book uses the symbols, so you'd have to back-convert as well, no? No smartphone unfortunately, so that's out (even if it wasn't, then the price would really be $65 to play). It's a pity that the recommendation is to get it online; I really want to support my Friendly Local Gaming Store.
  4. I see that the cost of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook is $60 (which seems like an awful lot, given that I can buy the incredibly complex Arkham Horror for that amount). However, the unique dice don't come with the core rulebook but are necessary to play and those are an additional $15 (assuming you're all going to share one set, which I'm guessing most won't). Am I right that the base cost to play Edge of the Empire is actually $75?
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