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  1. I heard that several people withdrew from the competition. Is there any place I can find out the validity of this scuttle or the reason for their withdrawals?
  2. First off, I'm a completioninst. For those of you still reading, please consider this position. I used to play Dice Masters... I loved dice masters. Even though I had sworn off CCG's and such because of the costs, Whizkids started dice-masters with relatively obtainable set. There were "Super rares" (The red band) in a set. Bottom line, you bought one or 2 boxes of boosters and you could get everything. Was it great?? No... but I could live with myself. It was a new model with the dice aspect and I bought in. Had they kept it that way... then I would still be playing. Then came several factors that brought on multiple waves of disappointment. -A higher/faster release schedule for new sets -Increasing the amount of rares per set -Coming up with Ultra rares -Sacrificing cohesiveness in game play for the sake of churning out more sets. I stopped after DC... and saw the writing on the wall...here was a company that did not care about the quality of their game compared to the money they could make off of it. Please FFG, don't sink to this level. Your company has been going the exact opposite direction and succeeding in all ways. Can the game designers right now make a commitment to we the players that you won't do a bait and switch when it comes to the rarities and frequencies? What are those rarities for commons, uncommons, rares... ? We deserve to know before investing . How may releases will it be before there is a "super-ultra-secret-inviso-rare" version of Yoda brushing his teeth that only shows up one in every 10 million packs? Show us that there is Balance in the Force and you won't be driven to the dark side of crass consumerism.
  3. I know that WoTC used to make a lot of their card art available as downloadable wallpaper. Is FFG doing the same? Does anyone know a site that may already have some wallpapers created from the card art?
  4. Hello: I don't normally post here but I do have a question or 2? 1) Will the Op kits eventually be made public? 2)how can I locate a list of stores that will be participating? Thanks, Runatyr
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