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  1. I think the reason that phrasing isn't included on these two cards is that as an attacker you can resolve the Ring twice and as a defender you can resolve the ring once.
  2. You take an Action to reveal the card. You can only take that Action once per round, you are wrong. It doesn't say you have to play this at its Province, so you can use it anytime you can take an Action.
  3. FFG wanted to make it clear from the get go, that other Clans do not matter. You would be tactless barbarians, if it weren't for the glory and wisdom of the Crane.
  4. This is more likely a Crane deck type with Daidoji Scouts and Kakita Duelists supported by Doji Courtiers forming an honor switch deck type. Phoenix is likely to have something similar with Shiba Yojimbo backed by Shugenja, giving them some options to cast spells from home. Scorpion are also likely to have a similar arrangement as Crane with Courtiers dominating the Political side while their Bushi shore up the Military, both bolstered by Ninja popping out of the Conflict deck. Their switch will likely revolve around the Dishonor debuff and the threat of the Dishonor win condition keeping card draw and duel bidding of their opponents honest. I suspect the Lion, Dragon, Unicorn & Crab to be much stronger militarily, but will struggle in the Courts. Eventually, as more Ide, Kitsuki, Yasuki & Ikoma are printed these Clans will strengthen their Political presence, but at a cost.
  5. They could be the equivalent of Followers, so it's possible they could mostly be Ashigaru or Generic Characters.
  6. I still have my copy, perhaps I will dig it out and make a conversion to the new rule set.
  7. It is my belief that Scouts, Ninjas, Yojimbo, Water Shugenja/Monks and the like are exactly the types of Characters we will see in Conflict decks, because it works thematically and mechanically. Deploying a lightly armed Scout into the middle of the fray makes perfect sense. If these Characters are from out of Clan, then the Influence mechanic will limit their usage in deckbuilding. Which again, makes sense thematically and mechanically. The Phoenix honoring a Crane Courtier with a Shiba Yojimbo actually happens, but the Phoenix sending all of their Yojimbo to the Crane does not happen.
  8. You don't win Ring bonuses from successfully defending.
  9. I would not be surprised to see duels that involve Fate Tokens, maybe not as a Core Rule, but as a card effect.
  10. With Khans like Chagatai that's a tough job, a bit like Sean Spicer?
  11. Scorpion are clearly the debuff faction using Political Actions to dishonor foes, thus lowering Political & Military Skill by their Glory stat. I agree that the Crane & Phoenix will be the primary Political Honor Runners.
  12. Conflict Phase: The player with priority will take a Ring Token, choose the red or blue side, and declares attackers. The next player declares an attack in the same manner or passes. The first player then declares an attack by taking an unassigned Ring token and chooses the opposite color. The second player may then have an option to declare a battle, we aren't sure if he can if he passed on his first rotation.
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