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  1. I0 cause she gets blowed up before doing anything cool ? In Star Wars Battlefront she is a support ship. She has an ability that heals nearby ships.
  2. I will just echo - there will be tons of people. The lines will be long, uncomfortable, and you will miss out on the rest of the stuff at the convention. People will be grumpy and moody in line. It's not fun, and I choose to avoid it at all possible. Tried it once with a different game company and it is awful. Also there are about 500 (maybe more, maybe less, not sure exact number) VIG that will be in the hall on hour before the rest of us. If a lot of them decide they want the game, they will already be in line. I think FFG comes through the line and offers tickets if you want to come back later. But, if you come back later there will be a line and you may be farther back than before. I hope this year they offer a presale for pick up. A lot of game companies are doing this now. It makes the whole convention more enjoyable. Less room is being taken up by people wanting to buy one thing, and people waste less of their time in line. Alternately, since the game comes out a month later, I would hope they bring lots of copies that will last the weekend. All in all, just judge how many games you'll actually play of it from August 2nd through early September, and is it worth the wait in line?
  3. And there is plenty of Prequel stuff in Destiny. They are even making a Jar Jar card!
  4. Since no one has mentioned it, my favorite brand is Reaper. They come in a nice dropper bottle, so its easy to remember ratios when mixing paints. They are relatively cheap at about $3.00 a bottle (although the bottles are small). The colors come in "triads" where a set of 3 paints go together. It makes it easy for the base coat, shading, and highlighting if you don't want to bother mixing your own up. They also have tons of colors, including several shades of flesh tones. The paint is fairly thin already, but does need to be thinned down a bit more.
  5. I remember seeing the snowspeeder and ATST were going to release with the core set. Are the other expansions expected at the same time? I am thinking of putting in a preooreder for some of the expansions online, but don't want to order everything together and have it held up for several weeks.
  6. cptmusket

    Force Friday

    I don't know if anyone here had noticed yet, but the Star Wars Force Friday promotion "Find the Force" includes both Fantasy Flight's physical location and website.... meaning there must be some reason to go there on Force Friday... http://www.starwars.com/findtheforce Speculation Overdrive!
  7. I do not talk about games, and am usually slightly embarrassed by it as well. I think its because of the stigma about people who play games. Either they are just for kids and adults who won't grow up, or are played in mothers' basements. That stigma is still alive and well. When someone with that idea sees people playing games they will focus in on the few people who confirm their thoughts, not the 30 or 40 other successful people with jobs, wives, husbands, or children. It comes down to how much do you care what strangers think, or how people close to you will judge it. Also, I will say know your audience at work. If it's something that people would be judgmental about, I wouldn't bring it up. It could affect work relationships, and more importantly, how your next boss sees you. If your next boss has a negative feeling about games, or if a large portion of the office sees it negatively, then it's best to keep it to ones' self in my opinion.
  8. Just for fun I looked in the 2015 Gen Con program guide. Friday at 10:00 AM Xwing North American Championship Finals - Xwing Miniatures Game, 1st ed. NMN1570300 I remembered it being listed as 1st edition forever, just looked in the book to make sure my memory was correct. It's on Page 219 if anyone wants to look if they don't trust me
  9. http://www.adepticon.org/ I don't think Hoth will be as busy this year. Last year I think it was the only one in the U.S. I played with people from all across the country. I'm not sure if there will be as many people as there are closer events this year.
  10. Tickets have been on sale for a while and are still available. At the time of this writing, there are 207 Tickets available for the Thursday flight, and 190 for the Friday flight. It's also a little more expensive this year. You have to buy a $30 ticket to play in events and Adepticon and then $25 for the Hoth ticket. Last year the entrance ticket was cheaper, they had different tiers of entrance fees.
  11. How do you stop the Resistance Han from getting eaten alive by Defenders/Palpatine? Or in that matter, the Rey list? I've tried a Rey/Norra build, but each time I've flown it the Defenders go straight to Norra and crush her, and then chase Rey around who can't get enough damage through. Norra doesn't seem to be able to get to the Shuttle fast enough before blowing up to help take it down so that the Defenders have to rely on their green dice.
  12. cptmusket

    IT'S A TRAP!

    It's A Trap: Your Opponent Concedes the game unless he has Lando in play. I love Ackbar, but I always think its funny when I watch the movie and he wants to run away until Lando convinces him to stay. I like comparing my memory of how Ackbar is, to what he actually does!
  13. Its just that it is always better to not use unnecessary material than to use it and have to recycle it. It takes additional energy and work to recycle and you lose a little bit of material each time. I always recycle mine, but I get a bit mad when I see people tossing the packaging into the garbage at the game store. Also, a lot of stuff that is sent to be recycled is just thrown away at the plant
  14. We've been trying to come up with a good use for them afterwards and haven't come up with one. I understand the need for them, but I really hate FFG's use of extra packaging for everything they make (see Armada ship packaging). I would think there would be a better, more environmentally friendly way to package.
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