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  1. We had an Highlander turnament in Paris and it was a lot of fun!
  2. Agréed on the ressource problem. As you may have more cards than your opponent, and he will go first ( if no edge(1) units) when attacking, you just have to force him to discard all his hand so you can twist it and win edge for they can't play cards anymore. And if not, Désolation of Hoth got 3 peeps But you'll have a hard time blasting objectives, so you may end up loosing tiebreakers. And may be 11 fate cards is too much
  3. Yes, yes and NO!!! Hold-out B only enhance Smuggler & Spy Unit, not Neutral Unit, so no Wookies except Chewiee so far
  4. Nice... You can be proud, she owned you... But seems to me you kinda owned yourself... Why not attack Return to Tatooine with all your units, borrowing Palpa from your friend to focus her 2 SpecForce?
  5. Where is the rule regarding enhancement leaving play when an enemy takes control of the enhanced card?
  6. That´s the différence Between "play something" and "put something into play" The Hulan Replica Droid is put into play (aka free), Backstabber isn't (aka costs 3)
  7. I like you objective, and waiting for the same character. Though the pod would be too powerfull that way.
  8. MarthWMaster's answer owns everyone else's :-)
  9. The objective won't work with her. It will work perfect with ISB Liaison, Icetromper, and other unit that allows you to get your Force card back.
  10. 4/6 Enhancement 6/6 Event 5/6 won't be a Fate card. Enhancement or Event? Sith Library? New enhancement? Another Force Thingy? New event?
  11. Where does it say that you résolve combat icons simultaneously? Core Rulebook, Page 20 : "Resolving Combat Icons by Type Most units have one or more printed combat icons (see “Combat Icons” on page 21). There are three types of combat icons, and each icon type is resolved in the order of the striking player’s choosing. The number of icons for every given icon type represents the card’s icon strength of that icon type."
  12. Regarding Heroes and Legends, keep in mind that : - H&L targets a Character Unit : If Luke is attached to something, it is not a unit - Put a card into play and play a card are différent : If put into play by H&L, it cannot be play as an enhancement, and cannot be attached
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