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  1. Hi Zephyr! I'm not scheduled to cover Jyn or the Pathfinders as videos, but I do have Jyn on my shelf waiting to be painted so I'll likely cover her as a PDF at some point.
  2. Hi graywing1111! Thanks for the kind words and so sorry for the late reply. Regarding the brown rebel troopers - I'm afraid it was some time ago when I painted them and I can't remember the specific colours I used! I think its was mostly Citadel browns, and I do remember using Vallejo's Burnt Red for the helmet rim, but that's about it; sorry! Hi! I think that probably has quite a bit to do with the brush, and maybe just a little to do with how the brush is used. Whilst there are many brushes I've yet to try, for a while now my personal favourite has been the Rosemary and Co Series 8 (Size 2 for just about everything!). I like them because they feel quite slender which suits my painting style, they hold their point pretty well, and have a nice bit of "snap" to them. I also like R&Co because they're comparatively cheap, so I tend to order them in batches, so when I kill one due to misuse (I'm not especially kind to my brushes if I'm honest!) it just gets relegated to washing and mixing duties, and I reach for a new one. On a side note, I know it's been a while since my last Legion video, but for anyone who might be interested, I have completed the next episode which covers the X-34 Landspeeder (to be released as soon as it gets approved) and I will also soon be releasing a new terrain video in preparation for the upcoming Clone Wars content (about which I'm very excited!)...
  3. Hello! I hope you enjoy my take on painting the first hero figure from the game - Legolas
  4. Thank you! I'm really glad you're enjoying the process Hi! I had a play with them for around an hour at my FLGS and my initial impressions are somewhat mixed. I'll probably pick them up and spend some more time with them at some point, but I'm not in any rush.
  5. Hello! Please enjoy this next episode in the JIME painting series which hopefully gives you some useful ideas you might like to try when tackling the Hill Troll
  6. Thanks mate! There are a couple of things I can rarely resist when painting minis - OSL and a nice bit of weathering.
  7. Hi Zeph! Nope, I haven't had a chance to try them out yet.
  8. Absolutely! I feel that anything that helps new painters get started with this wonderful hobby can only be a good thing.
  9. Hey Spidey! Thanks for sharing this; firstly I'd say you have a set of Legion minis there that most would be extremely proud to field, and I think you've done a great job with them! Regarding the "smoothness" - it looks like there are a couple of areas where the priming may have actually left a bit of a rough surface, which could be down to the brand of primer you're using, or possible from spraying a little too far away. (I had the same problem with some of my IA minis.) With regards to the smoothness of the actual painting, that can be partly down to the paints being used; for white for example I find using a heavy-body artists acrylic gives a much smoother finish, compared the more chalky-looking hobby paints. The rest is probably down to building up the highlights in increments, and it may sound counter intuitive, but I think actually pushing the contrast even further - such as on the raised ridges on the back of Boba's cloak - results in a "smoother" overall look. If you look closely at my Death Troopers for example, I really made very little effort to create smooth transitions from one layer of highlight to the next, but by jumping between extremes of light and dark the eye has a way of almost filling in the difference between them - if that makes sense? So the overall impression is of a shiny finish, even though the individual transitions are actually pretty rough-looking and obvious when you look for them. So my advice would be not to worry so much about chasing smoothness, but be bold with pushing your contrast levels instead. And finally, by all means - be self critical and aim to improve (no-one's more self critical than I am myself!), but also congratulate yourself on what you've already achieved.
  10. Hi fellow adventurers! I hope you enjoy the next episode in my painting series which covers the Wights...
  11. Outstanding work my friend! Nothing pleases or impresses me more than to see someone new to the hobby painting to such a nice standard, and also having the courage to share their work. (Also, if it’s any comfort, my own LOTR minis are full of inaccuracies!) 😀
  12. Hi! Yes, there are five such guides on my website at the moment and there will be more to follow. 😀
  13. Lol Vayasan! Sorry for the late reply to this; I only just noticed I missed a few comments whilst I was away so am now catching up... Yes, I was fortunate to receive an early copy of LOTR and I must say I’m having a blast both painting it and playing through the campaign 😀 Hi Spidey! Thanks for that; it’s always a relief to hear people say that my paint jobs look better in person than in the videos! It’s a little tricky for me to answer your question without seeing your work, but I suspect learning to control the paint consistency may play a part. Do please feel free to share some pics of your minis either here, or via a private message on Facebook, or email (sorastrospainting@gmail.com), and I’d be happy to offer what feedback I can. 😀
  14. Hi Weikel! I think my next video will be for Sabine Wren, and I'd also like to cover Jyn and probably Krennic as PDFs. Beyond that I'm not sure, but I definitely want to cover the Clone Wars stuff in time for the release if I can!
  15. Hi Aniron! I don't yet own the them yet, and as I've already got a growing backlog of Legion minis to paint I'm honestly not sure if or when I'll get to them. Sorry!
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