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  1. Watch out - the Droidekas are here! I hope you enjoy this next episode in the painting series...😀
  2. Hello! In preparation for the arrival of the Shadowed Paths expansion, I've finally completed work on the Villains of Eriador: Alongside the video I produced for Gulgotar, I've also produced a couple of PDF guides detailing how I painted Coalfang and Atarin if you're interested. Now - where's that Balrog... 😁
  3. Hi! The main difference is that flow enhancer greatly alters the surface tension/viscosity of the paint (or wash) - making it much thinner, and enabling it to flow much more readily. It's tricky to fully describe in words, but the moment you add just a touch it really alters the feel of the paint.
  4. Hi Loosie! I think if you've got any small gaps in your priming, then just brush on some of your base white to cover them up (to avoid the risk of over spraying the mini). I'm honestly not a big fan of the Citadel whites to be honest; these days I use a heavy-body artists acrylic (by Schmincke, but there are others of course). For glazing you can actually use pretty much any paint you like - just pick something vibrant, and thin it down ideally with some medium (Lahmian Medium, or Vallejo's Glaze Medium for example). Fabulous work Annette! Thanks so much for sharing Fantastic! Don't underestimate the Stromtroopers however...
  5. Thank you! I do actually mention that in the video, as I love the look of the Legendary Grievous skin in SW BF 2
  6. Ha ha - I think there's an informant amongst us... But yes; I hope you all enjoy my take on the awesome General Greivous:
  7. Absolutely awesome mate! I especially love the wooden platforms. 😀
  8. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. Whilst you're working through the figures, I might suggest also watching some of the Star Wars: Legion painting videos because I change my approach a bit with some of the characters/units, and you might find some of the alternative ideas quite useful (my Legion Vader is a lot better than my IA Vader for example!)
  9. Thank you Jack! I'd love to paint the Pathfinders; I've just got a bit of a backlog to work through so I'm not sure when I'll get to them is all! Absolutely superb mate! I love the texture and vibrancy of your Boba in particular. Thanks so much for sharing
  10. Hi folks! I've started work on the Villains of Eriador, so here's my take on the awesome Gulgotar:
  11. Ha ha - yes, I’ve often thought how much easier my life would be if could clone myself 😆
  12. I'll see what I can do - I'll be tackling the Clones a bit later this month.
  13. Thanks mate! For the Clone Troopers I will certainly be experimenting with some alternative approaches (and possibly exploring a Contrast Colours-based approach).
  14. Hi! If you mix Zandri Dust with white you'll get a close match to Vallejo's Buff
  15. Hi! I've published a quick Shoretrooper guide which you can grab here. I hope you find it useful! 😀
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