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  1. Typically when a business becomes busier, they: 1. Open a new location 2. Expand their current location They don't queue people at the door before letting them browse their wares. Was I the only one offended by this? I know FFG will give their tag line about safety, people rioting last year, etc. but all I know is that I spent $300 on FFG games at GenCon 2012 and $0 on FFG games at GenCon 2013 cause I refuse to wait in line to just browse items I may purchase. I mean waiting in line to purchase is commonplace, but making people wait in line to browse items is bad business practice. Next time if you are busy, step up and buy a bigger space or hire more check out people. I suppose most conventioners didn't object given your lines, however I just wanted to provide a voice for at least one consumer who found this objectionable.
  2. If you roll the enemy dice at the same time as the player dice, then aren't you totally missing the point of the ability to play power cards in place of the player dice rolls? The enemy dice need to roll first so that the player can then decide whether to use a power card in place of his die roll to win the combat. If you roll all the dice at the same time, then you are missing out on a nice aspect of Relic, the ability to use your power cards to determine the battle for you.
  3. There are 3 items that allow a player to change the enemy die roll to a 1. They say 'during a <type> combat'. Can this happen anytime during that combat, even after the player has rolled their die? It seems to be so given that text, however there are many other similar cards which allow the player to change their die roll but only during their roll die step. And the rules specifically say in the player die roll step that this is when you can play a card to change the player die roll. So in parallel, would the enemy die roll only be changed during the enemy die roll step (and hence before the player rolls their die)? Please reference an appropriate rule in response please as I've not yet found a rule in the PDF to clarify this. As far as I can tell, the 'during a <type> combat' on the card is the only specific timing I've seen and thus this seems to be allowed at any time in combat even after the player knows his/her result.
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