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  1. @Grimwalker: Despite all your reasonable reasoning , it still doesn't stop the the sense of dread I have for 1st edition. Sure, I'm going to play the game as long as it lasts but that "grim reaper scythe" is still looming over it. :/
  2. Living in Toronto, there's actually nowhere that I can play 'Game of Thrones' casually. All my friends that play 'Game of Thrones' live in a different city. Thus, all I have are local tournaments which are usually bi-monthly or even tri-monthly if I'm really unlucky.
  3. Sure, I'm excited... but at the same time I have 4 expansion packs; 6 deck boxes; 5 back-up deck boxes; 1 lunch box; 1 CCG era tin box I got as a door prize and 1 more small tournament box with all of these things full of 'Game of Thrones' cards. These are all things I've gotten within the span of 3 years for myself because I got hooked the moment I started the playing the core set in college. I'd be lying if I said it's not going to pain me to pack these away into a storage-thing somewhere because I won't be able to play this with friends anymore. Any advice?
  4. Thank you, yes, it's not a must. That's the important part. Also, let me re-iterate that whoever DOES say that multiple cores is a must... is crazy. Also, the moment you start buying chapter packs you'll find that you really only do need the one core. (if you want to play normally). After that, chapter packs will keeps things fresh and interesting! Once you have a few packs in your midst and start building right, there's little fear of being "destroyed" by Greyjoy/Martell, (in reply to the latter post). Also, if you want to focus on a house in the core set... every house in the core has an expansion set at this point! You can build competitively with 1x Core and a 'Baratheon Expansion' if you wanted to make a Baratheon deck for example.
  5. I'm just really excited to see new characters enter the game, ie: Tycho Nestoris!
  6. Let me put an end to this nonsense right now. You need 1 core set... anyone who tells you that the only way to have fun and play with 'AGoT LCG' is to have 2+ core sets is crazy. Chapter packs and expansions? Martell and Greyjoy indefinitely for expansions but for chapters, take your time and see what you like because once you start, you'll suddenly be getting entire cycles and wondering how you got them . Anyway, just grab something that catches your eye when it comes to your first chapter pack.
  7. Oh, I don't mind agendas being out of house at all! That gets a pass for me. What worries me is the tourney player who goes, "with this new agenda I can finally make Arya Stark and Joffrey Baratheon team up like 2 back-to-back besties!". The example is extreme perhaps but this is what the new agenda sort of promotes and _that's_ the part that worries me. Keep in mind I am picking up the first pack that contains Tycho Nestoris. Don't think I won't go out-of-house though! I'll do it if it's nedly. For ex: using the kill-power Quentyn Martell in my Targ deck to make good use of the 'Blood Magic Ritual'.
  8. What worries me is the amount of 'Un-Nedly' decks that will be showing up with that new agenda. ... yep, I'm one of those players. Sorry
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