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  1. Can't believe i forgot to mention the always trusty Stummer, cancelling out any noise the user makes. +30 Stealth Bonus. Especially if you have power armour and can tech-use it to run from the armours core, eliminating the limited duration issue. From other books there is a lot of fun stuff. For breaching anything I can recommend Melta-Gel from the Hostile Acquisitions Rogue Trader book. Burns through anything like a meltabomb, but takes a minute to do so and no big booms to alert anyone. Easier to carry too since you get it in tubes. Also the same book have Nightshroud Layer for any non powered armour, making thermal sensors useless against the user and a few other neat bonuses. Another nifty tool is the Eldar Grav-Platform, Decently portable and gives you a silent way to fly around and reach places where grapple hooks can't reach and jump packs are too loud. Still from Hostile acquisitions For more infiltration the Cybernetic Twitch-Mask gives your heretic the ability to rearrange his face, in game terms giving +10 to Disguise tests for normal ones or +20 for good quality. same book. From Dark Heresy Radical's Handbook you get the always popular Intrusion Spirit, a small one time use dataslate that gives +30 to any Security or Tech-Use test to breach an entrance or security system, as long as there is a dataport available. Have fun getting to where you really should not be. Edit: Bah, got stuck reading the Radicals handbook and just keep finding useful stuff. Spider Pads: Gloves, Vambraces and greaves. stuck securely to clothing or armour. +30 to climbing tests on normal flat surfaces such as rockrete or ouslite, lowered to +10 on slick surfaces such as scree or talus. Pict-Fly: Small pictrecorder resembling a dragonfly. Have limited intelligence to follow simple orders. Great for when even you cannot gain entrance. Vox-Bug: Like the Pict-Fly but for sound. Likes to hide in hair or clothing.
  2. Also i don't remember witch book, but clothes can be coated with temporary flak spray (giving ap whilst in civilian gear), whilst armour can be coated with cameleon spray giving the same effect of a cameleon cloak without the cloak if needed.
  3. Blacklight projectors are found in Dark Heresy, Into the storm book. Description is below, but some of the text is cut out since i don't know how stringent FFG is on citation. " Testing displayed their most obvious value, when one end was depressed, the other would emit a beam of purest midnight, deep enough to cloak any visible light and submerge anyone within the area in an instant nightfall. That it only blankets the wavelengths humans associate with vision is a troubling matter for of the Ordo Xenos. Anyone under the area effect of a Blacklight suffers -40 to all Perception based tests involving vision. " Of course now when i read the text there is no mention on how big this area of effect is, so better come up with something yourself.
  4. And if you DO get seen, Smoke Grenades are your friend (+10 to new Concealment Tests), or if you have the Infamy perhaps a Blacklight Projector (Into the Storm p.139).
  5. Thanks, there is now a Techmarine in the backburner if (or rather when) there is a open slot in the warband. Another question. Is there anything that stops a techmarine from equiping a missile launcher/flamer/other heavy weapon on a servo-arm instead of the giant claw thingy? Kinda like a walking weapons platform?
  6. So we may have a custom tech-marine in the warband soon and some questions came up. The Tm gets the mechanicus implants (or some version of them). What we got stuck on was the potentia coil. Some say they have it (since its a major part of the cyber mantle they get) while some say its merely the normal power source of the power armour that powers everything. 1) So the questions. Do or don't Techmarines have a potentia coil, or do they use the power armours core? 2) If they don't have a potentia coil, does that mean that they can never take their armour off as all implants simply shuts down? 3) If they do have a potentia coil, presumably they also have the power armour cell too, or are techmarine armour made to be powered by the potentia coil? (Since it seems techmarines usually craft their own armour). 4) The Servo-arm seem to be grafted to the armour. Is it the same with other mechadendrites too and the techmarine looses them if he ever leaves the armour, or is the armour customized to let them trough? Are they truly implants then or are they simply a part of a customized piece of armour? Thankful for any answers on the questions. Cheers.
  7. Hopefully he fixes the nda's and re-uploads the rest of the content. I would really like a look at it.
  8. Not only the damage is different. The BC variant weighs 20 Kg while the OW variant lugs around at 45 Kg even as it does three less damage. Guess those Hereteks know how to purify and cleanse better than the poor Empire Priests.
  9. Quick question. A flamer have range 20, so far so good, but can you use them at long range and extreme range too? It just seems like the 40k flamers go by hollywood standard ranges where they use gas for safety whereas a real flamer goes well into 60-80 meters. Now since there is no BS test the -30 penalty to hit don't fit, but could be turned to a +30 Bonus to those avoiding the flames. What about Marksman talents? Anyone done something similar? Also i have been looking but cant seem to find any rules about lighting up stuff around you or fire hazards so i'm guessing that's all up to the gm?
  10. Hmm, perhaps i should keep the fellowship and get social skills instead. Make him talk just as much as Morte and Murray just to annoy the party. ^^
  11. All good ideas. I have made some changes and put in some “lore” now that i had some time over. To give some feedback on some of the posts: The characteristics seem to be limited to 40 unless i have missed something. I really want a noncombat skull, and fellowship was more “non-combat” than the other ones, even though Bs would be more useful. The skull will have some personality left, but unless i can raise the stats somehow i guess i can move some over to BS. Gearwise my Apostate have "Peer Dark Mechanicus (3)" after a few successful favors, so i have atleast some chance of gaining stuff, iether trough tests or compacts. The microbead feels like a no-brainer now that you mention it. I guess i'll blame it on too much drooling after the big and rare tech in the book instead. Camo-cloak or Phase trait is also very nice ideas. Traitwise both darksight and sonar may very well be overkill and i ended up skipping both. =P Also about Talents. In my foolish mind i thought Machine trait had anti-fear built in but it seems like it was "only" against psychic powers. Now that i have made a “psychic servo-skull” though i feel like i have to few talents instead of to many. ^^ My Apostate already have Combat Formation with Unnatural Intelligence (2) from a Good craft Cerebral Implant (took me a long time to get) so im not going for Unnatural Intelligence on the skull. I don't want to boss around someone smarter than me, he is supposed to assist me, not lead me by my nose. =) So here is Adjutant V 2.0 Adjutant is a finely crafted Servo-skull with brasslike exterior and excuisite ornaments that screams out it's owners power and influence. It has no visible additions to the skull except the ornaments, but it does have a longer than normal piece of the spinal column left intact. Adjutant seem to have been blessed with a very responsive and capable machine-spirit..... Almost too capable. Many people feel uncomfortable with it's silent, near human glare. Adjutant was crafted by the Idolitrex Magos Baranas from an unfortunate psyker loyal to the Imperium. Thanks to his heretical understanding of technology and sorcerous skill the now named Adjutant have been left with most of his psychic powers intact. Furthermore the subservient Servo-Skull has been filled to the brim with large stores of knowledge and technological understanding. Most of his personality has been purged but he still have enough mind to learn and adapt. Adjutant is outfitted for an on the field advisory role and has many ways to monitor communications, subjugate machine-spirits and disrupt or hide his masters movements from the eyes and ears of the Omnissiah. He can also give assistance and advice about most common subjects due to the vast datastores of knowledge he contains. Though Adjutant do not have any manipulators he is still able to affect the materium trough his psychic abilities with enough force to bend plasteel or finesse enough to assembly circuitry within machinery. This can of course not be shown to the lesser men who worship the Imperium and cling to less capable skulls. Should he be put in danger his warp-driven core gives the ability to phase from reality to avoid harm. This however comes at the cost of most of his ability to monitor or affect the world around him. WS (01), BS (40), S (01), T (40), AG (40), INT (40), PER (40), WIL (40), FEL (08) Skills: (9 ranks + 1 language) Tech-Use (+30), Psyniscience, Security, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Scrutiny (+10), Scholistic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) Traits: (7 traits) Size (2), Flier(6), Machine (6), Psyker (Bound), Unnatural Willpower (4), Phase, ? Talents: (11 Talents) Warp Sense, Infused Knowledge, Psy Rating (7), Powers: Mind over matter, Precision Telekinesis, Armour (Extremely Rare) Scrap Code Generator Weapon 1 (Very Rare) Good Craft Signal Jammer (Undetectable) Weapon 2 (Very Rare) Comm Leach Other gear: Microbead, Hololith Projector, Now i have a few undecided parts left. The Characteristics still feel off. Is there a way to raise them above 40 that i have missed? I'd much rather have higher Int and Wil than BS. Traits: Still have one Trait left. Ideas? Talentwise, are there any better Talents to choose that is worth lowering the Psyrating for? Powerwise, for now I'm satisfied with his ability to use Telekinesis to use his other skills, but I was also looking at Divination (Personal Augury) and Telepathy (Mindprobe) to simulate the ability to predict battlefield outcomes and tear information from captured soldiers. Should i lower Psy-rating and get them now or wait for a Superior minion upgrade? Are there any other interesting powers that i havent thought about? Gear: With some successful Aquisition-tests i got a microbead and a Hololith projector. Any other good stuff to cram into the skull?
  12. So im making a Greater minion for my Commisar-ish Apostate (Strategist, Tactician, Command etc. Think Radec from Killzone 2). I was thinking of making a standard mutant/robot bodyguard to defend me but thats.... Boring. Instead im trying to make a useful Servo-Skull seemingly made from Forgecrafted gleaming brass with exquisite ornaments and speaks perfect Low Gothic in a unnervingly calm voice. So far it will be called Adjutant and support/assist my character on skillchecks. In effect an advisor. If it pans out well i might go further and make it a Superior minion from the Tome of Excess, but it will have to be a greater one first. I have made a build below but wondering if there are any better ideas on the forum. Im leaning to the Trait Parasite (Tome of Excess) for the last trait, any better choices? Also near **** all Talents are useless for a servoskull without weapons, any ideas? In fact any ideas to flesh out the minion would be welcome. Adjutant WS (01), BS (01), S (23), T (40), AG (40), INT (40), PER (40), WIL (25), FEL (40) Skills: (9 ranks + 1 language) Tech-Use (+20), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Stealth, Dodge, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Awareness (+10), Scrutiny Traits: (7 traits) Size (2), Flier(6), Machine (6), Dark Sight, Sonar Sense, Unnatural Perception (4), ? Talents: (11 Talents) Infused Knowledge, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? Armour (Extremely Rare) Scrap Code Generator Weapon 1 (Very Rare) Good Craft Signal Jammer (Undetectable) Weapon 2 (Very Rare) Comm Leach Other Gear in the future?: Auspex, Hololith Vox, Magnoculars, Combi-Tool, Glow globe.
  13. Well our gm just got his shiny new Black Crusade book and we are going take it for a testdrive, hence i have some questions about characterbuilding. Im going to play a melee oriented Heretek, but im still a bit fuzzy on the rules. 1) What im going for is a rip-off of the grim reaper using iether a fallen magos power axe or a power scythe. However unless ive misunderstood something twohanded melee seem to come with no advantages if placed beside dual-hand melee or any ranged builds. Some attack moves that seem to make melee even with ranged weapons (swift/lightning attacks) can't be used with twohanded, but i cannot find any specific ones for twohanded weapons. Am i missing something or is twohanded simply worse than the alternatives? Another question is about mechadendrites, the manipulator and servo-arm ones. I had the idea of two mechadendrite "skeletal wings" that's used for parrying instead of using my unwieldy main weapon. My Gm has cleared it as he dont give a **** about visuals as long as they still use the same rules as in the book. 2) The question is the fuzzy rules about them. ""The Heretic may strike with it as his Reaction for the round or use it to make a Standard Attack (so long as it is only used once per round)."" The attack instead of reaction bit is clear, but the make a standard attack is poorly worded. Do i trade in my normal attack for a mechadendrite attack? Do i get an "additional" attack that can "only" be used by the mechadendrite every round? Do i get one such action per mechadendrite? 3) Lastly, any general advice to make a working melee guy, what works? what do not work? Ive looked into some of the special attacks like stuns/knockdowns etc but they seem very weak or that you have to build around them to make them work or are they viable? :Edit bad sentencing.
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