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  1. If you use Wedge pilot and equip the config closed side up you can then add daredevil for a talent, so I wouldn’t completely rule it out yet for Luke to be able to get some use out of it.
  2. It’s also worth noting that the Raider has not yet been released in 2.0.
  3. Scimitar Squad Pilot in the Bomber is 30 points with concussions. ****, that leaves enough room for seismic as well for all your carpet bombing fun.
  4. I would hold out a little longer, I’ve been checking it periodically today. It seems they update it on Wednesday since we have moved to Friday releases. When I first found the points it still wasn’t showing any cards in the my collection tab. It seems to slowly work it’s way thru the whole app instead showing up all at once.
  5. Or I should say points for the new wave are up in the official app.
  6. So two cards that can go on rebel ships, come on new card pack.
  7. The distribution and availability has been horrible here in the US. We weren’t able to get Epic, Huge conversions, damage decks, card packs or the last wave, I was hoping that since asmodee was becoming a distributor that a lot of these issues would go away, but it’s still not certain that we will be getting the new wave even after preordering. I’m afraid it’s going to cause the local store to just stop bothering even trying anymore. And yes I’m aware some of these items are available elsewhere but I try to support the store I play in exclusively. I’m very good friends with the store owner for years before he opened, I’ve seen the orders placed and not fulfilled, it’s gotten harder to get this game since before covid and doesn’t really look to be improving anytime soon.
  8. And yet I have a first print of the hardback of Star Wars from 1976 with a rough outline of what took place before that ends up very close to what we got decades later, so while there were details hammered out as it was written there was a rough idea of where the story started and ended from the beginning. The same can not be said for anything sequel related, so your point was?
  9. I think that’s like comparing two things that are horrible and deciding which is the lesser of two evils. Both seemed to have ideas of what they wanted to show and didn’t really care if the story or universe supported what they wanted to show as long as they got their shot. Of course when you figure in that both seemed to get pleasure from p*ssing over any story setups their predecessor started laying out then you end up with a cluster f**k that shows the lack of direction and care that should have been applied to to any movie trilogy, not to mention to the ending trilogy of one of the most popular movie series of all time. These three movies were not only a failure of the directors involved but of the whole creative team from the top down. It really doesn’t matter if you have good or bad directors when you have no direction or even so much as a storyline from the beginning, anyone who has suffered through these movies can see that was the case. Usually when you hand someone the keys to your car and tell them to drive however they want you are going to end up disappointed in the way they treat it.
  10. I’ve yet to run Howlrunner in a Tie Swarm, and I run a six Tie and seven Tie variant. The seven Tie is the only one with Academy Pilots though.
  11. Both of the previews have said release is September 25th. For the XI, HMP, and LAAT
  12. That makes more sense, but that would probably be in a rerelease.
  13. Maybe you should check your cards again.
  14. Well, they did also cancel Tie Reaper and Saw’s Renegades 2.0 releases for the same reason so, I guess we should pack it up. Both versions of the game are so obviously dead. If only I’d seen it sooner. Judging from the way huge conversions sold out as soon as they released and were hard to get for a period of time and the cash that models fetch on the secondary market that haven’t been released in 2.0 reminds me of another game.....oh yeah extended x wing. Someone must be playing it or it wouldn’t sell, the subforum dedicated to that style play wouldn’t have traffic. You claim I’m self centered in my desire to play Epic games, at least I’m not self centered enough to presume to speak for the entire player base. Either way, I’ve provided proof that Epic isn’t dead, you’ve spoken for everyone, I’m done with this convo, have a good day.
  15. The hyperspace ring that comes with the new Jedi starfighter is not legal for standard play and one of the new releases has a wing card if I’m remembering correctly. There’s a huge difference between not reprinting something that you have loads of 1.0 stock remaining and dropping epic and huge ship play altogether.
  16. First Epic play is not dead. There is actually a piece in an upcoming release that is only legal for Epic and scenario play. Second, if there were a hotshots and aces for epic and huge ships there really wouldn’t be much need for the standard player to pick up a card pack aimed at those of us who are interested in Epic play. You know, those of us that needed multiple huge conversions to swap over multiple ships.
  17. So it appears the release for this has been pushed back until September, so it will be a bit longer before I get my hands on a core set. 🤷‍♂️
  18. The CGI Tarkin completely ruined rogue one for me, of course that may have a lot to do with me being old enough to have been a huge fan of Cushing’s horror work before Star Wars ever being a thing. I have told people many times if they had left him just offscreen (used as hologram or like they did with the reflection in the glass) it may have made the movie watchable for me, of course we would have had to leave the even worse looking Leia out as well though. I know his family was on board with this but they should have left the man some dignity in in death, he had plenty of dignity and class in life.
  19. I could be wrong, but I was putting some thought into this over the weekend. With the change in card size here and X-Wing as well I was hoping maybe they are looking into cardboard only expansions that could breathe new life into an older or underperforming ship with a product that could be printed here in the states for quicker release and less time waiting on shipping from overseas. Essentially card packs, the standardization of cards could point that direction, and be quite profitable for FFG. For a reference the first pack they did like that for X-Wing sold out immediately and is still impossible to find. It would make sense if they are planning for something like that to go to one standard size card to keep costs down. Personally after having the larger cards in X-Wing for awhile now I’m looking forward to the standard size across both games, nothing was worse than buying four different size sleeves for X-Wing, Armada, & Imperial Assault and hunting odd binder pages to hold the odd cards in
  20. One thing that hurts product availability here in the US lately other than corona is the fact that the distribution chain has changed. Asmodee stopped using alliance as a their distributor here (which is a good thing), and has become a distributor themselves (hopefully a good thing??). Most product in all their games has been going out of stock leading up to this changeover that took place this month. There have been relatively new X-Wing and legion products our local store just wasn’t able to order for a month and half at least while alliance still had distribution rights. I believe Asmodee just was not sending new stock to them the last couple of months since they were going to be taking over distribution themselves. On a related note though, I've played X-Wing since 2013, there have always been things that people want and sell out quickly only to fetch more on secondary markets. Hopefully some of these supply issues will decrease with the parent company now being the sole distributor in the US.
  21. Well, to be fair, back in April we still had our self professed Y-wing expert around these parts.
  22. Vykk Draygo

    Happy Friday.

    4 banks would be sweet on some ships. Good to see you back around more frequently, Happy Friday CB
  23. It’s possibly a bit of nostalgia for me, anyone else old enough for memories of Combat on Atari 2600? Could also be that it’s aimed at a different type gamer than you, I like tanks but wouldn’t want to get into a full scale game with soldiers and all. It’s kind of like my interest in X-Wing but no desire whatsoever to play Legion.
  24. I would be down for a reprint of this, I have a pair from the old days but with all the new releases getting better looking paint I know I wouldn’t be able to resist at least one more. Besides, doesn’t everyone want to fly a wing of Alpha Class Star Wings in epic? Sigh.... sounds like I’ve already talked myself into more than one reprint when they do get around to doing it.
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