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  1. I could be wrong, but I was putting some thought into this over the weekend. With the change in card size here and X-Wing as well I was hoping maybe they are looking into cardboard only expansions that could breathe new life into an older or underperforming ship with a product that could be printed here in the states for quicker release and less time waiting on shipping from overseas. Essentially card packs, the standardization of cards could point that direction, and be quite profitable for FFG. For a reference the first pack they did like that for X-Wing sold out immediately and is still impossible to find. It would make sense if they are planning for something like that to go to one standard size card to keep costs down. Personally after having the larger cards in X-Wing for awhile now I’m looking forward to the standard size across both games, nothing was worse than buying four different size sleeves for X-Wing, Armada, & Imperial Assault and hunting odd binder pages to hold the odd cards in
  2. One thing that hurts product availability here in the US lately other than corona is the fact that the distribution chain has changed. Asmodee stopped using alliance as a their distributor here (which is a good thing), and has become a distributor themselves (hopefully a good thing??). Most product in all their games has been going out of stock leading up to this changeover that took place this month. There have been relatively new X-Wing and legion products our local store just wasn’t able to order for a month and half at least while alliance still had distribution rights. I believe Asmodee just was not sending new stock to them the last couple of months since they were going to be taking over distribution themselves. On a related note though, I've played X-Wing since 2013, there have always been things that people want and sell out quickly only to fetch more on secondary markets. Hopefully some of these supply issues will decrease with the parent company now being the sole distributor in the US.
  3. Well, to be fair, back in April we still had our self professed Y-wing expert around these parts.
  4. Vykk Draygo

    Happy Friday.

    4 banks would be sweet on some ships. Good to see you back around more frequently, Happy Friday CB
  5. It’s possibly a bit of nostalgia for me, anyone else old enough for memories of Combat on Atari 2600? Could also be that it’s aimed at a different type gamer than you, I like tanks but wouldn’t want to get into a full scale game with soldiers and all. It’s kind of like my interest in X-Wing but no desire whatsoever to play Legion.
  6. I would be down for a reprint of this, I have a pair from the old days but with all the new releases getting better looking paint I know I wouldn’t be able to resist at least one more. Besides, doesn’t everyone want to fly a wing of Alpha Class Star Wings in epic? Sigh.... sounds like I’ve already talked myself into more than one reprint when they do get around to doing it.
  7. I haven’t found anything other than a “July” release date, with all that’s going on in the world who knows if it will release on time. Several in my gaming group are willing to take it for a test drive. As soon as we get it in and get a game or two under our belt I’ll report back. One thing that attracted me other than the WWII era was that it’s supposed to be around a half hour game, should be pretty easy to slip a game in here and there around our other games.
  8. I’m actually going to give this a try, been looking into it for a couple weeks now. I’ve got the core set preordered through the local LGS and see what it looks like.
  9. For what it’s worth I at least have missed your input around these parts, I may not always agree but you usually brought good points. Unfortunately since well before the lockdown it seemed we had some here who only wanted to argue. I’ve been here a long time and It seems to come in cycles, people will get toxic and then we’ll have a period of good discussions, rinse and repeat. It seems to have gotten worse before covid but who knows when we’ll pull out of this one.
  10. I don’t play resistance, but I’d be all over the OT packs you listed. I am curious about the FO pack, I had way too many of those not to convert. I’m hoping whatever they have planned for them brings some nice options the faction has been lacking.
  11. I saw this yesterday, you couldn’t have put what I was thinking any better. If there had been any first blood movies or Indiana Jones movies in there I would have sworn someone invented a time machine.
  12. I know they said Poe’s X would be first, but there is also the resistance B & Y that could be slotted into this pack as well. It could also come with one of each with the orange X or two copies of the Y or B with Poe’s X being the single ship in the pack.
  13. It’s pretty funny to me that you open like you did and then completely contradict yourself. I mean seriously? Because you like it, it shouldn’t be dismissed and he should try harder? All he said is that he disliked the show and found it unwatchable. This is his opinion (spoiler here, which he is entitled too based on his tastes) and one I share as well. All three of my children grew up watching the clone wars new and I couldn’t watch it then and still can’t get through an episode. I guess since I think fried squash is horrible tasting maybe I should just try harder to like it and suffer the whole time. To use your words, way to stroll down the path of ignorance and dishonesty, but you do you. (Sorry just couldn’t bring myself to put intellectual up with the rest of your words, nothing in the least intellectual about that post)
  14. I would like to add, where the one you are quoting is correct, the expanded universe gave us the two seater Y-wing, it gave it to us in 1978 in Alan Dean Fosters Splinter of the Minds Eye when all we had was Star Wars.... Thats it, no Episodes, just Star Wars. For those of us old enough to remember, before the Dark Times. It was a long drought between Return of the Jedi and the spark being reignited by Dark Horse and the Illustrious Mr. Zahn. I believe this is one of the reasons most old school fans consider the Y to have a gunner seat, the idea has been around a long, long time.... In a galaxy far, far away. Sorry, couldn't pass that last line up. I’ll see myself out. 🤣😂🤣
  15. I have to strongly disagree with this, there is very little that even holds the sequel trilogy together, there is no continuity other than they were made by Lucasfilm and star the same actors thru all three movies. Where as at the moment you are correct, they are canon, but if the rumors are correct they will not be canon for too much longer. The sequels were a fragmented mess that suffered from many, many issues, but the biggest one was the fact that there was no clear storyline set from the beginning. Just because Indiana Jones can make it up as he goes along does not mean you can make a sequel trilogy using that concept for one of the most beloved sagas in movie history and expect the outcome to be anything other than a cluster**** in the end. I’m not trying to be hard to get along with here, but when any single movie doesn’t make sense from beginning to end and you take one director who disregards all that was set up by the first director, then bring back the first director for the third installment who disregards all that was set up in the second movie how can you expect it to turn out any other way. All this said without even considering all the things that make no sense when compared to existing concepts from the earlier movies. The prequels May have been bad movies, but at least they tell a cohesive and coherent story. They suffer from poor dialogue writing and directing more than anything else but the story was solid.
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