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  1. Five total , three FFG and two HCD I bought right before FFG announced theirs. All mouse pad style.
  2. That was the first thing I thought as well.
  3. Actually at the beginning of that update, when you saved a new list it showed old points in the saved screen as well. You had to open the list to see the proper points. There have been many, many issues with the app, but it’s functional now. It seems each update brings many new issues, but they’ve straightened them out in a decent amount of time.
  4. We usually see eye to eye on most things, and while I’d really like some of the paint schemes you’ve listed, all the new Ties are a different shade of blue/grey. They are not quite the same as the ones that came with the Gonzati. The X1 is also a different shade from the one that came with the Raider, so technically they got upgraded paint jobs too. I really thought they were the same myself until I stowed them away with my older ones.
  5. Just to be clear, I really like the new paint scheme. I was agreeing with the OP that it did seem odd that it was released in a paint scheme that wasn’t the original. I believe FFG is doing this on purpose, “you won’t have to rebuy ships you already own”, yet I’ve bought 2 B’s after already having 4 (2 of each paint) & 2 Z-95’s after having 8(4 of each previous paint). I’ll be purchasing 2 M3-A’s after having 6(3 of each paint) and I’ll be purchasing 2 A’s after having 6(3 of each paint). And we won’t even get into the Hound’s Tooth.😂🤣
  6. Sorry, but I gotta say it. Bespin Cloud Car That's all.
  7. I can’t pass up the new paint job. It makes me sad I’ll have two Hound’s Teeth, maybe I’ll go for a whole set. 🤣
  8. While I can agree on the lack of OT colors for the A in this expansion, the paint scheme is not the same as the Rebel Aces version.
  9. I hate to say it, but based on some previous track records I expect unique pilots on opposite sides of base tokens requiring two packs. If it means new and useful pilots for A’s, Tie Interceptors and such it’s small price to pay though.
  10. It could be argued that way back when scum first released and they said you couldn’t use cross faction dials in a tournament that the decision was influenced by the forums, the dust from that sandstorm was spectacular before they reversed the decision. The damage deck change to the force awakens core set only raised a pretty big stink until they backpedaled on that decision as well.
  11. That wasn’t released at the time the movie was though, I believe that is the point they were making. Not that ships from Solo don’t exist.
  12. Well, that’s kind like your opinion man. 😆 sounds like you may not like the game. And Tie Swarm is not a big block, my Swarms, and most I’ve seen actually swarm. If they fly at you in a big blob then that really should make it relatively easy for you to shoot them like fish in a barrel.
  13. Sorry, but I’ll strongly disagree. What’s more Star Wars than 6 or 8 Tie Fighters on the board. Just because they aren’t fun for you to play as/against these lists doesn’t mean that there aren’t those of us who love playing them or against them. It’s also odd that you contradict yourself in the last line and even mention Swarm being competitive and people could bring what they want.
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