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  1. Playing with an attorney. He is convinced that the flash gun's adjacent shooting should be read in the broadest sense of adjacency. He believes he can use it to attack two different enemies that are adjacent to Barry but not adjacent to each other since the rules don't specify what the adjacency is in reference to. I believe it means they must be adjacent to each other. Is there an impartial judge in the house?
  2. I thought it might cock it up, but I wasn't sure- thought I'd defer to experience. Balance wasn't my concern when considering change. I assume first that any imbalance people perceive in the game is likely either a misreading (or inclarity) of the rules or they haven't figured out how to counter whatever power they believe to be inbalanced. Overwatch just seems to me to be something people should just be able to do. It's something I could do, and I physically suck. I know this game isn't a simulation but the pay-to-overwatch thing is pretty glaring.
  3. Has anyone tried allowing players to have their characters opt to go on Overwatch at will- free of Command Point charge?
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