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  1. I have so many questions I don't even know where to start! I will be playing on the side of the Axis. Totenmeister will be leading the Blutkreuz suicide squad. She has 4 health points. The Suicide Squad has 5 health points. Isn't it true that when a squad is led by a hero, they take the combat values of that hero? Does that mean that the suicide squad will now have 4 health points instead of 5? I've played the game once. Both my friend and I read the rules but we had to guess quite a bit on how to interpret them. If a player has 4 health points, does that mean they have to get hit with 4 hit symbol rolls to die all at once and during the course of an attack can they take let's say 2 hits and survive and then continue on injured with 2 hits? Is it all or nothing in terms of damage/death/elimination of a player? I will be using the Axis hero Stefan. He has a Flammenwerfer 40. On his unit card it's listed as 1/+ under the armored value of 2 and 3. I have no idea how to apply this to any attack against the Allies. How many many spaces does he fire the flamethrower? Is it just any adjacent spaces?
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