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  1. One area where vehicle information can change as rapidly as character information is hull damage, system strain, and critical injuries. The fact that the (character) critical injury table is included so you just enter the d100 roll is quite handy, and so I'd agree that similarly tracking vehicle information would be useful. (Though as the pilot/mechanic, all the ship record-keeping falls to me, so I may definitely be biased. )
  2. Thx I also just noticed I wrote "Fringers's" on the splash screen, so there are probably more typos lurking... Looks like the Auto advantage is just not implemented, I will add it. The red dice with the line in it is a "difficulty downgrade". It will turn a red dice into a purple. You probably have that from some other Talent like INTIMIDATING. When you click on the Coercion dice pool you will probably see that the downgrade is optional (which means you have to select it from the checklist). This will then cost you Strain which will be automatically added to your current Strain total when you leave the Dice Pool dialog. Yeah, sorry about that. I noticed that just after posting, but then couldn't edit. Thanks for looking into the auto-Advantage, though.
  3. Also, a Zabrak's automatic Advantage on Coercion shows up as a red die with a line through it, rather than the advantage symbol in Oggdude. I don't know if that generalizes to all automatic Advantage traits/gear/etc.
  4. Just a typo note - on the Inventory & Gear page, it's spelled "Encumberance" when the correct spelling should be "Encumbrance". Thanks for the great tool!
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