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  1. If you're looking for a "fluff" reason, because the populace of that region will always be loyal to their house. It's assumed the home regions are full of the more hardcore mid-upper class loyal citizens. Not necessarily the common lower class people who don't really care who is/isn't in power.
  2. That's not a bad idea. Or, would it be too mean to say that castle icon = player fighting against garrison auto loses the combat for that turn? > It might be difficult to keep track of which garrisons will come back if vacated and which won't…
  3. Make deals/alliances. This is not a straight up free for all game in which everyone is equal. The game is ALL about making alliances/betrayels. Lannister has it harder because they're supposed to be the manipulative ones. Learn how to play other houses against eachother.
  4. Hi all! Just got this game. Love it. However, Baratheon in 4 player games strikes me as a bit of a nuisence. I don't want to close off territories. I just feel that the current mechanic of taking over neutral garrisons harbors absolutely no combat risk. Sure, Baratheon takes a risk by sending forces south… But when they have the right combat strength, they risk absolutely nothing by claiming the southern neutral territories. Would it be acceptable for draw a Tides of Battle Card for the neutral forces to combat Baratheon's House Card? Given this option there is a (small) chance Baratheon can lose that combat. And more importantly, there's a chance that Baratheon units can be destroyed in the conflict. If this works, how would one handle the Castle icons on ToB cards? Thanks in advance!
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