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  1. I suggest hot pink and scottish tartan
  2. Blast! I live in Dallas and just can't get that far north. /sadness unending.
  3. The single most important piece of advice anyone can give you, is use small wire cutters to punch out the ships. Otherwise your fingers will cramp and be sore for days.
  4. My favs are the Yin Brotherhood, and the Arborec (both of these are in the expansion sets.) The Yin's ram ability terrifies people, and I can usually get a nice and obscene build limit with the Arborec Oddly enough, the one I always do poorly with is the Yassaril. Part of that might be that everyone knows how broken they are, so you are instantly the boards enemy, but maybe I just stink at em.
  5. Wilhelm scream? DAMMIT, i missed that. No wonder I've been getting pwnd.
  6. Tibs speaks truth. And, to be honest, that's a much better option than 2 investigators cursed. edit: in before grammar police!
  7. Are there any monsters or encounters that require multiple successes for an evade check? Just curious.
  8. Ah yes, quite right. And there you have it.
  9. in the event everyone bids zero, then the result is a tie. Thus whoever holds Primarch of the Wizards Council title would decide the outcome. I don't recall who breaks ties if no-one holds that title card, tho.
  10. you would not get the war sun tech. The action card states "acquire or purchase." It is not interested in how you would get the tech, it squashes the tech. So, sir, vote HELLNO and pray it carries.
  11. The tech requires the opponent activate the system. Diplomacy simply requires them to deposit a CC from stock into the system, thus the system is never in fact activated.
  12. A good rule of thumb with FFG (and really all board games when you get down to it) is when a card contradicts the rule book, the card takes precedence.
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