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  1. I am also a longtime member of the ancient visual ways of the Force. Was 16, driving, and looking for some ‘cool’ war movie to see - so 4 of us piled into my VW super-beetle and went to the Opera House theater in Fort Worth, May 25, 1977 (currently the home area of Chewbacca, BTW). !!!...Holy $hit…!!! – We were all so blown-away, that we came back and did it again the next 4 nights! I since then have seen every Star Wars movie on its opening theatrical release date. My son (when he was a ‘youngling’) even used to bring his school friends home just to hear me tell the tale. Great stuff and great movies.
  2. Did I miss seeing anything in the 18+ pages of this forum concerning a FAQ about CC? Or was it someplace else? Thanks!
  3. Yes, we all would like to have a new FAQ (at least for CC). Although it has been exactly 150 days today since the last one - it has not been as long as it has before, nor as soon as it has been before. The list below has all previous FAQ's for SWA released (6 total), with the number of days between each (and today's date last). armada_faq_v1.0 05_07_2015 *78 Days* armada_faq_v1.11 07_24_2015 *68 Days* armada_faq_v1.2 09_30_2015 *82 Days* armada_faq_v2.0 12_21_2015 *103 Days* armada_faq_v2.11 04_02_2016 *205 Days* armada_faq_v2.21 10_24_2016 *150 Days* Today 03_23_2017
  4. For those who may be considering mounting the map on a QUAD-FOLD, or 6-FOLD, etc... Blank Game Board, I just ran across this site: http://www.boardgame...ds_combined.htm Really interesting possibilities, some great info., and very decent prices.
  5. For those who may be considering mounting the map on a QUAD-FOLD, 6-FOLD (and others) Blank Game Board, I just ran across this site: http://www.boardgamedesign.com/pages/go_shopping_2012/gameboards_combined.htm Really interesting possibilities, some great info., and very decent prices.
  6. Using Digital Calipers: Sticker size: 15.5mm = .610in = 39/64in
  7. ??? Contact Customer Service Event Reporting Events Fantasy Flight Games Center Flight Crew Game Tools Legal Information Living Card Games Print on Demand Product Document Archive Professional Zone
  8. Excellent idea. Which 'them' email? (not support, I figure) Thanks Lyraeus (as usual, your posts are quite helpful).
  9. Is there a Subforum for- Star Wars: Armada Campaign -or- Star Wars: Armada Campaign Expansion ? Nope, guess not. Should there be? Maybe? Just a thought.
  10. Anyone yet thought of doing these as a 2-part Acrylic Laser Cut-out? The Base (bottom) layer would (could) be solid (no cut-out), about 1/8-inch thick, and any material you wanted (wood, rubber, acrylic, etc...) - even customer supplied. The Top (Cut-Out) layer would (could) be 1/4 or 3/8-inch or so (or more), and would be Acrylic [thus the need for a Laser Cutter]. These could be any color you wanted (and could even include some custom etching logo's, ship pics, names, etc...) Just glue Top layer to the Bottom layer...done. This may be MUCH cheaper, and certainly MUCH faster to produce. Thoughts?
  11. Just saw this upcoming release https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-rebellion/ Strategic use for Armada tactical campaigns? Possible? Thoughts? Unknown...yet? Just thinkin'...
  12. Not sure if anyone else has seen this yet... But here are the links. http://www.orderofgamers.com/games/star-wars-armada/ http://www.orderofgamers.com/downloads/StarWarsArmada_v1.pdf [i have not had a chance to check details yet, but seem to be pre-Wave 2]
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