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  1. I use WFRP old system of magic, mushed into Genesys. It has extreme penalties for rolling despair. Which fits the setting and lore, so might not be for everyone. If you get a despair, you have to roll on a chart that is similar to critical hit chart, that can make crazy stuff happen, maybe food/rations spoil, plants die in the area, caster levitates uncontrollably, or if everything goes wrong, severely injure or cause mutations to the caster. Casters also do the most damage in my campaign to make the risk worth taking.
  2. That's a good description of the difference between Discipline and Willpower. Cool and discipline are harder to separate, not impossible but harder. Examples from the book, from both Cool and Discipline descriptions 1. "Your character tries to keep their sanity in the face of something that defies reality and rational thought." 2. " Your character needs to keep their nerve in a tense situation..." 3. " Your character needs to stay calm and unaffected when being flattered or charmed by someone." <--- I can see many people forgetting which one goes with which skill/attribute combo. I believe some of this arises because the skill list in Genesys is really a comprehensive list of things you roll dice for. Resilience as a skill? Resilience is really a mechanism for testing endurance or constitution, but it is in a list of "skills" like Medicine, because they needed a way to cover a traditional con check. So Disc and Cool might exist because having 1 skill cover so many things for an RPG was too powerful of a skill, and they had to split it. Again, not a bash, I'd rather play 100% as written from the Genesys book than D&D, Pathfinder, Gurps, Fate, Dungeon World etc
  3. The campaign I've been running for 2 years (we used homebrewed WFRP 3rd, now Genesys) is set in the Warhammer world, so for this game it was the list from WFRP 2nd but slightly modified. We got rid of dodge blow, for example, because that was specific to the core combat rules in that game. My use of a different list, isn't a dig at Genesys, I actually think its a good, almost great list, just that it's one of the easiest things to change. I've been in to many campaigns where the list is too big and about 30-40% of all skills listed will NEVER be used in game so they turn out to be a trap...just wasted advancement, and I've also played games where the list is so small that a party of 3 people can do literally everything with a high degree of competence...which isn't optimal either. Many people in this thread have made good defenses of the Genesys list, but the fact remains, I myself, had to take time and re-read some of the skills in Genesys multiple times to remember how and when they should be used....so if the OP and their group is having trouble with cool, discipline, vigilance, etc, merge or change them or use a list from a different game that is appropriate for your setting. *edit* To clarify, I think that if you try to explain why Willpower is an attribute, Discipline and Cool are skills, and why each of those things are exactly what they are and when to use them, it gets more murky than I would like. IMHO Willpower covers both of the things the skills do, where something like strength(brawn) is easy to see separate from athletics.
  4. There are a lot of RPG's in the world, and that means a lot of skill lists, so I thought why not just pick the best? I use a skill list from a different system and just tie it to the obvious attribute. I also removed then replaced all the talents...because they were too video gamey, but thats just for setting and taste. I realize Genesys is meant for 90's action movie type play, but the core mechanisms work wonderfully for giving you the gritty simulation feeling without all the bloated moving parts of something like GURPS.
  5. Souppilgrim


    I'm at a loss as to how the word choice of one mechanism matters at all, let alone how the semantics would mean anything about the gameplay.
  6. Souppilgrim


    Oh sure, I think it's a good system. There are just trade offs for anything. Too much granularity and its going to become unwieldy and samey feeling, not enough granularity and it becomes binary, the Genesys system tries for the strengths of both while trying to reduce the flaws of both.
  7. Souppilgrim


    Exactly. Thaco has always been terrible. The defense dice coupled with soak is a great abstraction of what armor really does. The only tiny problem I have with it (nothing is perfect) is that it doesn't have a ton of granularity.
  8. I'm a long time mini gamer. I'm excited about this game and want it to do well. I think the core rule set is the bees knees. I do think that having only two factions at launch is a bad idea for a miniatures game especially a non-skirmish game. As some others have pointed out, you can get away with it in X-wing and Armada, because of the lore, and the fact that they are essentially "skirmish" level miniature games.
  9. I'm the local Runewars miniatures hype guy, but the lore is the hardest selling point. People are excited about the mechanisms, but the generic wow feeling lore just falls flat.
  10. I'm very excited about these Runewars bases. No more gluing magnets to the bottoms of bases, or else having shifty models all game long.
  11. I'm going to invest in this game because of the command dials. This kind of component adds fluid tactical elements to the game, without adding complexity. Anyone can handle a dial, but trying to read charts in a book for units to have this kind of fidelity of action would be ridiculous. I'm a long time table top miniatures gamer, and the best games have solid tactical movement. The dials and movement sticks take a lot of the fiddling away without having to give up tactical choices. Over the past 25 years, I wonder how much time ive lost in my life watching Butterfingers McTwitchyarm try and wheel a unit using retractable measuring tape.
  12. It's amazing how many people can beat this list in their imagination.
  13. You have more than 5 hull points defending Dengar. You have vaders 5 hull points and 2 braces, he has 3 blue AS and a black AS. then you have dengar himself, 4 hull 1 brace 1 scatter, and who has given everyone counter, and makes it so if the fireball player wants to he can just move away. If your opponent is a gold fish, then sure, you can perfectly surround him at the perfect distance and then maybe have a fight that is%2
  14. What's the weakness? I'm extremely excited to know. *edit * Yes x-wings have decent anti squadron dice but no scatter no brace no black squadron dice, 1/3 the range on firing worse bomber no Intel no rogue etc
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