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  1. oggdude where can I find the vehicle silhouette images in the form of fonts?
  2. does anyone know when or if they are going to post a pdf copy of Age of Rebellion character sheet to where anyone can download a copy?
  3. does anyone know of a good I can fine a good copy of an edge of the empire character folio psd sheet?
  4. the beginner sheet that comes with the age of rebellion box game.
  5. would anyone know when the beginner sheet for age of rebellion is coming out in pdf?
  6. hello oggDude. when will you update your EOTE character sheet stuff and is there going to be more starship sheet stuff?
  7. I wish they would post the Age Of Rebellion beginner sheet.
  8. oggdude can you do up a pdf version of your type of character sheet?
  9. I would like to see a copy of the Age Of Rebellion rpg Character sheet posted on this web site. what do you think?
  10. Is there anyone of the Waco TX who wants to get together to do some star wars rpg gamming let me know and I also have some spare character sheets if anyone needs some.
  11. I wish FFG would post the character sheet and vehicle sheet onto the website soon. what do yall thing.
  12. hello. when do you think that a pdf AOR character sheet is going to be posted?
  13. is any one going to make Fan made AOR Beginner sheet?
  14. I would like to see a posted AOR pdf sheet soon.
  15. so are you going to do up your own look for the character sheet and vehicle sheet that came with the core book?
  16. I would like to know what you all think of the species of star wars suns of fortune are like and if you think of posting their stats for all to see.
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