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  1. It would be logical to have all the missing chapters in a Deluxe expansion to appease the majority of Space Marine fans. Personally I would prefer Eldar Harlequins.
  2. Better to have your sisters in a deluxe expansion. That way they won't rotate out in the future
  3. *Rejoice*, and enjoy until someone plays Inquisitor Caius Wroth http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/wh40kconquest/conquest.html/_/warlord-cycle/descendants-of-isha/inquisitor-caius-wroth-r335
  4. This specific situation with the 3 units? Not at all because it is all happening within a single Ranged skirmish. That said, Holy Fusillade combines quite nicely with Preemptive Barrage because the units given Ranged by the event keep it for the entire phase - so they will still have Ranged when you get to the next combat round. If you use HF to create a second Ranged skirmish at the beginning of the next combat round, the units you used the event on earlier will still be able to participate without needing a second event. That's ultimately not too useful in this specific situation (since you have already sacrificed 2 or the 3 you gave Ranged to), but it's nice to know the Holy Fusillade/Preemptive Barrage combo is out there to abuse. Theoretically, I suppose you could refrain from sacrificing the Henchman to ready Coteaz and get a 4th attack in the first Ranged skirmish, leaving you with 2 units for the second Ranged skirmish (created by HF, assuming they both make it to the beginning of the next combat round), but that's more of a play choice than a change in the original situation. I'm thinking that most situations would prefer as many attacks in the first ranged skirmish as possible, but who knows? I noticed more cards are coming out that encourage you to think out of the box when it comes to combo's. Guess that is why my love for this game keeps on growing
  5. But how does one or more copies of Holy Fusillade affect this situation?
  6. Please look here for all the information you need http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/wh40kconquest/conquest.html For Deck suggestions look here: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/wh40kconquest/warhammer-40-000-conquest-decks-section/_/warhammer-40-000-conquest-decks/
  7. Hmm.... Why did Brad this last podcast break out in hysterical laughter at the mention of Backlash should be another important question when Legions of Death comes out. And I also do not see why they would put a Warlord in a Cycle without any supporting card. Given the access to all factions in the alignment wheel I think there will be enough possibilities/variation in the meantime But one thing is for certain there will be change .
  8. Regarding the following: Combat Action: Attached unit, until the end of the phase, gains either (choose one): Area Effect (2) or Armorbane. (Limit once per phase.), Is the limitation restricted to the copy of the card, to the unit, or to the ability itself? How does this work when I have multiple copies in play on the same unit or seperately on different units? This because I would like to know if I can stack AoE of 2 copies on the same unit or that I have to choose AoE and Armorbane to be effective in case of a single unit. How does it work with several units? Can I select the same keyword or do I have to give each unit a different keyword?
  9. This selecting of cards by sets will become very important when we reach the point when cycles are phased out for tournament play.
  10. In case you did not kow ;-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Taliesin Perhaps I'm just dense, but can I ask what you're wanting to draw my attention to? That this book is perhaps the inspiration for Talyesin's name, or are there some deeper parallels I'm not seeing? Most people refer to the album by Deep Purple but that title was also inspired by this piece of work. Several names of the Eldar Craftworlds are also based on the Celtic culture. Just nice reference, nothing more
  11. In case you did not kow ;-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Taliesin
  12. Does the use of AE damage through Brood Chamber or Heavy Venom Cannon allow it to ready when destroying an enemy unit? Also just to make sure, does the AE damage of any combination of Brood Chamber(s) or Heavy Venom Cannon(s) stack?
  13. Today at our local tournament we had a discussion about the card Staging Ground. The AM player said the units could be deployed for free, while another player stated you only get the right to play units with cost of 2 or lower outside of the deployment phase. Sofar only Ambush Platform states that you get a cost reduction of one. If I read the rules correctly deploying still means by paying the cost contrary to Drop Pod which says put into play, rather then deploy. What is the correct ruling on this?
  14. Hold it. What's this: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/12/1/the-final-gambit/ And it's not even Christmas yet
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