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  1. Rebel transports would work fine as support ships, fireships and ECM ships. As support ships maybe they'd be able to transfer command points over to squadrons or other capital ships. . I could definitely seem them as having a role as retrofitted fighter-carriers. If the Imperials bring in the Star Galleons or the Gozanti class crusiers we see in Rebels, the GR75 would be a perfect counterpart. A jury-rigged fighter support ship to compete with a specialized one. As there is already a "Heroes and Villains" pack for Armada, I can see Imperial and Rebel transports being in a "Workhorse" pack. Maybe 2-3 ships in a pack that are between squadron and 'small' size. They'd invent a 'bulk transport' or 'picket' siz
  2. To hell with scale. They're going to make it anyways. Not everyone cares about exacting scales.
  3. Wow, c'mon, if you're gonna use takeout menus, please at least move the letters around a bit. I mean, if I come across a character named Moo Goo Gai Pan I'm just going to walk away from the table. At some point it does get a little offensive. I mean..think about coming to the table with a black character named "Fried Chicken" or "Grape Soda"...No. Just no.
  4. It's not tacky. In fact in a business environment you'd be considered a bad purchaser or a rube for not even trying. Sellers would love you, your boss would find someone else with a little more balls to do the job.
  5. Sigh, if only it could be put on a hawk.
  6. I'd put it on my A-Wings since they always wind up separated from the pack anyway.
  7. At 500 XP you could be an admiral or captain with your very own Star Destroyer. (Or since we're good guys, Mon Cal Crusier) You can do a lot of the same stuff with a Star Destroyer that a Jedi can do. Telekinesis- Tractor Beams Deflect Blasters - Deflector Shields Jump Around - Fly in Space Beat up a bunch of mooks - Melt a city Heal People - Med Bay Force Lightning - AT AT And well, there are way more Star Destroyers running around than Jedi. Heck, I think a Jedi would be hard pressed to compete with a Corellian Corvette in the terms of 'blowing things up and moving them around with space magic' department. I think part of the balance they're going for is that there's very little the Jedi can do that anyone else with the appropriate technology cannot. There's enough gadgets and hardware floating around to emulate nearly anything Force-like.
  8. The game as of now is not really built for playing 'bad guys', note the lack of support for Imperial campaigns in AOR. It's been a pretty blatant design decision. While I'm pretty sure darkside and imperial splatbooks will be coming in the future (It would be a bad business decision NOT to) right now I don't think there is much intended support structure for being a badguy.
  9. I say: Just Deal With It. Let the players play what they want to play. The system is designed to handle all kinds of party types. Nothing's going to explode. What you're talking about is your own personal hangups regarding canon and 'specialness'.
  10. It would be considered a battle in IRL terms as well, we're talking about 30 air (space) craft in total engaging in a mass combat. Let's not forget the gunnery crews on the turbolaser trenches, they certainly count as well. There hasn't been nearly that amount of hardware shooting at each other in the air since WWII. Seriously when have there been 30 planes in the sky at the same time, in the same engagement area, shooting at each other WITH dozens of AA platforms on the ground shooting at them too, in the last 70 years? That's would be like 30 million dollars right there. Most nations in the world can't even field a squadron of 15 combat grade at once. Our troops on the ground are lucky if they can call in 1 strike craft or attack helicopter. Not all battles are like Kursk or Stalingrad. There are plenty of battles like Fallujah that don't involve thousands of combatants, and they're still considered battles.
  11. I think for Star Wars as in WWII, fighters definitely have the potential to be king and frankly, that's appropriate. In all the movies and TV shows, fighter battles are given much more time and drama than ship-to-ship combat. So the question is: Why capital ships? What's poorly reflected in games in general, especially ship-to-ship games like Armada, is that capital ships provide logistics. It's like a carrier group..you can't operate far away in deep space with just fighters. They have to land somewhere, the pilots need to rest, refit, etc. You also can't stage a land invasion with fighters. Big ships provide transport and support for land armies. In general what's missing in a lot of fleet-to-fleet combat games is that the point of big ships is NOT to well..shoot at each other, the point is to provide mobile bases from which to stage massive military operations. If we're going WWII analogies, I feel that the Rebel philosophy is the (American) fighter heavy tactic, while Imperials favor (Japanese) battleship-style tactics. While fighters had the advantage in WWII, certainly that can be altered by making battleships stronger/cheaper/more powerful, or limiting fighters in such a way to reflect logistics.
  12. The clicker movement thing seems like a fairly complex piece of plastic. The X-wing movement was all cardboard templates. I could imagine that they might need to have gone to a higher end place in China to get the movement clicker manufactured properly.
  13. TarlSS


    In Star Wars parlance, specifically lore laid down in the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, most starships have their strongest fields of fire in their frontal arc. Most capital ship weapons are mounted on turrets along sides, top and bottom..this usually means that to some degree all weapons, except rear mounted weapons, can focus fire up front. The main exception would be large spinal mounted weapons..which would also be forward firing. Since turrets and batteries are pretty oldschool in terms of engineering, and spaceships don't need to be designed with aerodynamics or water dynamics in mind...designing a hull with clear focus fire potential in a combat ship is standard.
  14. Demo? I want a box. I will punch the demoer, and take it.
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