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    Hysteria reacted to Tramp Graphics in Committing Dice and Reflect   
    No. You can still use Reflect. What you can't do is use any other Force powers or any talents that require you to roll Force Dice. 
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    Hysteria reacted to BCGaius in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    The best/easiest way (though not the only way) to focus on the Morality mechanic of a F&D character is by temptation. Tempt the PC with the quick and easy path. The right thing to do is harder and less rewarding in the short term.
    This can be purely ethical, or it can employ the game's mystical mechanics. Offer advantages to the PC if they indulge in the Dark Side or otherwise flirt with Conflict. Make them want Conflict... or at least, the benefits you're offering in exchange. Remind them on those Force rolls that their Foresee attempt could give them an additional glimpse at the Big Bad's defenses and vulnerabilities... and it would only cost a point of Conflict or two to use those dark pips...
    Give them an option/opportunity to turn the droid enforcers on the slavers themselves which is very easy and very obvious, and saves the hostages to boot... but would also necessitate setting the droids' kill-protocols into overdrive so they ruthlessly, mercilessly gun down every slaver, even if the slavers surrender under the onslaught. Give them that easy option (making sure to make it clear that it would also probably be morally questionable), so that the harder option of negotiating/a tactical takedown to save the hostages is more meaningful. If they choose the quick and easy path, then you're in Conflict City.
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    Hysteria reacted to SEApocalypse in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    Hurray for murder in any case. Does not matter if you count the dead slaver bodies or the dead slave bodies. Just hand out the conflict. I recommend to cap it, because you do not want them to switch over to the darkside based on one decision. ;-)
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    Hysteria got a reaction from DaverWattra in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    Okay...that's a good point. Darn...
    Here's the thing--it's a mixed group that has about 400xp, with a force-sensitive PC that has really not had a ton of situations that could generate conflict. I was thinking that in this situation, the PCs can take the slavers on and win, but fighting will incur some collateral damage that they could otherwise avoid. I wasn't thinking "screw over the PC with morality," more "present them with a difficult choice the rule books are always suggesting we do. 
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    Hysteria got a reaction from Desslok in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    Maybe...I think it's where Obi-wan kenobi  taped his fists and made sure Michaels lost the next match he was supposed to, but I'm not sure. 
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    Hysteria reacted to Jedi Ronin in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    I once saw Paladin Screw-Job open for Iron Maiden.  It was pretty epic.
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    Hysteria reacted to Desslok in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    Wasn't that where Shawn Michaels forced Bret Hart to tap out despite not actually tapping out?
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    Hysteria reacted to Desslok in pouty player   
    Gah! I'm having Cyberpunk 2020 flashbacks and the Mr Studd™ attachment.
    (and yes, this was a real thing. And no, I am not telling you any more about it. Use your imagination and you wont be far off).
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    Hysteria reacted to Aetrion in pouty player   
    In all honesty, from everything you're describing this guy just sounds like someone I wouldn't want to interact with game or no game. It's like someone used Sith alchemy to make the most mean spirited stereotype of the misogynist neckbeard gamer manifest. I mean generally it really ticks me off when gamers get called that kind of stuff by "culture critics", but when there is genuinely someone who acts that way, wow, I am not on their side. 
    I mean, a player insisting that another players character is a **** and should sleep with his character, that's well beyond the pale of what I would tolerate at my game table, let alone social circle. 
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    Hysteria reacted to ASCI Blue in pouty player   
    The PG-13 aspect isn't an issue. It's the frequency, when out of we'll call it 10 - 12 sessions 9 - 10 of them have involving this one dude trying to get tail from a PC it gets old quick. Moreso since my lore has the Jedi being celibate for the most part as a temporary measure post Sith sacking of Coruscant (~300 years after SWTOR). Which was stated publically when he tried to argue that Jedi have plenty of booty calls. This also includes after being turned down by said PCs in game.
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    Hysteria reacted to BCGaius in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    I more or less agree with the others in that "it depends."
    This sort of situation really gets into the nitty-gritty of both ethics and Jedi philosophy, so care is required to deal with these kinds of encounters.
    Did the PCs act impetuously and/or with reckless disregard for the safety of the slaves? Conflict. Jedi put others before themselves. Acting rashly without careful consideration for the consequences on other people, whether intentional or not, leads to the Dark Side.
    Did the PCs ignore or otherwise fail to consider peaceful, non-violent solutions? Conflict. Jedi act for knowledge or defense, including defense of others. That may justify a pre-emptive attack on the slavers, but it also may not, depending on the situation. Hostage negotiation should be a priority concern, because the hostages' safety is paramount. Violence is only called for if negotiating would put the hostages at greater risk than attacking the slavers. Simply attacking without even considering non-violent solutions is the path to the Dark Side.
    I would generally advise caution as the GM in presenting these kinds of situations. If you intend a simplistic Scooby Doo style of "heroes deal with the baddies and rescue the hostages!" that's totally fine, but then such an approach tends to encourage taking out the bad guys with little actual threat of the hostages being killed. If you intend something more complex, with moral dilemmas and ethical challenges, that's fine too, but it needs to be carefully thought through to its conclusion. If, on the other hand, you are only putting this in as a roadblock for the PCs, in a mustache-twirling "A-ha! You can't attack me because you're the good guys and I have hostages!" move, you're probably going to be in for an unsatisfying session (either for you or for the players).
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    Hysteria reacted to Aetrion in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    Yea, I agree it comes down to what the demands of the slavers are. If they are offering the PCs a way to peacefully resolve the situation and the PCs are attacking out of pure ego because they just want to win in every encounter they should definitely take huge conflict for any deaths that causes. If they are trying to blackmail the PCs into doing even worse things on the other hand attacking them might be justified.
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    Hysteria reacted to Desslok in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    I guess it depends if there are other (reasonable) options on the table. If they jumped straight to "That was your plan, Ray?" - then yeah, slap 'em with conflict. But if they've stopped and planned and figured out some other angles before dismissing them as not workable plans, then I wouldn't. Or if I did - one or two at the most.
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    Hysteria reacted to Garran in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    What are the slavers' demands? Something beyond 'deliver the goods as per the contract'?

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    Hysteria reacted to emsquared in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    What are the Slavers demands?
    I think it's very important to your question whether or not the "alternative" is actually a viable alternative, or if you just forces their hand.
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    Hysteria reacted to Jedi Ronin in Assigning conflict for "collateral damage"   
    If I was GM I would not hand out Conflict for "collateral damage" in this scenario because to me collateral damage is destruction (and perhaps death) caused by unconsidered or uncaring PC actions, where no or little thought is given to the side-effects of actions taken.  In your scenario slaves being killed means that the PCs plan failed to some degree - they didn't eliminate the slavers fast enough.  But they are trying to rescue the slaves.  If their attack plan was really reckless and aggressive in a way that flirted with the dark side I'd hand out Conflict but not for slaves being killed in a difficult situation where the PCs are trying to rescue the slaves.
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    Hysteria reacted to Daeglan in Do Jedi ruin the rebellion?   
    And in fact each rebel group is highly unlikely to share any jedi they may have with other groups because blabbing about any jedi is a great way to get them killed. 
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    Hysteria reacted to Desslok in Do Jedi ruin the rebellion?   
    Yeah, I was about to say - you cannot step into a river without affecting change. Just let your concerns go and let your players be the stars.
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    Hysteria reacted to kaosoe in Hidden sniper. Free shot?   
    I tend to run initiative as RAW.  The scenario described above would garner some positive dice due to the unknown factor, but maybe if the NPC won, it could be that the NPC was tipped off some how, or narrative knelt to tie their shoe and the initial shot missed, so now the target is vaguely aware than there's a sniper in the area. To the PCs advantage, the target may not know where, so they could only do defensive actions.
    But as the pirate said, if you give bonuses to the sniper's initiative slot, it's likely that they'll go first.
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    Hysteria reacted to Desslok in The Endless Vigil for Endless Vigil is Finished   
    Heavy is the burden of those who get their books early. . . .
    Hurray! Lumiya gets her time in the sun (sort of)
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    Hysteria reacted to Absol197 in The Endless Vigil for Endless Vigil is Finished   
    Cannot...get...this image...out...of...head...
    Desslok, you monster!
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    Hysteria reacted to Desslok in FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!   
    Naw, I have never bought into the internet hive mind Group Think that E1-3 were terrible, unwatchable awful movies. At their worst, they're as inoffensive as every other big budget, big hollywood blockbuster these days.
    But E1-3 don't bug me. Yeah I could do with a little less Jar Jar at the climax, but I realize why he was there - comic relief for a series that was about to get super dark super fast. And comic relief has always been part of the series, from R2's pratfalls to Yoda as The Trickster. Is the romance awkward? Yes - but you have a slave turned jedi on one side a princess senator since she was 10 on the other - not a lot of time for socialization and human interaction, so of course it's going to be awkward and stilted. That's both backgrounds coming into play. 
    And lastly, it's a little like Superman 3 vs Man of Steel or Star Trek 5 vs Neo Trek. Superman 3 and Trek 5 are not very good - but quality of the film aside, you look at Superman and go "Yeah, I still see the character amid the bad movie" or "Okay, that's the Kirk and Spock and McCoy triangle that I know from way back". Where with Man of Steel and Neo-Trek, you get the outward appearance of the character, but none of the heart or soul.
    Same thing with 1-3 vs 7. Phantom Menace might be a worse film (I disagree, but for the sake of argument, lets say this is so), but it still feels right, feels like Star Wars. Awakens looks like a Star Wars film, but doesn't feel like it. R1, despite trying to be it's own thing, still feels right.
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    Hysteria reacted to Desslok in FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!   
    There is no way that they are going to wrap up main character story arcs by shooting them down as a footnote in the background. Zero.
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    Hysteria reacted to Lordbiscuit in FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!   
    I imagine it would be a Heavy Blaster Rifle of some description or other. An extensively modified one considering the fuel cell required to power the thing.
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    Hysteria reacted to Paris Teta in FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!   
    The death star has an surface area about 45239  km²,  some where is a 2 meter wide hole, go find it... in enemy territory, with gun emplacements...
    see plans are nice.
    No AT-AT, was a Cargo Variant, so maybe less armor on the legs, and X Wing has heavier arment then a snow speeder. And a few month to upgrade the AT-ATs.
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