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  1. Given that I expect expansions relating to the new books before a 3rd edition, I don't think we'll be seeing a 3rd edition anytime soon.
  2. Pegasus board, all crisis cards, all super crisis cards, overlays, cylon fleet board, all characters, newest title cards, mutineer cards, newest infiltration card, all loyalty cards including final 5 and conflicted loyalties, all ships, miracle tokens, motive cards, all quorum, all destination.
  3. I have all the expansions but I can't figure out which of these 2 are the most balanced when playing with all the expansions. Has anyone tried implementing both the Cylon Fleet AND the attack crisis cards in their games? The cylon fleet is too predictable, so I'm considering throwing in the attack cards as well. Keeping in mind that the crisis deck is so large, I don't think we'll run into too many attack crisis cards during gameplay, hopefully keeping the game in balance. Thoughts?
  4. When we play, characters rarely stay in the Brig for too long. It costs valuable skill cards to keep someone in the brig -- cards that are needed to pass most crisis' -- as they could attempt to get out each turn. Your fellow players must have really wanted to keep you there, to the point of risking a win.
  5. I dunno, but I'm excited! I hope FF continues to support the game with smaller expansions in the future.
  6. Oh! I completely misread b.) I thought the player would have to shuffle HIS OWN You Are Not A Cylon card into the loyalty deck and draw a new card.
  7. I'm just gonna go with yes. A few more questions... Personal Goal Loyalty Cards: a.) Can they all be revealed if the situation is right, or must they all be activated as an "action"? I thought they could only be revealed as an "action", but that would make it impossible for some to trigger in this way. Example: "USE CAUTION: THE FLEET HAS MADE A 1-DISTANCE JUMP -- Action: Reveal this card if a 1-distance Destination Card has been resolved." Usually a Destination Card resolves after the fleet jumps -- long after the action phase. Does one wait til his turn after a 1-distance destination card is resolved to reveal during his action phase? That would make sense, but the way the card is written doesn't imply that. b.) When a Personal Goal Loyalty Card is revealed, if distance is 6 or less, can that personal goal card be shuffled into the loyalty deck itself, potentially causing the player to draw it again?
  8. I'm not even goin to attempt to wrap my head around all the options Exodus provides -- at least not yet. My question is fairly straight forward: During setup with the Exodus expansion, must a basestar and 3 raiders be placed in front of Galactica and 2 civilian ships behind it the way the core game asks? Or does the Cylon fleet board completely ignore that?
  9. Great move. I'll keep it in mind -- especially since I'm getting Exodus on Monday.
  10. I just realized that late yesterday, lol. Should have read the character card properly.
  11. I have not yet played with the Exodus expansion, so my tiers are only based on the core game and Pegasus: Admiral- #1 Helena Cain: Being able to execute anyone being sent to the Brig is nasty, and her OPG may be the best in the game. She's an excellent human and with the right timing and skill, she can be a very effective cylon. #2 William Adama: A well balanced Admiral. Inspirational leader could really come in handy and his OPG could help in tight spots. Unfortunately I feel he doesn't benefit much as a cylon thanks to his first ability, but as a human he really shines. #3 Karl "Helo" Agathon: His negative ability is a simple road bump; he has two excellent abilities that could benifit either a cylon or human player that chooses him. It also helps that he's my favorite character on the show. #4 Saul Tigh: His negative ability hurts, but is OPG is very effective as is his cylon hatred. Personally I feel he is strongest as a cylon, but he's very useful as a human as well... just not as useful as the other 3 which is why he's tier 4. President- #1 Laura Roslin: While her negative ability raises eyebrows and it hurts her versatility, a President shouldn't be activating many locations anway. Her Religious Visions and OPG are abilities both a human and cylon player should find very useful. #2 Ellen Tigh: Gods help the humans if she's a cylon. Ellen may be the most manipulative character in the game. In the right hands she can be either a powerful ally or a sneaky toaster. Her negative ability makes her suspicious, unfortunately, but a good player could make use of it. #3 Gaius Baltar: Yes people are always suspicious of him thanks to his Coward ability, but one can't deny the power of his positive abilities. Being able to draw any card outside his skill set after his crisis and using said card to either help the humans or sneak it as a negative into a skill check to put the blame on someone else is nothing to scoff at and his Cylon Detector is unrivaled (though it will likely become less useful once Daybreak releases). #4 Tom Zarek: A decent Political Leader. While his abilities are nothing mind blowing, with the right timing he can do some serious work, especially if he's a cylon. Pilot- #1 Lee "Apollo" Adama: I don't have Exodus and so I'm unaware of how useful the CAG Title is or how it works, but as a regular pilot Lee excells. Being able to hop on any viper just placed on the board and immediately take an action is a big advantage for the humans and his CAG ability helps in a pinch. He's at his best as a human player. #2 Kara "Starbuck" Thrace: The advantage she gets by staying in a viper is very helpful and her OPG, like Lee's, could prove useful in emergencies. Unfortunately she's easy to brig and is mostly helpful as a human; althouhh her OPG could have cylon benifits. #3 Louanne "Kat" Katraine: A versatile pilot herself, Kat is an excellent crew member as a human and, with some luck and skill, could pull off sneaky moves with her Headshot ability if she's a cylon, particularly with the new Exodus nuke rules.. Also, pilots have great emergency OPGs and Kat's is no different. #4 Sharon "Boomer" Valerii: If it wasn't for her negative ability, Sharon may be a spot higher, but because people are immidiately suspicious about her and she can't play around that as well as someone like Baltar, she ranks 4th in the pilot line up. She shines as a cylon, but it's difficult to get people to trust her. As a human she could definitely benifit the fleet.. but people would still have a hard time trusting her. Support- #1 "Chief" Galen Tyrol: Frustrating negative ability, but his OPT is amazing -- definitely among the most useful in the game. Blind Devotion is also a nice bonus. #2 Anastasia "Dee" Dualla: Far from a bad support character, even with her negative ability, she is just outranked by Galen through no fault of her own. Being able to move all civilian ships is a very dramatic ability and somethin both human and cylon players could find useful. Fast Learner is also a very helpful ability.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I had my first BSG Pegasus game on the 4th (minus New Caprica & Cylon Leaders), and it was as if the gods of Kobal heard my whining. Within the first few turns everyone turned against me after I vocally suspected someone to be a Cylon. Everyone assumed I was tryin to pin the blame on him and I was the Cylon myself -- which couldn't have been further from the truth. We find out that I was right... after they executed me as Chief. #4 on your list was what hurt the most; everyone was confident I wss the Cylon and so they paid big time to be sure I was thrown out of the ship. Soon after I picked my new character (another support, Dee) we began losing crisis rounds, depleting our recources, significantly our moral... until we hit 2 and Dee was execute, losing us another moral. We finally lost after a long struggle to stay afloat by loss of moral. While I still don't think the consequence is strong enough, I could see why it may not be a good idea to just kill everyone on the ship. I think the Exodus feature of recieving a new loyalty card is a great one and a step in the right direction. Looking forward to it.
  13. I just bought the Pegasus expansion, not long after purchasing the base game. Haven't played with the expansion yet, but I've noticed that executing a human doesn't have any serious consequence. What's to keep players from executing anyone suspicious just to find out who the cylon is? Loss of 1 moral? Not a big deal it seems, considering the fact that moral can be gained through various means. Discard skill cards? That player draws up skill cards on his next turn anyway. Executing a President or Admiral? The title doesn't change hands unless the player who was executed doesn't choose a replacement character next in the line of succession. Is this a feature that needs to be played to realize the negative affects it has on a human player? I like the idea behind it; it just doesn't seem to have much of a downside for the humans. I included "other questions" in this thread to potentially include more Pegasus-related questions as I come accross them, rather than creating a new topic. Thanks.
  14. I agree. I've finally wrapped my head around it, but it took several reads and a response from this forum to understand. Still haven't been able to get my group together to play, but we likely will play our first BSG game sometime this week. Looking forward to it!
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