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  1. You're very welcome, don't forget to join our Discord if you have any questions/feedback
  2. I just pushed v5 of my Network Encounter Generator over on http://www.serversofthe.net Patch notes: [New] 53 Brand new ice from our Netrunner conversion project. Adding 17 Barriers, 17 Code Gates and 17 Sentries, with a couple of rare surprises. That increases the total of custom ice to 72 normal play cards and 34 advanced play cards. [New] To support all the new Ice you can now select which sources of ice you want the generator to use, Raw, Wave 1 or Wave 2 [New] The card list page has had a visual update. Now will help identify which source a card is from and make it easier to find which cards are available to the generator. http://www.serversofthe.net/cardlist.php [Balance/Update] After our first test run for Gone is 60ms (see http://www.serversofthe.net/playtest.php) Great Wall was appearing too often, its chance to appear has been lowered in the generator [Bugfix] An issue was caught and fixed where ice would appear more often than the "Maximum of the same ice" value. This has an impact on the generator seed and could change server configurations based on the same seed.
  3. I wanted to announce that v4 just went live and for a limited time I'm conducting an open beta. You can access the web app from www.serversofthe.net and join our discord via https://discord.gg/NRSDFfc, I also have a trello board for capturing ideas/feedback from the testers on discord: https://trello.com/b/khJn2fNo/run-generator New features in v4: Headline feature is the ability to generate up to 10,000 servers into a single collection. This is the first version and it awaits your feedback. This is a great tool for sandbox/west march games in particular and will be used as a tool for future playtesting of ice. You can now specify a maximum number of times a particular piece of ice shows up in a single server or have it unlimited. Due to the special rules with Great Wall, that will ignore these limits if there are too many sub-systems grouped by the random generator Based on testing feedback servers that have 2 or 3 layers of ice now have more variety in their configuration. Before Barriers tended to be the innermost piece of ice.
  4. Hi all, Been plugging away on some tools for my upcoming SotB campaigns. One of the things I noticed in the sourcebook was the potential need for structured encounters for runners (Pages 125-140) Studying the rules and the recommendations on encounter design, I liked the idea of building a web-based tool that could generate those for me. I'm sharing it with broader community and looking for a highly select number of testers (GMs who have active SotB campaigns with runners in them) to be part of the alpha phase. Here is a video of it in action: https://i.imgur.com/pfr0pMJ.mp4 The tool is intended to create encounters and give the GM a jumping off point. It is not scoped to run or manage encounters at the table or online. Right now the tool is already in testing and I'm open for applications from GMs who want to test drive this in their own games and provide feedback. We're also looking for players to join some specific play-test sessions I'm organizing (see below) as they don't require access to the tool Alpha Features: Generate a Structured Network encounter at a click of a button via Desktop/Mobile browser Select Difficulty (based on the check to access the system) - that impacts the amount of ICE and how isolated each sub-system is from the others Utilizes the full design ruleset from page 139 for both regular and advanced runners (150+ XP) Identify target/goal sub-systems for your encounter to ensure they're included and have some of the stronger defenses Include a number of additional optional systems that may or may not be protected by ICE Fully programmatic, every server is different. Includes a series of fuzzy algorithms to simulate good and bad system design Includes NPC SysOp generator that has randomly generated name, picture, stat block, personalities and how attentive they are being in protecting the server Randomly generate a name for the server based on difficulty. If you have ideas/suggestions please post them the our discord server Optionally include 52 custom ice, based on Android: Netrunner cards, when generating servers. Sourcebook only has 15. 17 of each type of ice (Barrier, Code Gate and Sentry) and 2 "mythic" ice 32 designed for regular play with 20 designed for 150+ XP runners Revised card art to allow for physical printing when the deck is released later Thematic and unique game design for every card, inspired by their Netrunner counterparts GMs I'm accepting requests to join the testing program via this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeN0G9fVGK2tgGiH5GlKMHoAK8wvE-I-aOc6h2T3P23ER48sA/viewform What about players/runners? After creating 52 new pieces of ice we need to run some play tests. I'm looking to organize a number of one-shot style session called "Gone in 60 microseconds" where a band of runners have to infiltrate and steal data from 50 servers within 72 hours (sound familiar?), looking for players to bring their existing characters (all XP levels welcome) or characters specifically for the event. If you're interested in taking part join the discord server here: https://discord.gg/NRSDFfc
  5. Hello everyone, it seems I have a major issue with my web host and in the near future I believe my website is gone. Thankfully Brad has done an awesome job of incorporating my rule set into that fantastic looking PDF. The "simplified" version is actually the alternative repair rules on page 7 of the PDF (v1.4) the goal of which is to create a single roll for groups who don't want to play out the detailed mechanics.
  6. I totally agree that you need experience with a system to get the most out of it. With that said, I don't think you can really have "house rules" within the context of a rules light RPG system. As we're all really newbs with this system, also as the system leans heavily on the GM, I wanted to start a conversation based on my experiences to deal with the trip ups I ran into. For example, now that I've had some sleep I've noticed that actually everyone's stats start at 1, so the 10 point buy is effectively 16. That would have helped a bit last night and the rolls of my players wouldn't have been so harsh. Rusted and Dante - What was your first (few) game(s) like, what did your players like/dislike in those sessions?
  7. Hosted on behalf of DomDomDom: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqi0t119pbn08yu/EW01_CharSheet_clean.pdf?dl=0
  8. I just got done with my first game. I tend to GM SWRPG and have GM'd a lot of D&D over the years. I enjoyed the experience but couldn't help feeling I was doing some things wrong. Wondering what the experience has been for others. I'm posting a link to the full write up in case, after some sleep, I go back and add more thoughts: http://www.reddit.com/r/theendoftheworldrpg/comments/2sx4at/thoughts_after_first_game_lessons_learnt_as_gm/ Looking forward to seeing other people's thoughts here or on reddit.
  9. Earthern Defense (of) Ecology Network
  10. Sent you a PM with help on how to get that pdf hosted.
  11. Don't forget as well, uncancelled successes equal a point of damage. So your throw would need to be good for it to hurt your target. As the GM you could also give bonuses for other factors, e.g. throwing a rock at a zombie from the roof, +1 positive die.
  12. This idea is pretty awesome. I could easily picture the Inquisitors wanting to kill Luke and Co. before events come to pass. That would be up to the players but what if they took over Luke's training once he met up with the Rebels, giving him the strength to get revenge on those that killed his father. Luke never meets Yoda. The epic conclusion of the story could be the PCs + Luke go to take on Vader and the Emperor. Skywalker learns the truth about Vader and instead of killing him, they join forces against the PCs, turning the finale into an epic three-way battle. I would add to that story. Having the players develop relationships with key players( fictional or not) within the rebellion, or at least a base of sort, and have the inquisitors slay them, when the players least expect. Or maybe that the inquisitors saw the opportunity to take power with the fall of the emperor, re establishment of the sith order, through the quick teachings of many younger people, thus creating chaos throughout the galaxy, as many inexperienced, and egotistical sith Palawan try to cut a path through civilisation and jedi to establish themselves a name. As a result the players will be deep seeded with lust to stop the sith, with the problem not only being the inquisitors but now their apprentices. I always though that the sites one weakness was in that, they didn't recruit or teach enough people at once, only two sith at a time, ridiculous. They stand a greater chance at killign the jedi with greater numbers. Interesting how you place the PCs as a separate party, I actually had the PCs playing the Inquisitors in my head. I like your twist though and it would make a fun game.
  13. If it was anything like Age of Rebellion then you may be waiting until October before you have the beta book in hand Hopefully feedback was taken on board from last time and the sale takes place much closer to Gencon.
  14. This idea is pretty awesome. I could easily picture the Inquisitors wanting to kill Luke and Co. before events come to pass. That would be up to the players but what if they took over Luke's training once he met up with the Rebels, giving him the strength to get revenge on those that killed his father. Luke never meets Yoda. The epic conclusion of the story could be the PCs + Luke go to take on Vader and the Emperor. Skywalker learns the truth about Vader and instead of killing him, they join forces against the PCs, turning the finale into an epic three-way battle.
  15. More of a campaign idea than a single character but one idea I liked was a group of Rebellion-era Sith inquisitors who are assigned to a remote planet in search of Jedi. Instead of finding Jedi they find a Sith Holocron guarded by an ancient dark side spirit. The Holocron shows the group a vision of the future in which the events of Original trilogy come to pass (the Emperor is killed and the Empire defeated) So ultimately confident in their own powers and with the arrogance that only Sith can possess, they arrange a secret meeting with some Rebel contacts to create an alliance of convenience. With their long term goal of being on the "winning" side. Their prediction that the "weak" rebels will let their guard down and the Inquisitors can usurp the leadership for themselves.
  16. In my group I think I would state that using the content from F&D would result in Morality coming over for that character. I would tend to focus the mechanic more on force using characters and have it be optional for non-force using characters. My regular group doesn't meet for a couple more weeks so not had a chance to discuss this with them yet. Overall though I do like the system and think the team have handled it really well.
  17. Ogg - Can't promise anything right now but *if* someone was to add all the AoR data (following the reference style you've used for EotE) would you add it to the main distro? Also would you consider adding Duty support as well? Would it be enough to just add this as custom data using the tools then export and send to you or should they follow a different way of adding the data?
  18. By Adobe format you mean PDF or something else? If you did mean PDF then install a software PDF printer (Google it) and just "Print" what you need to save.
  19. Since the new version did anyone create custom data for the AoR Beta content? Didn't want to do redundant work if someone has already gone to the trouble.
  20. I run two games. The first is a 5 player, 6 hour per session, twice a month group in which I use interconnected story arcs (think interconnected adventure modules) and I make sure I have enough motivations and rewards to have them follow the plot. They're free to off-road the campaign as much as they want but the group tend to be really good at playing along with the story. The group are currently embroiled in deep political power plays of the Hutt families, trying to work their way up the underworld ladder. The other group tends to be a little more chaotic in terms of who attends but contains 6 players and 2-3 hour sessions every 2 weeks. As I wouldn't get a lot of mileage pre-writing I completely improv at the table. Also this campaign turns on the high-adventure, action film style than your traditional Star Wars. So far the group has battled a cybernetically enhanced Rancor, a crashed Imperial ship full of Scout Troopers with AT-STs and just recently located a remote hidden Rebel base by pure chance, finding the mysterious only survivor of the Rebel cell. Overall whatever approach you take, as others have said, it doesn't matter if your players are having fun. What I would recommend is don't over-prepare. If you do you'll be desperate to try and direct your players back on track and that removes some of the fun for them and for you. Some of my best stories came from something random the players did on their own.
  21. The inferior blaster rifle I took to just be a reskinned slugthrower rifle. Also some of the premades have taken talents from other career/specs.
  22. I have an Outlaw tech in one of my groups and what we've decided so far is that he'll get to Invent things and integrate those inventions into the Plot of the campaign. Eventually he'll come up with something that he'll start a business venture based on his underworld profits, which in turn creates a responsibility obligation for him having to come back and deal with the business. Meanwhile his invention will award him credits over time. For me there is an entire story arc of the Rebels getting wind of his awesome invention and want him to bring it over to the Rebellion, then have the ISB or the Hutts show up to try and grab it for themselves.
  23. I agree with others about having a group discussion if the other players are getting bored. That should be your first step, based on what you said it's not a one-to-one conversation. If the group doesn't mind then your NPCs will need to fight 'smarter', they'll have heard about this crazy auto-firing monster and will use extreme range snipers, ambushes at close range, gas or grenades, smoke grenades for extreme cover, they'll attack the group in space. Maybe extremely cunning Nemsis would hire them to a weapon restricted planet or station where only blaster pistols are allowed and then attack them. Also during his roles make sure you're cashing in Destiny points and hit him with out of ammo or weapon jam if despair comes up. Finally I think FFG could have balanced auto-fire if they had added a slow firing 1 temporary, until end of your next turn, effect to the weapon after an auto-fire is used, miss or hit.
  24. 3 Intellect is totally viable if you also go Wookiee and Marauder Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8Nut-ZSuRHQdTV4eWM1YUdmN0U/edit?usp=sharing
  25. Based on Jay Little's response that they balance XP and once per session talents on a 4 hour session. I'd say just to keep it simple allow your players to have it be twice per session if your sessions are 6-8 hours long and you feel that they would have used it again in a session. One of my groups plays for about 6 hours every 2 weeks. One of my players has a once per session and we've kept it at once per session, for now, but I don't think he would have used it more than once anyway.
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