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  1. Syleh Forge

    Interdictor on Sale!

    Best Tanks in the game!! Getting a 2nd is always worth it, they're best in pairs :D. But I don't think I would ever use 4 at a time....even at that price
  2. Syleh Forge

    Turn Length in real time?

    Ive read this as well but a few things... In our on screen encounters (which have to be the truest canon) a Star Destroyer trashes corvettes and disables an MC75 in about a minute? Likewise in RotS over coruscant hundreds of ships are fighting and some ships die very quick while others pound away so you could say 5-20 minutes max to beat down a Venator.
  3. Syleh Forge

    Dual Interdictor

    So I actually run a similar list to this and it’s done very well for me. I’m 3-0 in a tournament and 2-0 in casual games with it. Dual Interdictors can be quite tanky, and with HIE’s can be surprisingly deadly. https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/15005/ (Linked) You can dual arc with Interdictors quite easily, and with a Firepower command and HIE’s they are likely to inflict 6-8 dmg per turn. (3 Blue, 1 Red///4 Blue, 1 Red) get a crit and it’s stripping 3 shields on top of everything. Dual Interdictors actually excel at killing large ships because they can strip away the shields so effectively at long range, large ships lose (practical) use of their 2 redirects and so only have (1 useful) defense token left. And youre rolling Blues... On top of that, two interdictors can survive alot. With an engineering value of 5, they can recover. With Brunson you can cancel out damage pretty much every turn (and the Title helps with her). I would strongly suggest using Targeting Scramblers. Its a ridiculously powerful upgrade. ”While a friendly ship at distance 1-3 is defending is defending at close range, during the Spend Defense Tokens step, you may exhaust this card to force the attacker to reroll up to 4 dice of your choice” So it works for the ship its on, and any ship near it getting attacked at close range. When you have one on each interdictor you can essentially use it 3 times per turn (if you only use Brunson once) It also works against Squadrons... it’s just really good. It also is immune to Defense Token manipulation as well (Brunson too!) which is incredibly useful against Avenger and Intel Officer. And you can use it to support your Demolisher if he gets caugt close to an ISD. 4 dice rerolls is brutal. i’ve kept an 8 point bid but you dont always want first with an Interdictor...but its certainly nice to choose lol. Im not able to play very frequently and am itching to take this to a Regional coming up (hopefully) and can see how it does against top competition, but i think the much maligned Interdictor can be a truly powerful and strong ship. Frankly i would take a 120 point Dictor over a 140 point ISD (without squadrons involved) any day of the week. Glad to see someone else who likes these ships.
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/9/enter-the-clone-wars/ Article dropped for X-wing, and while i enjoy X-wing - Armada is my true love so i didnt care much. Then i saw the picture in the scrawl and noticed some Seperatist ships fighting a Venator and thought that perhaps this is a sign. Obviously we've been wondering for years about this but now 1 product line is moving in that direction. Its interesting
  5. Syleh Forge


    That looks like itd be an awesome screensaver
  6. Syleh Forge

    Store Championships Dates/Locations

    Bump (In Hopes of a local tournament)
  7. Syleh Forge

    MS-1 Ion Cannons Change

    So as someone who uses these regularly let me say - For the cost, and on the right ship these are amazing upgrades. Not always needed, but they are insanely cheap. With the proliferation of cards that now use “Exhaust” (TRC, Avenger, Brunson, etc.) this card has come into its own. Previously it had very few cards it could target but now many popular options can be shut down. The cost is negligible and you may not always need it, but this isnt like not needing H9s or something - if you dont need it its not a big deal. The right ship absolutely has to be a Raider 2 or CR90B, with heavy preference on the Raider. You position your opener (the cr90) the turn previously so you can light up their upgrade on first shot. You need to have a heavy hitter to make use of the exhaust, and this upgrade is obviously useless on big ships for that reason. I personally use it on a Raider II with gunnery teams, MS-1’s, and DCaps. I can set the board, then get two ultra long range shots to knock out the opposing (MC75/80, Star Destroyer) and follow up with my own destroyer. Its a true joy to knock out Avenger before he can activate. The simple reality is that this upgrade is only practical on small ships, and for its cost and with the addition of new Exhaust cards it can be pretty useful. For your upgrade - i’d say it would certainly improve the Ion Cannons - to the point where large ships enjoyed taking them - but it would need a substantial uptick in cost (5 points maybe) cause it completely negates one of The Best defensive upgrades (a 7? 8? Point card? {i dont reall use it so i dont remember}) just straight cancellation. That would cost Far more than 2 points.
  8. Syleh Forge

    Executor arrives

    Don’t Stress too much. He works like Intel Officer. You use your token and he discards it afterwards. And he has to declare which token he discards before any ships activate.