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  1. If I had more players, I (as GM) would not play a character, though lately I've just been playing with my wife. So, she and I each made a character, and I run the adventures but let her make the decisions, and I just roll for my character's skills (as well as subtly nudge us in the right direction when she's confused on what to do).
  2. I assume you're properly applying Soak and defense rules? Add one Setback die per defence, and subtract damage from Soak (though lightsabers ignore soak). Also, on a hit, you take the damage of the weapon and add every uncancelled success dice (that is, don't count the successes that are cancelled by failures). I assume you're doing all these things, just wanted to make sure since there are a couple mechanics at play here. Also, pay attention to when your enemies apply crits to the PCs.
  3. Anyone have any experience with using the minis and tiles from Imperial Assault? If so, how did that go?
  4. All 3 take place during the same period, but each focuses on slightly different things. The core rules are the same, but then there's things like Duty, Obligation, and Morality. Then the "Galaxy" (and other "fluff" items) stuff is a little different
  5. Maps would be nice....if memory serves, when I ran that one when it first came out, I drew the map with dry erase markers as the PCs moved through the caves, and used a small printed out copy for my own reference.
  6. Thanks for the reminder that armor defense doesn't stack with cover. I had forgotten that. Armored Clothing is sounding better and better. Also, I plan for my guy to be a sniper of sorts, so he's probably gonna drop prone every now and then and not really be in cover anyway (come to think of it, does the Defense from armor stack from the setback from dropping prone? I'm thinking it does) Thanks for the replies guys!
  7. ah yes, good point. Armored Clothing has 1 hardpoint, whereas padded armor has none. Methinks I'm gonna go with Armored clothing. Besides, if I take cover, that'll be 2 setback die in total on attacks against me. Edit: Also good point about preventing crits. Armored Clothing sounds like a good choice.
  8. So, I'm building a character and trying to decide between Armored Clothing, which gives 1 Defense and 1 Soak, or Padded Armor which gives 2 soak. Which is better in the long run? On one hand, Defense potentially makes an entire attack fail, thereby mitigating all damage. But one setback die only has a 30% chance of rolling a failure. Whereas 1 additional soak helps every single time I'm hit. Has anyone done the numbers, or have any anecdotal evidence on which they prefer? Thanks
  9. How do you guys typically use an Adversary deck? Like, off the cuff the GM will say, "hmm, I need a good enemy here like a bounty hunter", and you just pick the bounty hunter guy? What if you needed a different bounty hunter later on? Use the same card, but just describe him as a different character? Do you ever draw a card at Random and just say, "here's the enemy that walked in the room"
  10. another way of thinking of it is instead of saying "I have 13 hitpoints" and count down, it's "I don't have any wounds yet", and start with 0. Then, as you take damage, the number of wounds you've sustained goes up. If your threshold is 13, once you've taken your 14th wound, you're incapacitated until you're brought below your threshhold (like someone gives you a stimpack), and you also take one critical injury.
  11. This is an old topic (you may have figured it out by now), but you'll find with this system that you'll often not have a map to use, or if you do, it's a very high level one (like the map of the valley itself). So, as you play, you'll just have to describe the surroundings to the players and have them imagine where they are. Or, you can always use a dry erase board and draw stuff on your own (there's probably also maps online that people have made themselves that you could download and print out)
  12. Just finished it yesterday. Well done....turns out it ended up a lot like the session I played in over the weekend. And the guy doing the voice of his character was hilarious.
  13. I've always thought light side/dark side stuff come from a source of emotion. Jedi kill people...like, all the time. But it is not darkside if they are resolving a conflict, or fighting in a war or whatever, unless they are killing for anger or revenge. So, telling someone to leave the bar, while being against their will, does not come from a source of evil. Qui-Gon also "cheats" Watto out of a slave. I think motive and intentions matter more than outcome (this can be debatable as some dark siders don't consider what they are doing to be evil, but I think an outside eye is sometimes necessary in these cases)
  14. I kinda like the idea of an X-men-esque loadout where each character has one power they can discover and develop
  15. I looked this up just last night (at least in the Beginner Box), and using a Stimpack during combat is a maneuver
  16. as written, does a training lightsaber ONLY do stun damage? Is it incapable of doing lethal?
  17. Even if the system doesn't directly support what you're trying to do, it could be a neat experiment. Might as well give it a shot, see how it plays out.
  18. so, when players roll for their skills, their innate characteristics (ex: Brawn) factor into the roll. Have you thought about how things like super strength will manifest into their rolls? For example, if a character has Brawn 3 and Athletics 2, his normal skill check for jumping a gap would be YYG. But if he had super strength (or super jump, or whatever), would you hand him extra dice to roll, or tell him to swap out the green with a yellow and wait for him to figure out why? Was curious to know how you'd implement this mechanically.
  19. Great idea, and would reduce clutter, too, by minimizing tokens on the table.
  20. I like mini's, even if they're not on an exact map. For example, I took the streets of Mos Espa (whatever that town was called in the EOTE beginner game) map and placed the Star Wars mini's (whoever made the miniatures game prior to FFG) in the streets...even though it wasn't to scale, it gives a good visual for imagining what's going on. I also like the scale maps like the Krayt Fang map from the EOTE starter. The mini's work great on that one too. I also have dry erase maps that I used to draw the cave area too. So, a combination of things, generally
  21. This is okay unless you've got the Heal control upgrade that allows for strain to be healed. 1 light side pip and *poof,* those last 3 or 4 checks' worth of strain are gone. This is why I am a fan of not limiting it "only 1 check and that's it for the day," or any other houseruled patch, but rather setting a reasonable limit as the GM is supposed to do. Maybe they have 8 hours of downtime, and each skill check they perform represents an hour of work. They can either take a rest and benefit from natural healing, or perform several skill checks with the possibility of losing needed sleep (and now they're going to be making Resilience checks to avoid the effects of sleep deprivation). The possibilities are endless if you just keep it centered in the narrative and don't apply a hard and fast rule in an attempt to "fix" a perceived problem. Oh yeah, I meant to mention this option too. That even given a lot of time, only *so* many attempts could reasonably be made. So maybe give the player a hard limit up front ("you can try 5 times") or whatever sounds right.
  22. pssh, I wouldn't concern yourself with what's canon or not. Characters are being made up anyway...in this case, just "make up" a character named Mara Jade who is an Emperor's Hand, for all the good canon means in RPGs
  23. I would approach it one of two ways. 1) that one roll represents your total attempts to do something (which was mentioned). Even if you had all day, that 1 roll represents whether it happened or not (so in this sense, 1 roll is not 1 actual action, but the eventual result of some thing, even if it took a while) or 2) I kinda like the idea of applying strain to every failed attempt (maybe even additional strains if Threats are generated). This way, they can attempt as many times as they want before their character is too tired or incapable of continuing and needs rest. or, 3) I guess just call it a success outright without rolling if success is inevitable and no consequences would come of failure (aside from stress, I guess) These assume an abundance of time at hand. Obviously, in the heat of the moment, only 1 roll would be allowed.
  24. Creating a new character from scratch with the core rules will probably get you the experience you need (don't start with lightsabers, and maybe only 1 Force ability). I might also recommend Age of Rebellion, and simply adapt it for TFA-era. Keep all the stats and rules, just call things what you want them to be. Each book has some force powers, with Edge of the Empire probably giving the most Luke-from-ANH style Force User.
  25. Gonna give this a listen today I just got the F&D beginner box yesterday and plan to play it this weekend, so maybe your session will give me some ideas to use
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