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  1. Let's make this simple Zemphere. There are people running games with almost 10 times the XP amount you are describing that aren't having issues. You are also throwing a lot of numbers out there that have no practical application at the table. To be frank, you sound like a Monty Hall DM. You can make up a lot of excuses to justify your position. What really rubs me the wrong way though is the way you insist that you aren't somewhat at fault, and that it's the game that's broken. When at the same time you have a thread full of people who are telling you about games they are successfully running with 3 or 4 times as much XP as your PCs without a problem. Part of being a good DM is that sometimes when things aren't working, you're the problem.
  2. So the novel for the Force awakens does a good part in explaining the relationship between the Resistance and the Republic and the first order. 1. The Resistance if funded by members of the Republic. The republic supports the Resistance but not officially. 2. The Republic had a fairly sizable fleet. 3. The Resistance was engaging the First Order attempting to slow down their rise of power. The Resistance lacks the manpower to outright destroy the First order. Their goal was instead to slow down the First Order's progress until the Republic could finally leverage their fleet against the first order. With the Republic fleet they would finally have the manpower to stop the First Order. 4. The First Order has supporters among Republic Member nations, particularly worlds that prospered under Imperial rule, and who would like to the the Empire come back. 4. When the Republic reformed they did not put their capital on Coruscant. They instead moved the Capital of the Republic to the Hosnian system. Whe the Hosnian system was Destroyed, the seat of Government for the Republic was also destroyed. Furthermore most of the Republic fleet was In the Hasnian system at the time of the attack and was also destroyed. Effectively, the Republic has been destroyed, and the Resistance is left fighting the First order while horribly outgunned.
  3. Kylo Ren used Bind at multiple instances in the film. Stopping the blaster bolt in the air, is an application of the Bind Power.
  4. I believe that Kylo Ren needs to be, at the bare minimum Force Rating 3. Although I disagree with Kaosoe that he's using the Protect Force Power. Kylo Ren is actually using the "Bind" force power to a very high and liberal degree. He has such a degree of mastery with the skill that he's able to stop a Blaster Rifle Bolt in mid air. While binding Poe Dameron in place. Effectively he has at least one or of the range upgrades, but the fact that he held that Blaster bolt in mid air for so long means that he has to also posses the Duration upgrade. We didn't really observe a lot of instances of him using a lot of other force powers though, except move. Force rating 3 also puts Kylo Ren about on par with an Inquisitor, and I feel like he's maybe slightly better trained than the Inquisitors were.
  5. Decision time will be Monday probably, otherwise which will be our next session. So we have one last couple of days for brainstorming. If it helps, the leader of this organization is Jerec, the villain from Dark Forces 2.
  6. Lothal had only been colonized for a few decades when the story picks up in Rebels. The place was in economic despair and they invited the Empire to Lothal in exchange for prosperity.
  7. If it's waist of time or not really depends on how much time in game that the PCs are going to spend interacting with these characters. Even then, for most of these characters a paragraph or two is all you should need for most of the NPCs. Maybe add a bit more detail if you feel particularly inspired to. Maybe add some depth to these different NPCs that you particularly like, especially if you can come up with adventure hooks involving those NPCs. If this town ends up being a regular place that the PCs are going to be going back to, feel free to invest some more time, and create more stories going in the background that can take place with these characters in between the times when the PCs are gone, so that the PCs can get a sense that these are real living breathing places that change while they're not around.
  8. I did, but in a very loose way. They had to pay for their meals, and I noted on the time table when they ate and slept and did other things. The adventure includes a range of restaurants and bars where the PCs can do things like this as well, that are well fleshed out. So even while they're eating at places things can happen to interact with the story. For example one of my PCs decided to go off on his own to eat Diner at the really expensive restaurant only to discover that the Hutt Bidder at the auction had rented out the whole restaurant for himself and his entourage. So he took advantage of the situation and gained an audience with the Hutt and introduced himself and made the Hutt an offer to help aid the Hutt into knowing what some of the other people were bidding during the auction. Because one of the PCs had disguised himself as Pos Podura they were able to manipulate the Hutt to great effect.
  9. 1 Hour Increments. 15 minutes, and 30 minutes is too much cutting. You also have to factor in things like travel times across Cloud City, so it's better to keep things broad.
  10. When I GMed the Jewel of Yavin, I gave the PCs 72 hours to play with. Every action they took ate up blocks of time for the whole party, and they had to find time in there to eat meals, and sleep regularly or they'd start accumulating set-back dice over time. I let the PCs explore at their own pace, determine their own courses of action going forward, and plot out every action that they took with only limited suggestions from me in the beginning to kind of get them some ideas to start rolling forward. They hit this scenario with a bunch of Mafioso hitmen. First thing they did was they investigated the different racers, and found out that Carbine had been thrown out of Casinos all over Cloud City all week. So they used Aris to arrange a private Sabaac game with Carbine in her Husband's casino, and proceeded to cheat him at Sabaac. Carbine didn't catch them cheating, but he lost all his money, they made him angry enough to get Carbine to pull his blaster on them. They beat Carbine up, and arranged to have him arrested until after the Race was over. For good measure, they went out and stole Carbine's Cloud Car, and gunned down several Hutt Gangsters and and Carbine's Co-Pilot in the process. They successfully eliminated the Mandel Motor's sponsored team from the race as well when the Mechanic PC in the party passed a Bad Motivator check on their Cloud Car during a friendly race and and nearly got them killed. (The other PCs racing them had to go back and rescue them, but they couldn't save the Cloud Car which was plummeting bellow the Planet's Habitable Zone). Lastly they straight up planted a Detonite Charge in the Cloud Car of the Local Underdog and blew him up during the race. Poor Pos Podura. They figured out his Sob Story two days before the race happened, and had him assassinated because they figured out that he didn't actually have enough money win the gem if he actually participated in the Gala. One of the PCs actually took advantage of his death and mascaraed as him during the Gala to bid up the price. I Played this for 10 3 hour sessions. The first 7 sessions were devoted to planning, and preparation. Session 8 was the race. Session 9 was the Gala, and Session 10 was both Heists and the escape. Your mileage may very, but when it came the heists and the escape, the PCs developed multiple get-away strategies. They left with the Jewel, and the Money, and tons of infamy and Obligation.
  11. I like Janus a lot, both as a Greek Mythology reference and a James Bond Reference. I like the Bond reference!
  12. Ophidian... I see what you did there . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobra_Command Zillo would be pretty bad ass. Gidorah is awesome. There is actually a Sithspawn called a Battle Hydra. They can actually look a lot like Gidorah except that they have 2 heads instead of one. I'm sure with a little hand waving I could make that work for an epic boss fight though. Maybe the is enough of a BBEG that he can make a Battle Hydra grow a third head and teach it out how to breath fire? I'm leaning towards Zillo right now because its Star Wars related, and Gidorah because of that cool scene I that just popped into my brain. Some more background. The Villain who is charge of this evil shadow organization is actually none other Jerec from Dark Forces II. We are only about 10 months after the Battle of Yavin at this point. I've picked him because he potentially has Red Skull levels of insanity given how he was depicted in Dark Forces 2.
  13. So essentially in my game the PCs have been dealing with this inquisitor. Well it turns out that this Inquisitor is actually the head of a secret organization that has spies deep within the Rebellion and the Empire itself, pulling strings for some nefarious means. Essentially the PCs are fighting against Hydra. But obviously it can't be named Hydra. So what do we call it?
  14. That is so awesome! I'm probably gonna get mine tomorrow!
  15. Well if you wanted to stat your own Vong I think a good spot to begin would be with 3 brawn and 1 presence and 1 in other stats. They would likely start with brawn+14 wounds and Will+12 strain. Thierry rating abilit makes them immune to force based attacks. You would have to find analogs for their equipment, but many of their weapon qualities exist in game.
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