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  1. Exar

    Denver, CO Groups

    How far would you travel to play on a weekly basis? I currently play at Atomic Goblin Games, I do know they signed up for a store championship kit. I have been to various stores for Star Wars: The Card Game but it's hard to find people to play on a daily basis. Perhaps we could agree on a location and build a consistent gaming group?
  2. Exar

    My new game Mat

    Looks nice, let us know what the price is.
  3. Exar

    game mats

    Any updates?
  4. Exar

    Denver/Boulder/Ft.Collins, Colorado

    I bought the game on amazon...where has all my money gone...thanks a lot! Now if only there were wave 1 ships around.
  5. Exar

    game mats

    Must know the details...I am dying to get a nice mat.
  6. Exar

    Wave 1 Rant...

    Does anyone know if there is any wave 1 stock in Colorado?
  7. Exar

    game mats

    I agree, I would buy that one and would love to see your planet one.
  8. Exar

    Some Photos of stuff, you know Slave-1 & Interceptors.

    I am not sure if I missed the post but how are you making the destroyed ships? Are you breaking apart ships or constructing them from scratch? Thanks in advance.
  9. Exar

    Denver/Boulder/Ft.Collins, Colorado

    Regarding what we talked about last night Jon, I think I'll be picking the game up. I'll see if I can swing by on the 10 to watch or perhaps borrow / have my own and play some. Paul
  10. Exar

    Looking for LCGs in Denver

    Hello, There is a group of about 7-8 people who play at Atomic Goblin Games (Longmont) on Wednesday at 6p. We would love to see you up there if you can make it. They are all super friendly and quite good at the game. I do know some of those you might have met at Wizards Chest on the weekends do play up here on Wednesdays. There is a yahoo group called Colorado something Star Wars LCG perhaps. That you could join and contact people. MasterJediAdam on these boards is the mod for it. Hope to see you in Longmont soon.
  11. Exar

    EoD Released?

    Some stores on Amazon say they have it in stock already.
  12. Exar

    Balance of the Force. What do we think?

    Can't wait. Looks exciting!
  13. Still wondering? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm_sec.asp?eidm=200&esem=1&epmi=s
  14. Exar

    Hyperspace, how does it work?

    I'd recommend looking on Wookieepedia for the details on hyperspace, but to answer your questions more generally: Ships in hyperspace can't be detected, but hyperspace signatures can, so you can see where a ship has jumped and try to guess where it's jumped too (this is why, when trying to escape, ships will often plot a short jump, drop out of hyperspace, then make another jump or series of jumps before heading toward their real destination). There are also Interdictor ships that the Empire (and other entities) use to pull ships out of hyperspace; basically, it creates a giant mass shadow to force a ship's failsafes to kick in and drop out of hyperspace--basically tricking the ship into thinking it's going to hit a sun or something so that it forces a stop. Pirates would use asteroids and huge chunks of ice. They would fill their cargo holds full of water then release the water into hyperspace lanes to force ships out of hyperspace...just a tip for those would be pirates who don't know.
  15. When it says 1 token (Any Kind) would this include the "three damage" token? Theoreticly is represents 3 "one damage" tokens as a single "three damage" token. If one were to replace 3 "one damage" tokens for 1 "three damage" token would the card effect take the "three damage" token away? Or, would you have to break up the "three damage" token into 3 "one damage" tokens then take 1 of the "one damage" tokens away? I tend to think that a "remove 1 token (Any Kind)" litteraly means any kind of token reguardless of what it represents.