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  1. Hi all, my son and I play Star wars lcg , but don't live near a game centre. Although we do travel to a couple of events each year its a long distance and a one off. I also am going to be buying Game of Thrones lcg when it re launches and am learning to play Battle of Westros. I play lotr lcg and am looking at star wars x-wing? or am I too late for that ? . But the reason for this post is, is there any groups or players who enjoy lcg card games and board and battle games in the Northamptonshire, Huntingdon, Bedford area's in England, who are looking for additional friendly players ? as it would be good to play for fun against new players and met friends and try new games.
  2. Hi I'm too looking for players to met up and play star wars LCG. I live in Kettering Northants. can Travel anyone want to start a group?
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