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  1. I dig sir soontir, but I think his alt art card for the store championships falls a bit short.
  2. **** is hostile in here or just me? Cheers to the falcon destroyers, cheers to the naysayers. Now, back to drinking and watching the browns try to play football.
  3. Oh captain my captain. Ill be sporting the black armband while standing on my desk.
  4. DrStranglovin


    So many evil possibilities! Alvis praise the empire!
  5. DrStranglovin

    Hello there.

    Welcome from the east side of Ohio near the lake. Our water is fine here....for now.
  6. +1 on the dark souls. Those bosses can really damage your calm.
  7. I find myself taking evade more times. But then again I usually fly the glass cannons thus making me biased in a sense.
  8. A geek is just a poser. But a nerd is a way of life.
  9. Just went through this post on break. Man that escalated quickly! ! Lol. good work gents, I've been sufficiently entertained.
  10. What's this bib for? Tuna? Boooooo hissss!
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