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  1. Right... So if i am to get this right, the problems are: Sergeant wants to be a melee character, not a leader. Sergeant is a "captain indecisive". (Takes ages for him to make a decision) Sergeant proves to be incompetent when he FINALLY gives order. Sergeant does not consider the opinions of his squadmates valid. Right, so lets go through them. Sergeant wants to be a melee character, not a leader. Talk with the player. If indeed he does not WANT to lead and would rather throw himself at the enemy, then he should not be in a position to lead. IMO a player should only be granted the option to play as a leader type class if he WANTS to lead. If he cannot understand this then... Might wanna throw a meteor at him and tell him to reroll. Or use the supplement "Hammer of the Emprah" to make him choose another class. Meteor couldnt hurt tho'... Sergeant is a "captain indecisive". (Takes ages for him to make a decision) It can vary just how big of a problem this might be. It's good to take your time planning ahead to insure the succes of the mission and the survival of your squad. It is however not good if your amount of time spent on planning on how to save your squadmates makes them die of boredom... Not so big a problem that it would make me want to demote him immediatly, but it can prove to create long term problems. Sergeant proves to be incompetent. This is not so much of a problem for the GM as it is for the players really. You can still have fun in a group with incompetent leaders, as long as everyone is onboard with it. If the players are getting sick of it then they should just kill their sergeant. Well, they should first voice their complaints, talk about it with GM and sergeant, try to find a solution. But if that does not work for them... Kill the sergeant. I wouldnt see this as a problem for the GM. It can offcourse prove to disrupt the groups fun as a whole, which it sounds like it has. In that case, this is indeed a problem for the GM and he should try to fix it. Sergeant does not consider the opinions of his squadmates valid. I think it's okay that the sergeant is ABLE to pull rank. Might not allways be viewed as okay when he does though. For example: In my RP group i have allways felt the need for someone to have the final say, so that a discussion does not drag out for too long. If he does not listen to the squad at all, then that might just be a case of him beeing an incompetent leader. For a solution see the point above. Final words: Remember to allways TALK about problems like these with your group first. I might have offered alot of options that involve death to PCs, so i just wanted to point it out one last time... Should you however, think that the time for talk is over, then as a GM you shouldnt be a afraid to make hard decisions on behalf of the group. Whether those decisions have meteors or not... Well, that is for you to decide.
  2. To my knowledge, the rucksack not having stats is intentionel. The rucksack is mentioned on page 36 in the core rulebook: "In general, an average character can reasonably carry a main weapon, such as a lasgun, autogun, or flamer, plus one or two secondary weapons like a pistol or melee weapon, along with a few clips of extra ammunition and several pieces of miscellaneous equipment in a rucksack, satchel, or similar container. It is not at all reasonable, however, for a character, even a very strong one, to be walking around with three heavy weapons and several thousand rounds of ammo for each, or for the character to have a backpack with one of everything from the equipment section of Chapter VI: Armoury." Seems to me as if the rucksack/sling bag is only there to provide an excuse as to where you keep all your miscellaneous equipment, such as the grooming kit or mess kit and water canteen. For me this is fine. Just an item which needs to be there in order for the experience to seem more realistic. Kindoff a reminder saying; offcourse you need a container of sorts for all your stuff, you silly Billy. If you feel the need to give it stats, then by all means dont let me stop you.
  3. Hmmm... You seem to be focusing on getting people off planet. How about trying to bring the fight you want...To the planet? I mean, orks coming down to pick a fight with nids is not unlikely. Having humie guardsmen there would just make it all the better in the orks' eyes. Bigger fight is allways better. Maybe chaos worship start surfacing in other regiments as they get desperate trying to survive against the tyranid threat. Offcourse, if you want to change the scenery your players are fighting in, then Chaplain and Drath have provided good options allready, on how to get off planet. So... Yeah, i got nothing... Good luck finding a solution!
  4. If you dont mind me asking, where does the SpecOps element fit in with an artillery regiment? I know that arty doesnt have the best range in Only War, but how do you make it into "SpecOps" Like, what kindoff missions do you do and how do you do them? Tyranids eh? How do you handle balance when it comes to guardsmen vs tyranids? I have plenty of trouble allready trying to implement Orks and Dark Eldar (Without comepletely ******* over players). I cant even imagine how i'd use tyranids against the players and not comepletely pummel them to dust.
  5. Hmmmmm... So far there has been alot of discussing going on about the things that makes you ignore fear tests. Talents like Jaded, Fearless and "Into the jaws of hell" If the best (mayhaps only) solution to a problem, is beeing able to ignore it, then that is a big problem you got there. While i do like the implications fear can have on players in combat, both mechanically and theme-wise, it does strike me as a big minus if the only things that can "fix" the problem is beeing able to ignore it. So instead of discussing ways to not have fear in the game, maybe we should try and see what can be done about things like the fear table. Personally i think the biggest problem is being stuck/frozen in terror (Fear table: rolls between 61-100. Can be achieved without failing your initial fear test so imo the biggest/most common problem here). It is a tad too random for it's own good in that you might have characters "sit this one out" because of really unlucky willpower rolls. Yes, it might only last 1 round, but it might also last 5 rounds! Maybe... Tone it down to a round or two of beeing stunned? Keep the; -10 to all tests for the rest of the encounter etc. etc. that comes with it and uhm...barrgh! I dont really have a creative solution to this other than toning it down and making it less random regarding your "punishment" for failing your fear test. I know we're playing a dice based game buuuut i'd like to have abit of a limit for how random this can be.
  6. Well it definitely seems to be an interesting take on the "Rough Rider" regiment type. I could see how with a little twisting here and there you could easily play as Arbites with the Only War system. Best of luck to your group, catching those crims
  7. Hello lads! As you can probably guess from the title, this thread is just me wanting to start some friendly banter about regiment types. I am simply abit curious about which regiment types other groups of players find enjoyable and which they think are... not satisfactory. So, What regiments have you tired? Which ones did you like/dislike? And offcourse, why do you like/dislike these regiment types? Example: I have tried Line Infantry and Drop troops. Line Infantry: Think it's a great starting regiment for any group. Seems to be the regiment that is the least "niche" and therefore has alot to offer if you feel like exploring your options. Offcourse, in that it doesnt do anything special this also makes it perhaps abit too generic in the long run. All in all, our group seemed to enjoy it. Not alot of things tied us down in terms of options for equipment and specialities. So if you are not entirely sure what you want, go for Line infantry. Drop troops: We... kindoff took a spec ops approach to it. Mission types were usually; Drop, do something important, get out fast. We also gave the regiment alot of demolitions... Alot of silly "drop troops dont look at explosions moments" Really action packed. Lots of exploding and players should really try and get "creative" in what they can do with a grav chute. Otherwise it's only there for when they deploy and that can get stale pretty quick. We might have made the regiment abit too "niche" though. So alot of the "classes" or specialties were out of the picture (No drop ogryns!). So yeah, what has your Only War experience been? (regiment-wise)
  8. Dont know what you should or shouldnt do. But uhm... Here's how we did it. Hope that helps. Fresh group, noone knew each other so we just took it slow. GM said that he could make a new regiment if all players to gave some input regarding what they would like to play. We just went over all the things avaible to regiments and then discussed what people might like. Mostly discussed regiment types (Drop, Line, Armoured, etc.) to not get too much into detail. After the players and GM had voiced their opinions and come to an overall aggreement on everything, the GM set about making the regiment. Then when he had a template we all took a looksie and nooded in aggreement. So, i think players will appreciate having a say, but the GM is probably the one who has to be the most comfortable with whatever you choose to play around with. At least, that's how i saw things when i had to assemble a regiment later on, when i tried to GM.
  9. Have no fear Commissar, it takes a while. If it is any consolation, i found the players for my RP group on this forum. Looks like you have put alot of effort and thought into the regiment. Looks good Good luck in your hunt for more players.
  10. The GM and a Flesh shaper player spends more time, discussing how much/what the player should be able to do as a flesh shaper, than you actually spend playing the game. The Flesh shaper still wants more alone talkie time with the GM... The GM does not have to even think about stirring up rivalry, since everyone picks a different god. Merely the thought of a future nugle follower in the party makes everyone (but the nurgle follower) feel "uneasy" Threats (all in good fun) are very common amongst players. The nurgle apostle flips a table after the Tech priest said that the flesh was weak. Aforementioned Tech priest gets mortally wounded by nurgle player...
  11. Since you allready use skype and are in need of a Dice roller you might wanna check out this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dicerollerv20fo/ It let's you roll dice using skype. Havent tried Vassal, just thought that the link could help you if you didnt want to roll real dice all the time. Hope it helps, cheers!
  12. It would be rude of me to deny you the chance to try some RP, so feel free to add me on skype. Either send your skype info to this mail "cortezchris@rocketmail.com" or just add "jeesus-man" on skype. Just say it's from "Awesomeviking" so i know it is you. We are currently in the middle of a campaign, but it shouldnt be a problem to smuggle you onboard.
  13. A new modern and refined version of Dark Heresy would be nice. If it had to be an alien race...Orks RP? Just for the sole reason that i reeaally like orks.
  14. Allow me to rephrase: With YOU we are 5 (1GM + 4 Players). So you are in the initial cut. So...Feel free to send me your skype info. Sorry for the confusion.
  15. Glad to hear that you are interested. We havent yet discussed what times we might be playing, since we havent gotten the band together yet. Just send your skype info to my email (cortezchris@rocketmail.com) or send it as a PM on this site. This would make us 5 people, since i have a buddy who wants join in. So when everyone has sent their info to me we may begin planning time, play style, etc. to see if it'll work out. If more people want to join in feel free to post, keep in mind however that we are 5 people (Which i pressume is a good sized group). So you might not be accepted (sorry).
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