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  1. You're being racist. Chewbaca lived in the falcon, and there's not a single stray hair anywhere. in all 3 movies. I figure if Vader had a cleaning lady so could Han.
  2. Piratefly

    Camera action!

    Good thing I placed all my farmers on that grass.
  3. I keep a lint roller in the truck for when I take my dog places. I would hate to get into the cockpit after a wookie. I like it when people make unique creations for games. It adds another element to game play. It might not make as big of a difference in xwing, none the less it's a cool idea.
  4. Sounds like fun. And for a good cause. Hopefully, the kids get to take off school. Important to teach the kids the fundementals of life. i.e. strategy games > standard "family" games
  5. It hasn't been happening to me. What browser are you guys on? But I'm stuck on IE 8 at work. Strangly, I can't get the forums on Chrome while at work. On a side note, when I'm logged in I don't get to see the last user to post and time he posted. When I'm logged out it shows that info over to the right side of the thread. Anyone else have that issue?
  6. I would use a squad with protection. Maybe a Biggs Darklighter. It glows in the dark.
  7. Why was this posted in "Off-topic"? Bacon is never off-topic.
  8. ASL? Age/sex/location? Americal Sign Language? I'm enjoying the xwing release break too. Get a little cash back in the pocket book. The problem I have is Imperial Assualt. I want to get back into painting models as an old hobby revisited in my adult life. I want to start buying IA models to paint.
  9. Not a bad idea. Now all you have to do is win the world championship and design it.
  10. A match? Like, a lit, strike with cover closed match? Why? It melts the paint right off. Also, the plastic. Don't do it. It was a joke.
  11. ^ YES! The Trooper. Maiden and Star Wars, together at last.
  12. Check out http://shirt.woot.com/?ref=w_gh_sh_9 They get away with all kinds of mashups. My favorites: http://shirt.woot.com/offers/wrong-robot?ref=cnt_ctlg_dgn_4 http://shirt.woot.com/offers/imperial-defense-systems?ref=cnt_ctlg_dgn_28 Edit: I can't imbed pics for some reason.
  13. I've found that holding the ship over a match works pretty good for stripping the paint. But yeah, they don't really need to be stripped. My random guess at the issue you may be having is that you're paint is too thick?
  14. If my wife wanted to play on board game night then I wouldn't have my "guy's night". But then she wouldn't have a night to go shopping and spend lots of cash on clothes she'll only wear once. It's a catch 22.
  15. These are the type of grade/middle school kids who used to get beat up for being in chess club. Now they fit in with the big Sci-fi trend and are in the popular croud. You're welcome for paving the way. At least my hair was too short to get a swirly.
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